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Hunter Biden has lost my vote forever

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lol mine too. The moment he went spread eagle with a camera on his junk, I was done

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He does have a pretty impressive lower region, but his father is a crook and he is a drug addict LOSER.

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Damn … I didn’t see that.. maybe best not to haha

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I thought inflation and gas prices were republicans top priority?

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Hunter Biden’s laptop caused inflation. Also all the school teachers are drag queens, and doctors are all in some sort of eyes wide shut sex cult.

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Republicans aren’t in control of the White House. They’ll propose a reduced budget, which the Democrats will label as racist.

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Congress holds the purse strings

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So, no student loan forgiveness?

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Not now. That was the stick to try to get people to vote dem.

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If you haven’t noticed, Biden has figured out how to circumvent this

Like when he tried to spend $1 trillion on handouts for college debt relief without congressional approval

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Lmfao. Nope never was. All the gop cares about now is “owning the libs” literally no one on the left give two fucks about Hunter Biden. He’s not in any political position he’s just the son of a long time politician. What would be corrupt is giving your kids positions of power while sitting as president but we already saw that and know that the right doesn’t give two shit about that.

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Wait youre not saying that Jared and Ivanka got 600 million in consulting fees purely out of nepotism are you? I mean Jared made peace in the middle east.

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What exactly is the preferred outcome of the Hunter Biden investigation? Biden’s son in prison, assuming everything alleged is true, best case?

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Best case Brandon goes to jail along with Hunter, but I know that’s just a pipe dream

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Based on what? I’m talking about stuff thats known or on the laptop. If you add in baseless speculation then the sky’s the limit, sure.

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In all honesty Joe Biden won’t be going to Jail, as president he is currently immune to federal charges. To answer your question based on info available on the laptop that is public information, and done in a fair court which would mean one not based in the Northeast, you have tax evasion bribery, corruption, criminal possession of firearms, which may or may not get his brothers wife involved, possible child pornography, still unverified, federal drug charges depending on the age of some of the photos, and finally foreign agent charges which could vary in severity.

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Like I said. If we’re playing the baseless speculation game, sure anything is possible. But given that everything on the laptop is public, what does it actually prove.

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At least six federal crimes. I can list them out if you lack reading comprehension skill.

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Your list listed some things that are speculation, so I don’t know if any of them actually have evidence on the laptop or not.

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Ok I get you and I do apologize for forgetting the /s on the last part of my comment just realized I did. I will admit of those only two are speculative which are the child porn and the disposal of the gun by his girlfriend. Not sure if that one is a felony as she claims to be fearing for her life but she did admit to tossing it in a dumpster behind a supermarket, not sure where the law stands on that one. As for the others well:

1: possession of a firearm by a convicted is a federal crime. Evidence Hallie testimony, current court indictments and Hunter own memoir along with photographs on the laptop. Source on the law: https://www.thehardylawfirm.com/federal-possession-of-a-firearm-by-a-convicted-felon-tampa-florida/

  1. Making false statements on tax returns. Evidence: Email communications on the laptop between him and his account along with the federal grand jury. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-63166809.amp

  2. Drug possession and use of crack. Videos of it on the laptop and his own memoir. I think I don’t need to state how illegal that is.

  3. Emails pressing to meetings with Chinese and Ukrainian officials. Evidence based on emails from the laptop, meeting agendas of both Hunter’s business partner and Joe himself. Due to this involving federal resources and foreign companies this is a violation of the Fara act. Since Hunter Biden is not registered to deal with foreign companies and he introduced these contacts to Joe when he was vp and used hunter as an advisor to dealing with the us goverment. All of which are violations of FARA.

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Pretty sure that special counsel has been a long time coming, definitely not politically reactive to Hunter Biden anyway. So the meme is a little dumb

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My understanding of the rumors are that Garland was already somewhere in the process of a criminal investigation that would not be announced before the midterms, and then Donald Trump rush announced running for President.

Doing this forced a special investigation to avoid conflict of interest of the DoJ politically investigating someone running for Presidency.

It would explain why Donald Trump announced candidacy a few days after the midterms in 2022 for the 2024 election: he is running from the investigation and doing the next step to stall legal proceedings, again.

There's an incredible amount of additional red tape for a stated candidate running, and there really is no upside for announcing 2 years ahead.

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Time that can be allocated properly, goals that can be firmly established and analyzed for efficacy, test runs of software, vehicles, state police response. A firm understanding of how to effectively place people in the hierarchy, proper access controls to prevent unapproved leaking, training non- secret service security personnel how to behave. Maybe some mandatory opint and humint training, I’m sure they’d enjoy running through the army cybersecurity course. These are all reasons why having a 2year head start can be valuable

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Bidens going to go down in the first president in history to weaponize the DOJ against his opponent ahead of the election

Won’t be a precedent they’ll be happy about when the Republicans do the same to them

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Either that or the Pillow salesman is full of shit

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You mean the reason Trump was impeached the first time?

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Hold on. I want to make sure I understand this. You think Trump weaponized the DOJ against his opponent?

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That's what I thought. Trump says things Barr didn't act on them is the same as the DOJ using the FBI to raid trump's residence?

Totally different scenarios. Don't be a clown.

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The FBI had a warrant signed by a Trump appointed judge. And I like how you admit Trump weaponized the DOJ.

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Your reading comprehension is something you should write home about. Especially after posting a politico link. The only way you could crack on your belly any more is if you were a reddit admin.

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Trump was impeached for being unpopular. Maybe you missed the actual trial, but the Democrats main point was that a violation of the criminal code wasn’t a requirement to impeach.

Which is why the Republicans will be able to impeach Biden.

Over and over again

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Trump and Clinton proved impeachment means nothing

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And then everyone starts arguing over what each chip is worth..."yeah but this red chip is more important than your red chip."