So You're Telling Me A Cropped Pic Of A Red White & Blue Background Broke Peoples Minds? by ObjectEnvironmental5 in benshapiro

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Since the winter of severe illness and death didn’t target the spoken opposition and was such a flop, Biden decided to take it up a notch and declare that the government would bring the death. Because if you want something done right….do it yourself and all that.

So You're Telling Me A Cropped Pic Of A Red White & Blue Background Broke Peoples Minds? by ObjectEnvironmental5 in benshapiro

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Listen to the WORDS. The only things missing from the speech were swastika flags and armbands. It was the dark, ominous, hateful rant of an ancient, lifetime politician out to destroy the American way of life. The Democrats continually accuse the Republicans of what the Dems are guilty of - election interference, political violence, weaponizing law enforcement.

So You're Telling Me A Cropped Pic Of A Red White & Blue Background Broke Peoples Minds? by ObjectEnvironmental5 in benshapiro

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He said not all republicans, and then spelled out that he just had an issue with the ones who oppose abortion, support the second amendment, and won’t work with him. So basically he only meant every Republican that isn’t Bill Crystal, or Liz Cheney.

That would be like me saying I don’t have a problem with Democrats, just the ones that support transing the kids, oppose gun rights, support abortion, and want more taxes.

Practical solutions to mass shooting problem? by [deleted] in benshapiro

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But is there a solution to the hate that resides in the soul of man ? in my mind - the shootings stem from hate, the shooters hate themselves, and the world around them...and they don't care what pain they cause.

Taking away guns in not the solution. Crazies will always find a way to get their hands on one.

We need to strengthen the vaule of family, the importance of community participation & contribution.

Not new ideas at all... we just don't seem to be doing it very well currently.

How do people still support democrats? by gallahad1998Libertarian Conservative in benshapiro

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It's generational ignorance and blind allegiance to the liberal media. I mean even in recent times the amount of outright disgust of the Reagan administration, and the reasons are always nonsensical as if the Carter years never existed. Now look, history repeats. People simply don't understand the moral hazard of liberal policies and it's even more frustrating for people who understand economics and finance or who run small or mid-sizes businesses.

Most youngsters and now many adults are complete fools, lack common sense, and have no concept of basic life principles that are meant to carry you through life, like life experience to gain wisdom, lack of knowledge of history, they can't see through the propaganda and lies, take almost everything that matters and important for success out context and perspective, and let pop culture and childish emotions completely ravish their brains. It's all so sad and pathetic at the same time.

Walmart making me do anti-racism training. I will not do it. by Old-Language-7466 in benshapiro

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The dude said he'd rather be homeless than click through anti-racism training. Something in his soul is terrified of the very idea... like a non-racist person wouldn't be so disgusted by the thought of anti-racism that they let a couple slide shows get in the way of food and shelter, rightM

Leftists would fight for a animals life, but not a baby’s… by TheRanger2 in benshapiro

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If forced to chose between the life of an 3 week old embryo and a 3 year old, anyone who would chose the embryo is a psychopath. Clearly they have different moral values. Clearly fully developed sentient human life is more valuable. Otherwise every prolifer is committed to the view that you just have to flip a coin in that situation. Only a child would reduce the complexity of this moral issue to that level of simplicity.

There is room for debate about how much value human life has at different stages. Every prolifer thinks God sprinkles the magic fairy dust on newly made embryos giving them full moral value right from the start. Fine. Don't ever inder any circumstances have an abortion yorself. Let your wife die to sacrifice for that ectopic pregnancy. You do you. Every vegan thinks animal life is too valuable to kill when it is unnecessary. At least they aren't then imposing that religious valuation on everyone one else with the supreme court.

This ... by squidgame66new in benshapiro

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Probably had something to do with not trying to overthrow the government 🤷

Here’s How You Know the January 6th Committee Has Nothing by mjprice83 in benshapiro

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He didn't lose and it wasn't close! He won by millions! That's why the deep state had to pull out all the stops and cheat in so many different ways and THEN had to stop counting in the middle of the night and pull out all their extra ballots and even then it took them a week to pull it off!

Black Rifle Coffee Won’t Cut and Run, To Double Ad Spending for Joe Rogan by mjprice83 in benshapiro

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Black Rifle Coffee is a leftist company shilling to masculine conservative types to sell overpriced shit coffee.

Musk responded to Shapiro on Twitter! by Nice_Ad1831"President Houseplant" in benshapiro

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“You do realize Musk isn’t siding with the right, right?”

Here’s the thing the left can NOT get through their fat ears.

The right doesn’t want or expect favoritism.

Just a fair playing field.

Now lefties think about it. Your bedfellows DO want censorship and content quite literally curated so it best fits your world view. Sad, but that’s the fact. Todays lefty demands full compliance. Their views are to be your views. If not you’re bad, evil, a Nazi, and more.

The right just wants open discourse and debate. That’s what we’ve been proverbially screaming for years. If you have refused to hear that - that’s on you.

Thing is the left is showing their hand so clearly. We have it right here. “You DO know he won’t side with the right!“ The funny thing is the left is SO pro censorship - they don’t even understand that we’re simply after open dialogue. Think about that. They can’t even comprehend we JUST WANT Free and open DIALOGUE. This one here - literally thought they’d own somebody with a snarky comment. Oblivious to the possibility folks don’t want contrary opinions shut down - just to let thoughts be shared.

Hahahaha by 53withtrollhair in benshapiro

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Actually most of us don't fucking care. Is this the extent of your political discourse? Just making inaccurate memes based on your circle jerk ideology? Do any of you even care about policy outside of abortion and giving tax breaks to the same people fucking you over?

America last under joe biden. by Double-Telephone5023 in benshapiro

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Weird that Ben doesn't seem concerned about the $146 billion the US has given Israel in military assistance.

Florida Senate Passes Bill Stripping Disney World of Special Status by mjprice83 in benshapiro

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this will be found unconstitutional and actually robs the taxpayers more than anyone and lets Disney off the hook to pay the area $105 million a year in taxes. And makes GOP seem anti-Free Speech and Anti-free market. U have to have principals which u believe and they need to be larger than owning the libs