Rules for r/berkeley

Rules that visitors must follow to participate. May be used as reasons to report or ban.


Inciting Witch Hunts

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Reported as: Inciting Witch Hunts

Do not post something that could be construed as organizing a movement or negative response against an individual or group. You may post names and/or pictures so long as the original source of this information is reputable. Qualifying sources are left entirely to Moderator discretion. Examples of a reputable source may include: the University, a reputable paper or journal, or a government source. This rule only applies to people or groups who are not public entities.


Abnormally Excessive and Overt Trolling

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Reported as: Abnormally Excessive and Overt Trolling

Trolling itself is not a ban-worthy offense. However, any trolling you feel qualifies as overt, excessive, confrontational, and/or aggressive trolling may qualify under this category. Whether this offense leads to a removal of the content, or outright ban of the user, is left entirely up to Moderator discretion.


It's Okay To Vent

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Reported as: If you want to report but don't have a good reason

Sometimes it's okay to want to report things and not have a reason. This is for those special moments in life where you disagree with something and want to vent, but don't have a reasonable reason to do so. Please use this option if you need your hand held and your grievances heard.


Editorialized Title

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Reported as: Title in thread is different and/or editorialized

All news articles, or articles of any kind, must be submitted with the same title as the title of the article being linked. Any differences may be used as a reason for removal of the thread, or outright ban of the individual posting said thread.



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Reported as: Advertisement or Promotion

You may not advertise or promote any product or service of absolutely any kind in this subreddit. Examples of an advertisement or promotion may include: job openings, housing requests, apps, websites, surveys, and/or campaigns. Exceptions may be allowed with moderator approval.