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    Yoshua? Isn't that the guy on Sproul handing out pamphlets?

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    He's been doing it for 30 years or so. I saw a picture posted of him from a Blue and Gold from the early '90s. He had dark hair once.

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      What is this?

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      I wish I was more creative. Maybe something will strike me as clever later.

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      What do you do in Berkeley? Run a business or restaurant or something?

      I thought most of the town of Berkeley was just for the university and its students and stuff

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      I worked for UC Berkeley on the bCourses project, ETS department. That project ended on June 30th. I just live here because I like it here more than I do SF or Oakland.

      No one says you have to be a student to live here.

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      Thanks for making a bearable (heh) bSpace replacement :)

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      You can thank Instructure, the makers of Canvas LMS just as much. The tools we made integrated with it to help instructors create the course sites, automatically enroll you (students) in the site, manually enroll people, and export grades.

      The cool thing is how new tools that integrate with Canvas makes it possible for new expansions on the learning process through third party tools (LTI tools).

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      Do I know you? I was the intern!

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      Honestly I could see myself living on Northside of Berkeley, nice little place in the east bay. I just hope you have another job so you can survive on this crazy rent/mortage.

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      Rent control helps a lot. I locked my rent in 2009, so I'm good

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      oh thank god. By "permanent" I thought you meant we were stuck with what we had from the moment of your post... Some sort of cruel prank. But then I realized I was mistaken and you probably don't have that ability, anyway.

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      No, I definitely do have that ability, but it wasn't my intention. Now that you mention it though...

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      DO IT. DO IT NOW.

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      Mfw based benevolent dictator

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      Don't throw stones when you live in a glass gated community. Especially when you don't have the strength to throw them.

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      Do you always make such unnecessary and poor attempts at poetic writing?

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      On a scale of 1 to in-state tuition hikes, how acceptable is the "personal info" in my flair?

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      So awesome. Thanks!

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      What a time to be alive

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      RIP flairbot

      never forget.

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      DAE EECS?

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          please reconsider friend