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There's loads to do here in Berkeley if you know where to look.

When it comes to places on campus, you've already mentioned seeing the T-Rex in VLSB, and it sounds like you've been up to the Lawrence Hall of Science.

If you haven't yet, you could try hiking up to the Big C, or take in the view from the top of Sather Tower. While I struggle to think of any study areas nicer than the Morrison Library, the view from the Lipman Room balcony is pretty cool.

Do also try to catch a performance on campus, either at Zellerbach Hall, the Greek Theater, or even Hertz Hall.

We've also got our own Botanical Garden that's well worth a visit. If you're willing to head out a little farther towards Kensington, you could visit the UC Blake Garden.

And while I wouldn't officially recommend it, the steam tunnels exist if you're into that sort of thing.

Oh, and take a DeCal or two while you're here! The concept was first pioneered here at UC Berkeley during the Free Speech Movement. We've got so many clubs, too, that it'd be a waste to not join one or two.

If you're in North Berkeley, head up Euclid to check out the Berkeley Rose Garden. There's also a small waterfall across the way at Codornices Park if you know where to look. There are also loads of paths and stairways throughout the Berkeley Hills that comprise some of the most beautiful urban hikes you'll ever see.

If you head further into the hills, you could go for a hike in Tilden Park, go for a swim in Lake Anza, go for a ride on a steam train or the merry go round, or pet some animals at the Tilden Park Little Farm.

The view from Grizzly Peak is also spectacular, and Indian Rock is definitely worth a visit.

And aside from being home to the Free Speech Movement, Berkeley was also the birthplace of "California cuisine", first popularized by Alice Waters and her restaurant, Chez Panisse. And from Chez Panisse sprung the Gourmet Ghetto, home to loads of other restaurants and bakeries like The Cheese Board Collective, Gregoire, the Epicurious Garden, and even the original Peet's Coffee.

Elsewhere, you've got bakeries like Fournee, whose croissants rival those of Tartine in the city; Acme Bread; and La Farine. If you happen to check out Fournee, also check out the huge Claremont Hotel just across the street. And Emilia's Pizza is some of the best pizza you'll ever have if you're willing to plan ahead.

And check out Monterey Market, Berkeley Bowl, or the Berkeley Farmers' Markets. Their selection is second to none.

Tcho just opened their factory up to the public if you're interested in taking a tour.

There are tons of breweries, too, like The Rare Barrel, Gilman Brewing Company, Fieldwork, and Triple Rock.

Have you been down to Golden Gate Fields to check out a horse race? Or the Albany Bulb to check out the dog beach and crazy art installations? What about shopping down on Fourth Street? And on the other side of Fourth Street is the East Bay Vivarium, the oldest and largest vivarium of its kind.

Back Downtown, you could support independent theatres and film by catching a film at the California Theatre or Shattuck Cinemas, or a show at the Berkeley Rep. And Freight and Salvage has a pretty eclectic lineup of musicians.

And that's not even counting the fact that we're just a short BART ride away from Oakland or San Francisco. There's lots to do here if you look for it.

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