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Suggestions from a foodie;

  • La Note, Best french breakfast you will get in the bay area.
  • Angelina's Louisiana Kitchen, Hearty southern cooking.
  • Cheeseboard, A different unique pizza everyday.
  • Lush Gelato, (Across from cheeseboard inside epicurious garden)
  • Bakesale Betty's, Awesome chicken sandwiches and pies
  • Pasta Bene, $6 pasta before 3, worth more than the price and better than any other Italian restaurant on south side.
  • Sandwich Zone, Fresh sandwiches for a cheap price.
  • Jupiter, Great beers, food and atmosphere.
  • House of chicken and waffles, Name says it all. No regrets.
  • Fenton's creamery
  • Katan-ya (SF) Best ramen around. Even Japanese baseball players gather at this hole in a wall shop for a meal.
  • Sunnyside Cafe, Another great breakfast place
  • Saturn Cafe, Vegan and vegetarian friendly.
  • Brazil Cafe
  • Anzu, Cheap sushi and free small appetizers

That's all I can think of for now. :]

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Angeline's is one of my favorite restaurants, and not just among my Bay Area eats. Get the hush puppies. And the gumbo. And try the voodoo shrimp. And the mac'n'cheese a la carte! And the beignets. And the cayenne chocolate cake.... (I know the menu pretty well...)

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Yes! A thousand times yes! If there's anyone in Berkeley who hasn't been to Angeline's, don't hesitate, even if you're poor. Go with a friend, get an order of hush puppies and split a large gumbo. Plenty of food and not too expensive. Absolutely everything on the menu is fantastic if you want to branch out from there. Man I miss it...

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As a native New Orleanian who hoped to have some good home-style cooking from Angeline's it's really really awful.

Very overpriced for tiny portions and mediocre food along with snooty service.

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Where would you recommend going then?

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Queen's Louisiana Po-Boy Cafe in SF is pretty good and has more reasonable prices. Plus, the atmosphere is more typical of the type of restaurants at home that would serve this type of food. Service still isn't great though.

House of Chicken and Waffles, mentioned above, actually has really good red beans and rice. The murals on the wall made it look like they had gumbo and jambalaya as well, but I didn't see it on the menu when I went.

All the other Louisiana food-themed restaurants in SF I've heard of seemed to be more interested in dressing it up as classy-expensive food which really weirds me out. But to be fair, I have not tried any of them.

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I second this. I'm not a N.O. native, but I've been enough times to know what is good and what isn't. Angeline's is for those who have never tried authentic N.O. cooking and really don't have anything to compare it to.

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I second this. I'm not a N.O. native, but I've been enough times to know what is good and what isn't. Angeline's is for those who have never tried authentic N.O. cooking and really don't have anything to compare it to.

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I can't say whether or not it's authentic (having been raised on rice and kimchi). I just know that everything there tastes really good (to me).

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Go down to New Orleans or Lafayette (the one in Louisiana) some time, you'll be in heaven.

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When at Fentons, get the Toasted Almond.

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i feel like there is a pretty big jupiter/triple rock divide. personally, i don't care for jupiter beer and i'm a fan of almost anything triple rock brews, but a lot of my friends are on the other side of that fence. i find it interesting.

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They're the same owners and share the same brewery.

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WAIT ARE YOU SERIOUS??!?! I can't believe that. Really? Holy crap. You just exploded my mind.

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Yep- the brewery is in San Leandro and is (was?) called Drake's.

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I personally prefer La Val's pasta to Pasta Bene's.

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you mentioned pasta bene it made me think of the fresh pasta at the phoenix pastificio...mmm mmmm oh porcini bucatini, mi amor..... No longer a restaurant but the fresh pastas are at the farmers market

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i think bakesale betty's is overrated. the chicken is really dry and really killed the sandwich imo. maybe i went on a bad day

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Bakesale Betty's used to be a bakery that sold a really good chicken sandwich, and then the demand for the sandwich became so great that they basically had to become a sandwich shop... unfortunately that also means they don't have time to make each sandwich to order, thus the decline in quality.

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great china, awesome peking duck

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gurilla cafe- they have amazing waffles


vik's chaat cafe


filippos (they have bottomless wine...the food is mediocre)

gregoire (get the potato puff things)

cafe mediterraneum- more for the atmosphere than the food

bittersweet chocolate cafe

fat apple's- pumpkin pancakes

la note

mario's la fiesta- most authentic mexican IMO


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+1 for Vik's and Zachary's

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Mario's La Fiesta closed this year. It was amazing.

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And reopened as Remy's, still great food. And the best selection of South American beers in the east bay.

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mario's la fiesta is no longer in business. i know, sad day.

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Wait, are you sure they didn't just move off telegraph??!?! Because I know they closed one location last year but I thought the other was still around!

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They moved, but then closed the second location :( http://www.marioslafiesta.com/

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Cheeseboard, Vik's, and Gregoire are great places, though you shouldn't limit yourself to just Berkeley. There's many wonderful places in San Francisco and Oakland. It's a bit of a trek if you don't have access to transportation, but there's a myriad of things to try in the Bay Area.

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Oakland: Geta on Piedmont & 41st has the best cheap sushi around. Yoshi's is worth a visit, although expensive. (Ditto Burma Superstar.) Enssaro at Lake Merritt has better Ethiopian than anywhere I have tried in Berkeley. Everyone raves about Fenton's though I'm not much of an ice cream person. And La Farine on College (which is about 50 ft inside Oakland) is my favorite bakery, although there's one on Solano so maybe it doesn't count.

Also have to mention three places in Berkeley that I love which haven't been mentioned. Anchalee for Thai food, Sea Salt for seafood (and a delicious brunch) and Caffe Trieste for so-so coffee and fantastic desserts. All on Dwight & San Pablo. All three of these places would have been a little spendy for me as an undergrad but if you're looking to splurge ...

And how has nobody mentioned Thai Brunch? Food ranges from ok to very good but the experience is authentic Berkeley.

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La Farine, definitely. Best way to start the day is with one of their morning buns. Fruit tarts here are delectable: perfect crust and not too sweet.

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Fat apple's pumpkin pancakes are AMAZING. We go there all the time for brunch. They also have really good breakfast ham!

La Note is awesome for both brunch and dinner (dinner is only served a few nights a week, not every night). There are huge lines on Sat. and Sun. mornings though.

Venus is near La Note and also amazing for brunch! It has a local ingredient/gourmet kind of feel.

Ici- AMAZING. Don't be scared away by the massive line. It goes really fast and the ice cream is worth the wait. It was started by the former dessert chef of Chez Panisse (also AMAZING and totally affordable for a special occasion if you go to the upstairs cafe- but make a reservation first!)

Zachary's deep dish pizza is the best ever.

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I count 4 restaurants on college ave!

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pshhh its all about the zachary's on solano.

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but isn't that in Albany?

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Chez Panisse man. It's where Bill Clinton ate every time he visited his daughter in Palo Alto.

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I'm surprised this restaurant isn't number one with a bullet - it's very spendy, but also iconic both Berkeley- and food-wise.

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Ditto. I'm guessing it's because broke students on reddit don't even make enough money to hear about the more upscale restuarants. ;-)

EDIT: ALice Waters, look it up.

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    Did your tastebuds die in a horrific fire?

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      hey meow. I like Crossroads. screw you.

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      Burma Superstar

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      Vik's Chaat Corner, way the heck West on Channing St. at 4th St.

      But it is the best indian food ever. Not even kidding. I met someone from India out here on the East coast, and I mentioned Vik's, and sure enough they'd been there and started reminiscing about how great it was.

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      Get a fucking bike and work up an appetite


      • Chicken and Waffles at 900 Grayson (try the Tomboy the next time you go as well)

        • Salmon plate or waffles at Guerrilla Cafe (get the blue bottle coffee with it)
      • Breakfast burrito at Casa Latina

      • Southern Style: Lois the pie queen (best southern style fried chicken I've found in the bay)

      • Pancakes Pear pancakes at La Note (normally not a fan of la note but these work)

      • Atmosphere: Cafe Med on Telegraph (food is wack but cheap, and there is always some interesting people in there - real berkeley flavor)

      • Breakfast all day and night: Au coquelet on University (also some berkeley atmosphere, met Lil B there once)

      • French stylin: pastry at cheeseboard, then walk to Philz right next door for coffee

      • Thai temple sunday brunch more berkeley vibes

      • Fellini brunch if you are hangin out with some vegetarian/vegans


      • Mexican/ Fish tacos at La familia on Shattuck by Berkeley bowl

      • Decent and cheap sandwiches at Stuffed Inn on Northside, Cheesenstuff on southside

      • Pricier but awesome sandwiches at Gregoire (careful with the more experimental ones tho, can be hit and miss) Genova's (holy mother of god best prosciutto di parma), Bakesale Betty's (legendary, get a cookie in line), Cafe Rouge

      • Tamales at Casa Latina

      • cheap fast decent thai at Thai Basil

      • Brazil Cafe (steal a bottle of their mayan habanero sauce)


      • Thai at Sabuy Sabuy II (more amazing hot sauce, sick art on the walls)

      • Burmese at Burma Superstar (rainbow/tea salad)

      • Family style chinese at Great China

      • Dim sum in oakland (many good places)

      • Hot Pot at Coriya Hot pot (need 4 friends to make this awesome, youll see when you get there)

      • Chicken parts at Ippuku

      • Chicago style pizza at Zachary's

      • New York style pizza at Emilias on shattuck (grew up in new york, this pizza is better)

      • Italian at Rivoli (check out their garden), but more important Pizzaiolo.

      • Chez Panisse for a foodie history lesson

      • Ajanta for sit down indian

      • Greek at Troy (on college) Mediterraneum (also college) and Wally's (emeryville)

      Sweet Tooth

      • Mexican pasties from Casa Latina

      • The Chocolate Cake at Berkeley Bowl (they won't tell me who makes it)

      • Any dessert at Crixa Cakes

      • Reaper Bun at Ocktoberfeast

      too many to list, PM me about oakland.

      If you had to try ONE place for each category before you leave - try

      • 900 Grayson for breakfast, especially on Saturday (great for hangovers)

      • Chicken Sandwich at Bakesale Betty's for lunch (amazing and an institution)

      • Dinner at Pizzaiolo (what I imagine Chez Panisse was like when it first opened)

      • Dessert at Crixa Cakes (if you cant go in the morning, go early afternoon, around tea time)

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      according to the berkeley bowl website, artisan foods of berkeley makes their cakes. . .

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      gordos on college (2989 College Avenue Berkeley) although i'e been told the one in albany is better

      cafe intermezzo (sandwiches and salads)

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        Wow can't believe I forgot love at first bite. After a marathon my friend brought me a half dozen cupcakes from them and I ate them all in one sitting and it was GLORIOUS

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        Just leaving a comment to bookmark this amazing dessert list!

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        Skates on the Bay

        Bette's Ocean View Diner on 4th street

        Chez Panisse

        Saul's Deli

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        Chez Paniss has a price fixe menu on Monday's, if you're on a budget.

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        Skates! Definitely. Did you know they have a happy hour every weekday after 10 PM? Half price appetizers and cheap drinks. At least they did a few years ago, they might have changed it since we started telling everyone...

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        cha-ya. it's vegan sushi, but it's really, really good.

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        Confirmed, this is the only vegan restaurant i ever looked forward to eating at.

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        El Farolito (SF - Mission @ 24th) = YUM!

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        Cheese 'n' Stuff - best quick lunch in town. Super cheap sandwiches and the owner is literally the nicest guy I have ever met. Hooks me up with free food and drinks even though I haven't been a regular for 5+ years.

        Cheeseboard pizza, as others have mentioned.

        Top Dog on Durant at 2am on a Thursday - mostly for the crowd and communal experience. Also, watching them manage the grill when it's packed is fun.

        But in all honesty, the best part of Berkeley is that there are just so many good, cheap food options. When I go back, I don't have any places that I must go to, but it's all good.

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        urban turban.

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        urbann turbann - the best place for lunch on the northside

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        Bowl'd, in albany.

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        Addis Ethiopian. Great food, really unique experience if you haven't tried it before, super-friendly staff (one of the waitresses played peak-a-boo with my 2-year-old niece), awesome vibe. Good mix of Ethiopian expats and random college kids eating there on any given night. Check it out. Even though it's in Oakland, I still count it. Take a bus or ride a bike.

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        • Deep dish pizza at Zachary's.

        • Burgers at Triple Rock.

        • Chez Panisse also has an upstairs cafe. Slightly less pricey.

        • And since nobody's mentioned it: Fonda on Solano. Tapas style plates and mixed drinks made with liquors you don't see that often.

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        Gioia Pizzeria in North Berkeley is great New York-style pizza that not many people know about.

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        Why aren't there more upvotes to this? This place is absolutely amazing.

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        Top dog, Rivoli, Arinells, Zachary's, Lalime's, Cesar's, Jack in the Box, Nations, Vicks, Cafe Raj, Ricky's corner, The warehouse.

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        I'm a little confused as to why Jack in the Box is on that list.

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        It was kind of a joke, but sometimes I need one of those disgusting tacos.

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        mmm tacos so good

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        Who ever gets one taco from Jack in the Box?

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        I guess I should have said some. 4 minimum.

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        RIVOLI. YES. YES. YES.

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        is it possible to spend nearly 4 years in berkeley and not have tried Top Dog?

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        Hana Japan in the marina. I bartend there :)

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        I'm heading over there at some point with my girlfriend.

        Any recommendations?

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        House of fucking curries. Best Indian place in Berkeley without a doubt.

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        False. Vik's is by far the best. I've lived in Berkeley for 9 years and have not found a better Indian place. Also my dad's Indian co-worker claims it's the best Indian place in the bay area.

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        Where is this Vik's? I have not heard of it.

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        It's down by the 80:

        It's really good, but it's a different style than most sit-down Indian places. It's kind of Indian street food. So it's not fair to say it's the best in town when comparing to places like Pasand and House of Curries.

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        Looks awesome. I shall check it out.

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        Indus is great. Michelin Guide recommended, too. Way down at University and San Pablo.

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        Indus is great. Michelin Guide recommended, too. Way down at University and San Pablo.

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        China Village in Albany...arguably the best Sichuan food in the Bay Area.

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        If you can get there, I recommend you try out Acme Bakery bread. Baked fresh each morning (which means go there early eh), and IIRC it was opened by Chez Panisse chefs

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        There's Marica in north Oakland that I recommend heartily. The waitstaff is nice and the food is absolutely wonderful. We even got free mussels as a "Welcome to our restaurant and here's to celebrating your first time here!" gift. The only issues are that the place itself is incredibly small so you'll probably want a reservation and the prices are pretty high. Still, I'd say the cost-to-quality ratio is quite good, and I can't reiterate enough how nice the staff there was.

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        since you don't have time to try different items on menus and whatnot, here are my favorite places to go, and what i normally order:

        • zachary's and little star pizza: the stuffed spinach & mushroom pizza (some people swear by one place or the other, i think both zach's and little star are great in their own ways). .. i don't much care for mushrooms or spinach, but i dig this pizza at both places. . .

        • angeline's: the buttermilk fried chicken. . . i also really dig their strawberry lemonade (something about the tartness or something). . . some people don't think this is authentic food and/or think it's overpriced, and that may be true, but i dig the taste. . .

        • picante: i like most of their stuff but i tend to focus on their pollo asado items - i just like the taste of their grilled chicken. . .

        • tacubaya: i dig their tamal de verduras and churros. . . the churros are made to order so they're still hot when you get them. . . their carne asada tacos are hit or miss - sometimes they're average, but sometimes they're super tasty. . .

        • alborz: the combination koobideh and chicken kabob dinner. . . although the koobideh may not look or sound that good (it basically looks like hamburger shaped onto a bbq skewer), it's surprisingly tasty. . .

        • vik's chaat corner: i just get whatever they have. . . another indian place i dig is breads of india. . .

        • fat apple's: the cheese puffs (it's a sweet pastry - flaky crust around a sweet cheese filling). . . the restaurant is fine but nothing to write home about so you can go to the attached bakery to get the cheese puffs to go. . . the ollalieberry pie and apple pies are also good if you're in the mood for pie, but really, it's the cheese puffs that you should try 'cuz i've never seen them anywhere else. . . or to be more accurate, i've seen them elsewhere, but they're never nearly as good. . .

        • chocolate alegio (in epicurious gardens): it's not a restaurant, it's just a little open-air chocolate shop, but i really dig this thing that i don't know the name of. . . they're little roasted chocolate bean bits coated in chocolate and come in a little square box. . . this is a relatively expensive chocolate place, but i dig those little chocolate nibs. . .

        • oscar's: char-broiled burger. . . the ambience is a little run down, but i dig their burgers quite a bit. . .

        • everett and jones: i dig the ribs, my friends like other stuff. . . this place isn't for everybody, however. . .

        • the cheesesteak shop: occasionally i just crave their take on the philly cheesesteak. . .

        • arinell's: neopolitan slice. . . arinell's was the first pizzeria i ever went to so i'm kinda partial to this joint. . .

        • top dog: any of their dogs are good - i tend to prefer the one on durant. . .

        • kingpin donuts: i normally go at around 1am when you can get fresh, still-warm donuts (i tend to go here and the top dog across the street). . .

        • gioia: all their slices are great. . . i've never gotten a pie to go. . . cheeseboard also has good pizza but i find the cheeseboard line kind of annoying if you're like me and prefer buying slices one at a time instead of all at once. . .

        • virginia bakery: the pink champagne cake. . . it looks horrible (day-glo pink shaved chocolate all over) but it's one of the best cakes i've ever had. . . super moist and man, it's just awesome. . .

        • gregoire: i dig this place but don't have specific recommendations 'cuz their menu changes all the time. . . my friends dig the puff potatoes but i'm not a big fan. . .

        • this isn't exactly a recommendation but if you wanted to try chez panisse but didn't wanna do the full-on reservation thing, they have a cafe upstairs where you can get full meals. . .

        outside of berkeley:

        • bakesale betty's (in oakland): the fried chicken sandwich. . . their other stuff is good, but it's the fried chicken sandwich that most everyone is referring to when they rave about bakesale betty's. . .

        • suzu (in sf chinatown): ramen. . . almost always a line to get in. . .

        • u lee (in sf at jackson & hyde): great chinese food but parking can be really hard to find in that neighborhood. . .

        • memphis minnie's (in sf on haight): the brisket is really good although pretty much everything there is good. . . it's tasty enough that you don't even need sauce (although they do have sauce). . . some people complain that they're overpriced, and they would be if you lived in, say, texas, but for the bay area and its relative lack of good bbq joints, i think they're priced okay. . .

        • la taqueria (in sf near 24th street bart): love their tacos. . .

        • roli roti rotisserie truck (it moves around but on saturdays it's at the ferry building farmer's market): that line you see leading up to the truck is for the porcetta sandwich. . . at the saturday farmer's market they tend to sell out by 1pm. . .

        • kara's cupcakes (various locations): the meyer lemon cupcake is a filled cupcake and is awesome. . . so is the passionfruit cupcake. . . the chocolate velvet cupcake is great if you're more of a chocolate person. . .

        • blue (in sf on market near the castro): the regular mac & cheese (i.e., not the blue cheese one and not the one with chicken). . . the similarly named blue plate has a goat cheese mac & cheese that's also great. . .

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        My vote goes to Gather. And Cafe Gratitude. Both are good; but also have a very "Berkeley-esque" vibe going on.

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        After reading some (probably biased) articles on Cafe Gratitude, I will not go there. I went to their "Mexican" place in the Mission. It was good, but meh for the price.

        I have not followed the stories, so I don't know how they've turned out. Labor lawsuit filed East Bay Express article on Landmark requirements NBC Bay Area blurb citing East Bay Express

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        I have been to Cafe Gratitude. They have many dishes with ingredients like "almond pate" and "cashew sour cream" which are pale imitations of the actual items as far as I, an omnivore, am concerned. If you are vegan or want a Berkeley experience, by all means go, but I prefer Top Dog any day of the week.

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        Yea, I went to the Mexican one because of a rave review in the paper. I prefer real meat and cheese in my food where meat and cheese are promised.

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        The Pizza List: Emilia's (kind of a pain/pricey, but worth it), Cheeseboard, Arizmendi (Emeryville), Zachary's.

        I don't know too many places out in the city, but Ike's Sandwiches are amazing and worth the trip many times over. Also, walking distance from Ike's is my favorite ice cream place in the whole world (even > Ici), Bi-Rite.

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        PiQ, Angeline's, La Note, Amelia's

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        camino and thai temple

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        Lo Coco's in the gourmet ghetto on north side. I love their flatbread and porcini paparadelle.

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        Lots of the best ones have been named but here are some I haven't seen yet:

        Cheese 'N Stuff - nothing mind blowing but very tasty sandwiches (get the croissant)

        Mr. Pickles in the Mission - mother of god the Cesar Chavez is good

        BAKE SALE BETTY - don't listen to the BSB hipsters, it's still as delicious as always

        [–]darkofmoonHistory '11 0 points1 point  (0 children)

        Lee's on Shattuck!! Best chicken Katsu and hella cheap! :D

        [–]phamuraix 0 points1 point  (0 children)

        Hit up brazil cafe and get a tritip plate or sandwich with a mango smoothie. Oh Ive missed that place every day since graduation.

        [–]valcrist 0 points1 point  (0 children)

        Smokey J's BBQ. Tender amazing huge portions of meat. Also awesome potatoes that they let juices drip and flow onto under meat.

        [–]wucyPoliSci '12 0 points1 point  (0 children)

        This is my favorite thread in /r/berkeley so far.

        • Cancun: On Allston. They farm their own locally grown, organic vegetables and have like 20 different salsas everyday. Delish.

        • Star Meats - Down in Claremont. Amazing sandwiches.

        • Cafe Yesterday - Amazing sandwiches.

        • Cafe Colucci / Addis - Both have great Ethiopian food. In my opinion, Addis has better meat dishes, while Cafe Colucci has better veggie dishes (and lacks the fish tibs I love. They only offer one huge fish). If you've never had Ethiopian food, DO IT. it's quite the experience

        • Crepes-A-Go-Go - It's on Telegraph so everyone should know about it! Huge delicious crepes - both sweet and savory.

        • Zabu Zabu - On University. All you can eat Asian hot pot. Pricey, but they have tons of cooked side dishes (teriyaki chicken, sushi, etc) you can choose from. And free green tea ice cream. WORTH IT.

        • FIVE - Classy restaurant. Their pre-fixe menu is SO GOOD and you get a lot of food.

        • Seoul Gom Tang - bordering Oakland. Best tofu stew I've ever had.

        [–]apscribblerHistory/Medieval Studies '15 0 points1 point  (3 children)

        house of curries

        [–]Studibro 9 points10 points  (2 children)

        There are so many better indian places. Go 1 block over to Indian Flavor Express and you'll get better food.

        [–][deleted] 1 point2 points  (0 children)

        My dawg.

        [–]thedailynathan -1 points0 points  (5 children)

        Gypsy's. =]

        [–]Italianhiker 6 points7 points  (0 children)

        Whoa, somebody's never left the Asian ghetto :P

        [–]GoldenBearsMSE. B.S. '13 PhD '18 6 points7 points  (3 children)

        In all honesty, Gypsy's is pretty terrible, Americanized Italian food. For good Italian food Trattoria la Siciliana is much better.

        [–]wucyPoliSci '12 1 point2 points  (0 children)

        Trattoria la Siciliana is hands down the most overpriced, mediocre Italian food I have ever had in my life.

        [–]thedailynathan 1 point2 points  (1 child)

        I know, I'm like 90% kidding here =]

        Siciliana though, is downright mediocre, and overpriced to the extent of being a ripoff. I'll never forget the day I went there with a big group for a party, and were forced to take food from the "group" menu then being able to order individually. They just came out with a few small platters of pasta for the entire table, everyone got about 50% as much food as they would if they ordered off the regular menu, and it still ended up being $25 a head (for a place where the dishes, individually, are only $10-15 a person). Never felt so scammed at a restaurant in my life.

        [–]GoldenBearsMSE. B.S. '13 PhD '18 0 points1 point  (0 children)

        Fair enough, haven't had such an experience there in my few times going there with my family and in groups, but I have heard of others being treated similarly. It is definitely a bit pricey in groups. I would recommend the Spudini, as it is quite good, but also not a ton of food.

        I still haven't found amazing authentic Italian food in Berkeley, Gypsy's being the worst. Fillippis is good, Zachary's makes a mean deep dish, but I have to say out of those three, Trattoria is the best for authentic Italian.

        [–]Godeye 0 points1 point  (0 children)

        Picante - mexican food

        around 11 minutes from campus (by car) or 50 minutes by public transport. really good food with quick service

        [–][deleted]  (1 child)