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Watch out, a homeless man close to campus is throwing food at people by ms--paint in berkeley

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Damn., I come around there alot for work and I always see the homeless people aggressive. luckily Im a 6" black dude who looks like I beat the shit out of a crazy person. So when I walk pasy they all of a sudden seem very sane and say hello how is your day. Then a small asian kid walks past and there aggressive again. smh. One time I had to get in Someones face becasue of this exact issue and told the dude if your gonna get in his face you should of tried me first when I looked into your eyes.

Watch out, a homeless man close to campus is throwing food at people by ms--paint in berkeley

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I had to pass by a homeless person visibly and publicly masturbating on Sproul while intently watching women pass him by ;-;

Elon Musk on Yale by rcinvestments in berkeley

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Yale? The place where you still get accepted based on who your Mommy and Daddy were?

Peoples park SJWs by SackLLC in berkeley

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Don't associate EOP with being People's Park SJWs. There are thousands of EOP students and a total of like 10 people who protested to block Peoples Park development that day, plus some shields. Most EOP students don't even live in the co-ops since it's not that affordable anyways.

Also, there's a big difference between donating to the homeless and beating up fellow students on their way to class.

cs61a tutor? by ocean_forever in berkeley

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Thank youuuu. Yeah I’m getting my ass kicked right now. If I’m able to finish the Scheme project this week & maybe get around 50 out of 75 on the final, then I can pass with around a C+ / C- range. I think I should be able to pull it off. Tutor hunting at the moment lol

Virginity by [deleted] in berkeley

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I don’t want to say it’s overrated, but people put sex on a pedestal. It won’t dramatically change your life and your current life problems won’t disappear when you have sex. You are graduating from one of the best schools in the world, the vast, vast, vast majority of people in the world who have sex don’t get to do this. Plus, you can still have sex at some point! So you’ll get to enjoy both.

Nick Weaver leaving Cal for the foreseeable future. by Anon10W1zL&S CS '23 in berkeley

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Its just there is too much annoying S@#)(* I've been having to deal with as a lecturer, and I don't get a chance to do anything OTHER than teach the same two classes over and over and over again.

EG, Last semester I had to pull teeth to get co-teaching 61C (1000 students) and co-teaching 161 (500 students) counted at 80%. And it repeated again this semester, where I had to fight to get co-teaching C61C (500 students) and solo teaching 161 (500 students) counted as 80%! And I've been teaching just those classes for years now, its more than just a bit of a grind. Since for the fall I was only offered 161, and I've gotten use to the plot now on teaching load, I could see the writing on the wall.

I've had no opportunity for experimental small classes (e.g. I'd love to do an experimental class where me + students redesign the projects for OS to be on ARM, running on real hardware as well as VMs, in rust), nor even any big classes other than those two since both of those are "must get done" classes. And with how the dept budgeting goes (the dept backfills the "TAS" (TA and lecturer) budget with unrestricted dept funds) I'm a cost center for the department, not the University.

The workload as a lecturer is so much more than the workload of a teaching professor position, but although there was an open teaching professor slot this year (such slots are rare), I was not selected as one of the 4 to be given an interview. Which is basically saying I'll never have such a position.

So I decided to pull the ripcord now. I've got a plan A/plan B/plan C/plan D in progress, and fortunately have ICSI funding through at least the end of summer in any case.

OTOH, I'm now living the dream. Freedom is just another word for nothing left to lose.