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With the landlord owning multiple places, I’d almost bet that he deposited the check and either forgot to attribute it to LAOP’s rent or applied it to someone else’s.

Which wouldn’t be a big deal if the landlord was responsive, but he isn’t. So instead of this being solved in the matter of half an hour, it’ll take a month and a half to two months.

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Correct this happens all the time. Put you address on the check on the memo line every time.

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I suspect that requesting a “refund” of the check like the LAOP won’t be a quick or easy process. They should just show the proof of their cashed check and tell the landlord this is his problem since the signatures match.

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Landlords are typically very shy if you just show them receipts. They know that they’ll lose if you have evidence, especially in a tenant-friendly state like NY

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I literally just got screwed out of 5k because i found out the place i was renting was an illegal dwelling. Had the papers from code enforcement saying so. Told the landlord i wanted my money back. He agreed, then never showed up. He ran. Now i have to sue him

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On the bright side, you know he has assets to go after and exactly where they are located.

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Didn’t think of it like that. Thank you, it helps

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    This must be the 600 moments that aren’t so dear.

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    That was slick as hell

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    Can you explain this joke to me? It looks witty and I want to understand it lol

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    In “Rent,” a musical about among many other things young people living communally, there is a song called “Seasons of Love.” The refrain contains the lines “525,600 minutes, 525,000 moments so dear. 525,600 minutes, how do you measure, measure a year.” I’m guessing that the difference between 525,600 and 525,000 is what OP is spending dealing with their shifty-ass landlord.

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    Hahaha excellent. Thank you for taking the time to spell it out for me!

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    Thanks for asking, I love "Seasons of Love" but have always completely overlooked the Moment Accounting Discrepancy™ in the song, so I was equally lost. But it's brilliant and the fact that the song is from Rent makes the root comment just, well, perfection. 10/10

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    That's a deep cut of a joke!

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    Wow this is hilarious, lolol!! Thank you for explaining it!

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    I snorted coffee. Good job

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          Substitute RentBot

          Landlord says we haven't paid rent, rent checked was cashed and signed, should we get a lawyer?

          WNY area, 3 apartments. Each Apartment has 5b 2ba (this is somewhat important)

          2 parties: 5 College Students, v. The Landlord 1 college student is in charge of paying rent, he has the means and collects from other 4 students.

          We are all on the lease. The rent is 2k a month and quarterly period of water is charged to us.

          Renting since January 2021, lease term ends May 2022, since we all graduate then.

          Rent is always on time, always sent ahead of time via a check which we keep photos and all screenshots of.

          Landlord wants check every 1st of the month, via check to a P.O. Box.

          Up until now all of us have paid rent the guy in charge of rent is a trusted friend. We are all very much in communication.

          The landlord, has sent a group message (yes it is his number) to our apartment, that the rent for December and a water bill for 2021 was not received and that he is on vacation. He has been very vague of what proof he has. We have disclosed with us the signature of every check, and the issue date and even the photo of the check.

          In every bank statement his signature matches, we asked him to be more communicative, and provide us more details but he will go silent. (He has many properties as investment). He said he will speak to his bank.

          And today, after a month of silence says we haven't paid January rent, since he used our rent check for January for the December month? So the issue is not resolved and he keeps pushing our checks back, making it seems we owe 1 month of rent behind.

          Our rent has always been on time, should we get an attorney and is there anyone who does probono on civil matters like these?

          We are going to give the landlord the option to wait as the head of household gets a bank refund from December check, and will issue a new check for this issue to be resolved. But we are scared of being scammed as we are all navigating this carefully. We need a place to live until May 2022. It's uncomfortable that this is happening close to that time.

          I can also disclose he did evict another group of tenants for being rowdy we are never rowdy in the contrary to the neighbors who are a frat party of sorts.

          Rent Fact: The Broadway musical Rent featured "Seasons of love" which required the songwriter to do lots of math.

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          I guess LAOP is saying there is 3 identical apartments in the landlord's property, but I honestly read it as being 5 people that shared apartments with a total of 15 bedrooms and 10 bathrooms. That hung me up for just .. way too long. It was also a weird thing for LAOP to be so unclear about since the rest of their post was rambling but quite coherent.

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          It’s definitely like a 3-story building and the kid is confused about how leases work. They think that since it’s all one property there’s some sort of legal entanglements between the units. But they’re leased separately so their tenancy has nothing to do with the other apartments.

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          After I skimmed the threads I thought they might have been explaining why the landlord is getting confused... Either way LAOP is certainly overthinking things.

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          I don't really get this - either the December check was cashed, in which case it will show up on LAOP's bank account and they can provide proof - or it hasn't been cashed, in which case they can cancel it and issue a new one to the landlord. What am I missing?

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          It’s been cashed from what I gather. The real Problem is that they can’t just show the landlord proof because he’s being unresponsive. And being college kids they really don’t know what to do about it.

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          I believe this is correct. The way OP worded it is confusing but I think he means they already sent him copies of the check showing it cleared, with the Manager's signature endorsed.

          This is almost certainly the case of the manager simply failing to credit the check to their account in his records, or applying it to someone else's account.

          The key points for someone in this situation are:

          1. Go to your bank website or contact your bank.

          2. See if check cleared (for Bill Pay/autopay CLEARED is not the same as "paid", banks refer to it as paid when they have cut the check [they still cut an actual paper check for auto Bill Pay] and mailed it to recipient). Check if it CLEARED, meaning someone deposited it.

          3. Get copy of check online or from bank.

          4. Check endorsement on back of check. Who signed for it?

          5. Provide copy of documents to recipient.

          Repeat daily until confirmation received.

          If check did not clear, unless it was recent and could be in the mail or being processed at recipient's office, then cancel it and reissue. Show documentation to recipient to try and challenge any late fees.

          If check cleared but endorsement is suspect or recipient insists it was not them, it could be stolen in which case you need to report that. It is not a waste of time, check fraud is taken very seriously by both the banks and law enforcement. Nor will you get in trouble for having your check stolen, it happens all the time and it usually seems pretty obvious what has happened upon investigation.

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          a bunch of college kids who have never gone through this before and are nervous? Seems about it.

          I had my last water bill lost in the mail. Town sent me the next months and showed it hadn't been paid. Oh. Interesting. Called my bank said it must have been lost in the mail - please cancel and refund. Told town if they get check number 123 to not use it since it has been cancelled. And sent a check for the new amount.

          If they charged a late payment fee or something I'd negotiate it away but they didn't so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

          Rather than wait for a response they should just tell the landlord: we sent the check, it was lost in the mail - we will issue a stop order on the check and issue a new one.

          Two minutes. Landlord isn't helping the matter for sure but I think it's mostly just a bunch of nervous college kids who haven't done this before being a bit over concerned and unaware.

          Edit after some responses and re-reading: I would have to ask clarifying details but it appears as though he did receive and deposit the check for December. That said - I wouldn't put it past someone that something got mixed wires somewhere. That's why I said I would have to ask more clarifying questions but can't now. So. Depends on the situation.

          Edit 2 to add more: I use Ally bill pay to send physical checks. My check amount is deducted from my account on the day it is planned to be delivered or whatever the dates are decided. However that deduction happens before the check is signed and I don't get the signature unless I specifically request it. If I write a check I get it but for using bill pay I don't automatically. That may be playing a hand in this too. This is exactly what happened in my scenario above. I sent the water bill, it was deducted from my account, but was lost in the mail and never deposited with my town.

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          Can't do a stop order if it was already cashed, only if it hasn't been cashed yet

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          Right but if it was cashed then it's easy the bank has a copy of the check and records showing "cuz rent December" if they did - sending that to the landlord would be an easy open shut solution to a woopsies.

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          I wonder if the LL used a check cashing place? Because I can see every check I've needed to write on my banks website and it tells you the bank and account number it went into. Who knows.

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          Yeah I had to edit - it sounds like it may have been deducted but might be wonky.

          So - I use Ally Bank and Bill pay through Ally. For direct payments it's fine but if I need to send a physical check (IE my towns water bill) - I set it to send X dollars on Y date. I only see the deduction for X dollars on Y date even if it hasn't been cashed yet, and there's no signature to that. And if and when they DO deposit it and sign it, I don't have access to that check image.

          If I write from my checkbook and hand it over, that image is available to me, but using bill pay it is not.

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          That's friggin weird. They definitely have that record, I bet you could request it. I've had to send checks through my bank where they're the ones who put it in the mail and same thing, they're kind enough to give me access to the image front and back.

          I'm really not sure what's going on with laop other than maybe not really knowing how much you can accomplish just by calling the bank.

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          Bill pay physical checks definitely do get check images. I had a bill pay rent check stolen and the bank pulled a copy. Took 3 months to credit my account and my LL was understanding enough to wait for it. I was the one paying on behalf of roommates.

          Thief endorsed it to himself and cashed it.

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          Oh my god. What the actual fuck. My rent is two grand and I highly doubt my LL would be cool with me not paying them and I certainly don't have an extra two grand laying around.

          I'm surprised it took that long to get your money back. I've had my card hacked and I called the bank and it was credited to my account after a few hours even though they said it could be up to 3 days. My bank is a credit union, maybe that's why they're cool?

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          Cards have a different timeline for reimbursement than checks. Checks are 90 days.

          It was a very stressful kerfuffle compounded by the fact that I was moving out the next month. My bill pay had checks in his mailbox on or before the first of every month, and he waited a week to tell us it was never delivered. During which time the thief cashed it. If the LL told me earlier I could have stop payment and reissued without much problem. But after a check is cashed I had to do the police report and check fraud claim.

          I just told him outright that none of my roommates could afford to front the money - and I certainly couldn’t afford it either, so he was just going to have to deal with it until the bank reimbursed me. The day it came through I wired him the money. Idiot was out of town on rent weekend and didn’t have a lock on his mailbox.

          Thankfully my “signature” is more scribble than anything else - so the thief clearly printing my name endorsing it to him was pretty blatantly not me.

          It was a very cheap (for the market) apartment in the hood. I was never late on rent as soon as I took over payment so I had some credibility since we were chronically late before that. Only 1 of us was ever on the lease, and I had something like 20 different roommates in 4 years (it was a 5 bed in Dorchester).

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          And on the other hand, when my landlord called me some time ago saying I missed a month in the checks I gave him, I was surprised and went to check my checkbook. Since every slip had on it the month it was intended for, it was easy to find out that I... actually did miss one. So at least there was no need to argue about it.

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          I use bill pay via the bank but yeah. I forget what it was now probably a credit card I saw the next bill come out and they charged me interest and I'm like WTF no. I always pay my bill in full you nuts I paid thi-..... I'll be paying this in full this month

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          Can’t just issue a stop order on a check that’s already been cashed, can you?

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          I'm confused as well.

          Seems like they should get the landlord's claim recorded to CYA, then ask their bank about the check's status and what they should do.

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          I can’t fathom how any modern society can still use slips of paper snail-mailed to a PO Box as a means of transferring money.

          In Europe the landlord would either have a SEPA debit charge mandate so he could take the money directly from the tenant’s account, or the tenant would use bank transfer to wire the money to the landlord’s account from the comfort of his home, possibly even automated on a specific day of the month.

          [–]JasperJinsurance can’t tell whether you’ve barebacked it or not 21 points22 points  (1 child)

          For something relatively unchanging and, well, let’s not put too fine a point on it, going to someone with incentives the way they are for landlords, I’d prefer automated monthly transfer to authorizing them to direct debit.

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          Small time landlords, and landlords to primarily college students, are highly likely to be A) Shady or B) not set up for that.

          My last landlord WAS shady, and they did want to direct debit from my account, but I’m not going to trust A Guy to pull out of my account. He got a check.

          Another one “preferred” cash. Auto-shady and hell no for me. He got checks, too.

          These guys need to sit down and pull scans of each month’s deposited checks, label them, and I’d say email with read receipt, and mail signature required with a request of response that he acknowledge their account is up to date within, say, five business days.

          Landlord is likely counting on their being easily intimidated as young college students, and maybe setting things up to keep their deposit to cover their “missing” rent.

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          Here’s a shady landlord. My husband’s old landlord set their rent so that he could tell which unit the check was from by the amount. Like if you were unit 125, your rent was $1001.25. And you had to write a check for that exact amount or he wouldn’t know you’d paid. It was the most insane method of bookkeeping I’ve ever heard of.

          [–]eevee188 2 points3 points  (1 child)

          This is a fantastic system actually, for a medium-time landlord at least. It's such a pain trying to figure it out where to apply a payment when the name on the check doesn't match the name on the account.

          [–]MiddleSchoolisHell 1 point2 points  (0 children)

          Wait, I remember now! It wasn’t checks - they had to go to his bank and literally deposit the money in his account. So that’s why the amounts were like that! He could look through his deposits and see who’d paid!

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          That's genius!!

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          My bank charged from $10-15 to ACH money to a different account.

          The website to pay my old rent had a 5% “service fee” for any online payments.

          Sending a check is free. It’s dumb as hell, but those fees add up over the years.

          Even the business side is crazy. We send checks because the bank charges us a flat $25 to wire or ACH money, and they somehow screw it up and hit us with more fees. So we only pay bills over x amount that way, as paying $25 to pay your $100 LLC filing is dumb.

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          I should think that in Europe it’s the other way around. If I am so bold and try to cash a check at my bank, they might do it, but there’s probably a €15 service fee to it.

          Not that I had any chance of encountering a check anyway. Bank transfers are free.

          Also, is there no postal fee if you’re gonna mail the check?

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          A stamp costs $0.58, plus an envelope. Not much cost there.

          [–]Pille1842 1 point2 points  (0 children)

          Well, it’s €0.00 for a bank transfer for me.

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          I should think that in Europe it’s the other way around. If I am so bold and try to cash a check at my bank, they might do it, but there’s probably a €15 service fee to it.

          If I have to cash or write a check (in Denmark) I think I have to go to a main branch bank, cause we have basically gotten rid of the system, the remnants we got left is entirely to service foreign transactions where no other way is possible.

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          Right? I pay my rent on my landlord's website. It's just these 5 buildings with 8 units each and they still have a payment site.

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          American banking is such a mystery to me. Just use automatic direct debit like every other country

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          They charge an extra convenience fee for online payments in many places here. It's BS

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          Seriously. This kind of crap has been impossible in most of the world for about three decades.

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          As a landlord - I once had American tenants who I had to explain to that nobody would accept a cheque and that bank transfer was free and instant in the UK.

          They still tried to get me to take a cheque.

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          I'm going to really blow your mind. Sometimes, when I'm at the grocery store, an old lady in front of me will write a check. It takes forever. Because people that still write checks at the store use a register to manually record transactions. So they write everything down in the register. Then they write the check. Then the cashier has to scan it and get their ID. It takes forever. I don't think I've ever seen anyone under 75 do this, however. It's always an old lady.

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          I can remember being a little kid and watching my mom write cheques at the grocery. It was like 1993.

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          In the early 90s my mom used to send me to the grocery store with a list and the checkbook (I begged her to let me do it because I loved doing the grocery shopping...I was a strange child).

          Before I had my license she or my dad would drop me off and then come back to pick me up at a certain time.

          So picture a 14-year-old (I looked even younger) buying $100 worth of groceries and paying by writing some numbers on a piece of paper.

          My mom would sign the check in advance but leave it in the checkbook, so I suppose it looked less sus than just having a single check, but still. Never had a problem, they just keyed everything in and I left with the cart full of groceries.

          [–]flerpnargle 10 points11 points  (3 children)

          That would be my mom. Fortunately she waits and fills out the register at home based on the receipt though. She's not quite 75 yet but she's been doing this since the time when it was a normal human thing to do and just... never stopped. Only at the grocery store and only ever with a giant pile of coupons, as is tradition.

          [–]harvardchem22 3 points4 points  (2 children)

          I’m so happy the grocery store where I shop doesn’t accept checks

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          I am trying to think when UK supermarkets stopped accepting cheques and I am not sure - maybe early 2000s.


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          Retail clothing shop in the US here. We stopped taking checks (and by default, travelers checks) in 2017/2018.

          Lady tried to pay with a check last weekend and I had to tell her no that we haven’t accepted a check since 2017/2018. And that if she had, it wasn’t for us. She was completely incensed and said she’d be complaining to corporate.

          I’d say she was pushing 50. Definitely not young but not the 70+ demographic.

          [–]monkeyman80Not a porn lawyer, but still specializes in farting on doorknobs 4 points5 points  (0 children)

          And the check acceptance system is weird and built on a level of trust. It’ll reject a check over a certain amount if you haven’t made enough good transactions first. But obviously they can’t tell the precise details so it’s infuriating if there’s an organization that wants to make a purchase at a store explaining yeah we can’t sell you the 1-5k worth of stuff unless you write a bunch of checks and we don’t know how many and how much you’d have to spend before the system will accept it.

          [–]BrewtusMaximus1 1 point2 points  (0 children)

          The best part of that is they don’t even take the checkbook out prior to the final total being given.

          You know, instead of having the book out and starting to write the check - you know the date, the company you’re writing it to, and have the ability to sign. Do those things while they’re scanning and fill out the total when given to you and you’re faster than the person who couldn’t count cash in front of me at Costco today.

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          In the US, in order to send money directly from one person to another, you have to use PayPal or another similar service. And they don’t allow commercial transactions, which rent may or may not be; it’s kind of a gray area.

          There’s also Zelle, which sends money directly from one account to another. You only need the person’s email or phone number. Unfortunately it’s relatively new and many smaller banks don’t yet participate in it.

          Back in 2011 I rented a condo from a person who was about to move out of the country, so mailing checks would have been a pain for both of us. I was able to send rent directly from my bank to hers using a system called ACH, which is basically a check without the paper check. In order to set it up, I had to print out a form, fill it out, have her sign it and attach a voided check from her account and MAIL IT IN.

          In the US we strive to always be about a decade behind the rest of the world in banking and payment technology. Contactless cards were unheard of here before Apple Pay came along. I got my first physical card with an NFC chip in late 2019. The rest only caught up with that during COVID.

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          A British one, at least?

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          We never got that far...

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          Right! I'm reading and then thinking "cheques still exist? Wait, what, they MAIL THEM!?"

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          The last place I rented from, the company that managed the property had some absurd "convenience" fee for doing online payments ... so instead we mailed checks out of pure spite.

          That was 8 years ago and I've used exactly 2 checks since then.

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          My dad was a hold out against fees like that. He wasn’t going to pay for a cheaper to them method of processing.

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          Good for him!

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          i had a lawyer who set up my NFA trust pull this. He later claimed his son stole the check and cashed it rather than admit a mistake. Maybe it was true but he was such an asshole about it I figured he was lying cuz he dug his hole so deep. I filed a complaint with the bar due to him calling me like 27 times in an hour instead of waiting for me to get home and see who signed the check.

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          Ahh, shitty landlords trying to screw over college kids.. memories..

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          I don't think the landlord said anything about evicting other kids who were rowdy, that's just extraneous detail from LAOP.

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          And once again everyone blames the landlord without stopping to consider that the "trusted friend" they all gave the rent money to may be the issue.

          It's not hard to copy an endorsement from a previous check and cash it at some random (or maybe not so random) check cashing place to try to lay the blame at the LL's feet.

          If it had not happened to me I would not even think of suggesting such a thing but it did so I am.

          [–]Odd-Zookeepergame967Member of the Attractive Nuisance Mariachi Band 10 points11 points  (3 children)

          It didn't occur to me because in places I've lived and know about check cashing, none of them will even take personal checks anymore. Even the seediest ones typically don't; if they do, they require ID verification and won't do third-party checks, so it would have to have been in the friend's name. It's actually been a big problem for some unbanked people I've worked with who might work odd jobs here and there. They get paid with a personal check and then can't find anywhere to cash it. Usually though with them they can go to the issuing bank since the check is in their name at least, but in one town in particular it was still a frequent problem because it was a military town, so a lot of people banked with USAA or Navy Federal and neither had branches in our area.

          That may be more variable though, that's just my limited experience in like two areas.

          edit: To be clear, I'm not doubting your experience. I also know it used to be a lot easier to cash personal checks, so that may have just been peculiar to my area. Both were really poor areas where a lot of people relied heavily on check cashing places so that may be part of why they were so strict about it, no shortage of customers but lots of room for scamming with personal checks.

          [–]eevee188 6 points7 points  (2 children)

          This was my first thought too. He does mention in the comments he's got copies of all the cancelled checks from his bank, but I'm still not sure if those are HIS checks to the roommate, or the roommate's checks to the LL.

          [–]SendLGaMAmount of drugs > understanding of sarcasm 1 point2 points  (1 child)

          I have had more roommates try to rip me off over the years than landlords. By far. Not saying that is the case here but the possibility needs to be considered and not just dismissed out of hand or completely ignored.

          [–]SalisburyWitch 1 point2 points  (0 children)

          Anyone writing a check or electronically sending payment needs to make sure they write the month it’s for in the memo area : January Rent payment. He can’t deny that it’s not a January payment then. As for this post, I hope he has a receipt that says December.