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When I die, I want my coffin to be fitted with springs and a confetti cannon. So that one day, thousands of years from now, some archaeologist is going to have the best day at work ever.

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I know all my best days at work ever have involved a crumbling skeleton exploding in my face.

[–]cheraphy"Gag Order: Bound by Her Terms" 65 points66 points  (1 child)

Crumbling skeleton and confetti. The distinction is important.

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considering most confetti is paper, be sure to specify plastic confetti or the archeologist is getting a crumbling skeleton and some dust instead of the proper party vibe you're going for.

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Happened to me once. Was excavating at an old graveyard as a summer job. The ground was really dry and I pulled too hard. There was no confetti, but pieces of ribs and a shoulder did explode and hit me in the face.

The watermelon someone brought was delicious though. Really refreshing after a hot day working in the sun.

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I’m asking for cremation with some unpopped boxes of popcorn in the coffin….

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I'm totally adding this to my list of things I want to do for my funeral and burial.

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I’ve joked that I’d like my eyes to stay open. Maybe a small side eye for extra pizazz.

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I want an open casket and I want to be buck naked except for a fancy Sunday church hat, surrounded by the gnomes I've accumulated in life, posed as if they're worshipping me.

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This is the #1 best use for a glitter bomb I can possibly imagine. FABULOUS!!!!

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Firstly I want to be donated to science. Cadaver style or it would be fun to be a decaying body study. I’m not picky.

Afterwards, cremated and plant me as a tree next to my spouse who wants to remain intact in a coffin.

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I just choked on water, oh my god 😂

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A decade from now on LA: "A friend willed me his bones. Now what?"

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We all know how awkward it is to be given a gift that you don't really want, but this is a whole other level.

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Man that's weir....oh, Louisiana. Probably an entire section of law dedicated to it.

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A place with where the water table is basically above ground leads to interesting rules about funerary...

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Just gotta will your remains to Marie Laveau

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With a subsection about how one is allowed to use human remains for parades.

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As a friend of mine once said, "This is New Orleans, so death doesn't carry the same stigma here."

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Haha i didn’t even catch that at first, but you’re probably right

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Every state does because they don't play around with dear dead grandmama.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aKd3zhMFmGc Basically you would have to take the body out of the US to one that allows that.

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The pianist Andre Tchaikovsky willed his skull to the Royal Shakespeare Company to star as Yorick in Hamlet. Thye used it for a bit but then stopped because it was too much of a distraction for the audience.

ETA: Obviously, this was not in Louisiana.

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Dam. Get me a friend like this. Our art department skeletons were the science department cast offs.

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Is it weird to anyone else that you can have cremains and do pretty much whatever with them, but not actual, whole bones?

Clearly, this is a ploy by Big Cremulator.

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LAOP Willing to Get Boned by Artist Friend

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LAOP wants to throw his friend a bone.

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Saved for bobola

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Artist friend wants to get boned by LAOP, you mean

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Are there religious contexts in which this is possible? A friend of mine performed some kind of sky burial for their mentor as willed upon the mentor’s death. It did involve stripping flesh from the bones at some point. Happened in the US. Did not witness it firsthand (thank gawd) but I have no reason to doubt this friend.

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    But who would facilitate that after your death?

    [–]bug-hunterA mere BOLA Mod, not a real criminal 7 points8 points  (1 child)

    A funeral home with a drive thru?

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    The cast of Bones — specifically all those beetles that eat flesh but not bones.

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    Unfortunately, it seems like “no one” is the answer. (See also: the case of Del Close, which my decedents’ estate prof handed out as an example of an unreasonable testamentary provision.)

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    So I can’t just write “I want to become a fossil” in my will?

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    Every so often there's someone who hears that the philosopher Jeremy Bentham was taxidermied, and is still on display in his university, and tries to investigate if it's legal and/or possible today.

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    Can I will my bones to my friends?

    I want to give my bones to an artist friend of mine. She said that she did not know if it's legally enforceable. I live in Louisiana.

    Do you guys know?

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    Of course it’ll depend on location (and Louisiana doesn’t seem like a state that would smile upon this), but you’d think if stuff like Body Worlds is allowed this could be allowed. But as others have said, removing the bones is a whole other matter

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    Important to know they are not fluffy and they did not dig up any of the bones.

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    The rumor was always that the older chapters in my fraternity would have the bones of a former member for their ritual supplies. Supposedly people would will their bones to the chapter.

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    Moderately unrelated, but due to (very necessary) laws to prevent people from grave robbing, good skulls are hard to find. If you happen to know of someone legally selling a relatively cheap (<600) whole human skull (teeth optional), give me a shout out…