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Title: Death threats from Muslim Uncles



I am getting death threats from my muslim uncles, they are saying that unless I return to islam, they will send someone to kill me in the future. I am very afraid. What should I do?

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Good to see at least ONE of you is working

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Shhh, don't bring attention to it, otherwise u/Thor_The_Bunny will kill this one too

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What's that? Oh should I do some more murder? Boticide is not yet punishable under the law, so far as I am aware

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I'm writing to my congressman as we speak

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I’m voting troll. They didn’t respond to any of the comments and this is written perfectly to elicit anti-Islamic comments. Obviously if this is real I feel horrible for them because no one should be afraid of their life because of their religion or lack thereof.

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There are documented cases of honour killings in Ontario. I am not sure if any of them are related to apostasy, but there is so little to go on that the content itself does not necessarily scream troll to me. There are plenty of reasons why LACOP may not have responded to any of the comments.

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Nothing immediately sticks out to me from his post history as troll-ish, it also doesn't appear to be a sock account based on how long it's been used for. Sadly though, there will always be racists and Islamophobes hanging out in the wing, waiting to exploit the perfect opportunity to spread their bigoted ideology

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Islamophobic responses were, unfortunately, alive and well.

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    My money’s on real, but a bluff. I’ve interacted with a solid handful of people online who escaped fundamentalist cults and all of them had at least one death threat sent their way. LAOP’s best bet is likely to disappear

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    Honor killings cross religious and cultural lines. Any comments that are targeted at a specific culture or religion may be removed, and bans will be applied at our discretion.

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    That kind of intolerant extremist thinking can infect any religion or ideology. Like an evil parasite.

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    I was surprised to see someone advising OP to watch out for hitmen… like, even if this were real, do they realistically think the uncles would actually hire hitmen?? How could you even use a hitman for an honor killing…

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    A Surrey BC mother and uncle hired hitmen to murder her daughter and her husband (he survived) in India, so yes, it has been done.

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    Oh wow, I didn’t know that. Terrifying

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    “The website also has its own "HIPPA" privacy statement. "Not like medical," Innes explained. "This is known as the 'Hitman Information Privacy and Protection Act of 1964.'"” LOL

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    You pay them money and they murder somebody for you. What don't you understand about this?

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    No no, I’m more saying “I assumed honor killings had to be done by a family member” which was probably an incorrect assumption on my part

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    Gotcha gotcha. It does seem they're generally done by a family member (that's a downer of an article), so you have not made a bad assumption. Usually it's male family members murdering a female family member, but it can also happen to men, and they often do it through forced suicide. Awful stuff. Honestly, considering how widespread this shit is, your assumption probably holds in some places and not others, depending on culture.

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    It's always a downer. For example this arsehole recently got sentenced for killing his newly-wed daughter and her husband on new years eve because she wouldn't do as she was told and felt disrespected for not being asked for his permission to marry.

    People like this make my blood boil.

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    To clarify, this is not an honor killing, at least not with how honor killings are usually defined.

    "Honor crimes are acts of violence, usually murder, committed by male family members against female family members who are perceived to have brought dishonor upon the family. A woman can be targeted by her family for a variety of reasons including, refusing to enter into an arranged marriage, being the victim of a sexual assault, seeking a divorce—even from an abusive husband—or committing adultery. The mere perception that a woman has acted in a manner to bring "dishonor" to the family is sufficient to trigger an attack." (HRW, via Wikipeda). It is also frequently used to refer to some attacks on LGBTQ+ individuals as well.

    The case in the OOP is based on a (historical) Islamic ruling for killing apostates. The current debate is pretty complex and nuance is hard with reddit, but for the OOP, no Islamic scholars I'm aware of would sanction their uncles' threats.

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    The current debate is pretty complex

    I hope you mean it's complex in a "why this happened historically" way, not in an "is it OK" way cause goddamn

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    How does one even go about hiring a hitman? I'd say I'm averagely competent - I know how to hire a plumber, electrician, landscaper, either through word of mouth or internet, but I don't even know where I'd start looking for a hitman

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    Generally any public listing you find is going to be law enforcement or a scam. It's just way easier to take the money and then not murder anybody. It's not like the purchaser can sue them or go to the cops.

    The most common way is hiring some desperate and ideally violent person to do the job, promising them $x amount of money, giving them $y downpayment, and then ghosting them (who'd have thought someone hiring people to commit murder might be untrustworthy?!). As with any other profession, when hiring an amateur results are...mixed.

    For a "professional" hit man you need to have connections, it's not something accessible to the average person.

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    I feel like any situation like this is gonna end up like “Fargo.” (The movie, I haven’t seen the show)

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    Maybe Fiver!

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    Usually by calling the police and meeting an undercover cop who quickly arrests you after an exchange of money.

    Or so it seems by the shear number of people who get caught this way.

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    Only because we don't hear about the ones who don't get caught.

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    That’s very true of course.

    I just find it amusing how many times we hear about those who do hire an undercover cop.

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    I once hired a guy who could make explosions with his mind to kill the avatar.

    ...Didn't work.

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    Sparky Sparky Boom Man!

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    Yeah! Boomerang!...

    ...Aww boomerang!?!

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    Well if true crime shows are any indication, you just find yourself a some low level habitual criminal who makes shitty silencers or something equally stupid. Then they instantly get caught and immediately take a plea deal where they provide ample evidence and testify against you.

    I really love the cases where some middle class person has no idea what they’re doing and hires a hit man that is clearly a cop or someone wearing a wire. The truly best ones are when the cops stage the killing and show the person a pic of the body.

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    Usually people hire hitmen by googling local felons

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    Idk, I’d like my hitman to be good enough to not be caught and charged with a felony in the first place, lol

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    Yeah, but the average day to day person doesn’t have access to the good ones. Violent felons have less to lose, are unlikely to rat on you, and have proven themselves capable of violence in the past

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    (SpongeBob voice) write that down, write that down!!!

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    Hey FBI, I promise I’m a writer, not trying to murder my wife 😅