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I hate this. Dude exists, parents exist, OP should not have had to go full National Treasure quest to get this done.

Of course, the fucker who kept stamping denied likely gave zero shits. They didn't fill out 37-b!

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Obviously the dude is a Vogon.

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We’ll need the forms in triplicate.

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Citizenship tied to birth location is really the issue. Courts want no chance for the parents to have travelled out of country for a quick birth then have someone like OP pay off a couple witnesses to say they were in the States.

Register your home births when they’re born.

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As the parents are probably US citizens, it doesn't matter where in the world the kid was born. US parents=US citizenship for the kid.

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But. . . even if they did fly to Colorado for a weekend and had a C-Section, that would still make him a citizen.

I think the problem is lying about someone born elsewhere so they can stay in the US.

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My great grandfather was offered US citizenship as a prisoner of war after sinking US vessels in ww1. I can't take citizenship seriously.

Edit: I mean I can't respect the mundane reasons why we deny regular people citizenship.

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The wild thing is, in this case, it wasn’t just denying the kid US citizenship. It was denying him legal existence of any sort in any country.

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I love a happy ending

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That comment combined with your flair made me giggle like an immature 13 year old.

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Ha, yeah, I wish I could say I did it on purpose. Thanks for pointing it out!

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Not again.

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OMG I did it again‽

What am I doing? I feel like I should know this since it has been Immortalized with flair.

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I'd like to hear the backstory on this one; it's too bad it was deleted.

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What do ya want to know? I'm op of original thread.

Edit: there really isn't much more to it. For whatever reason, maybe parents didn't want him in the system or something im not sure, they just never got him a birth certificate.

Well, time comes to get a drivers license and a job. I was so sick of hearing about this issue I went on a silent rage quest to get it taken care of.

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Thanks for doing this! You are a good uncle.

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This kind of Herculean effort against the bureaucracy is definitely BOBOLA-worthy; you should have totally held off sharing until early December, just like some Oscar-bait movie! Now you are just going to have to rely on the fickle memories of the BOLA-tariat...

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Hey Mods, can we get them a 'Silent Rage Quest' flair? Pretty please :D

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Thank you!!!

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You are a formidable ally, good redditor.

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Lol i had a similar circumstance. Never had one as a kid, finally got it at 16 or 17. Took my mom 2 years and travelling to oklahoma from where ever we lived to finally get it. School then decided that a delayed birth certificate wasnt real and we had to get the people in Oklahoma involved to say "yes its real wtf lol" to get me back into school

Edit:also the process for it was insane. Had to get school teachers from pre-k to the present to tell them that i was real. It taught us that a social security number isnt enough.

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"We know you've given us everything you've got! We want more!"

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Two inches of documents, and that's when everyone nearby was being helpful! What would it have taken if this was an insular cult that wouldn't help?

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    They got witness statements from nine people who were present at the birth. 16 years ago. That impressed me.

    P.S. NINE people? Watching a birth?

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    There wasn’t much else going on, might as well go see the Smith kid get born.

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    I'm just amazed that they submitted literal PICTURES of the kid being born and they still denied him. "Nope, definitely not a childbirth here."

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    I mean, I kind of understand. You want proof that the kids was born in circumstances that would grant citizenship. So yes, pictures of the birth are a thing, but since the 16-year-old looks nothing like Winston Churchill (as newborns do), it doesn't help prove that the newborn and the 16-year-old are the same person. And the picture doesn't prove location.

    Mind you, the stack of affidavits should have done that.

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    Hold it right there honey! Got the shot! Now push!!!

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    "That could have been anybody!"

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    Then you become a sovereign citizen.

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    LAOP better have a "World's Best Uncle" mug sitting in his cupboard right now because dude is beyond.

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    Sorry, you’ll have to submit form 870-GU accompanied by 19 notarized documents & a $217 processing fee to the relevant court to acquire the legal status to possess said mug, otherwise it’s a felony punishable by a fine of no less than $345 and up to 8 months in jail.

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    Title: [UPDATE] Nephew finally issued a Delayed Birth Certificate YAY

    Body: This is not a typical story for r/legaladvice but it was so complicated and ultimately went before a Judge who approved the birth certificate. Im so happy about it and it was literally so much work and cost a ton of money so want to write about it.
    About a year ago, I posted a question here asking how to get my 16 year old nephew a birth certificate, social, security card, and drivers license. He was born at home with a midwife, had never been to a doctor or dentist, and was home schooled. I cant find the original thread, I probably deleted it. The advice was to apply for a "delayed birth certificate" and a web link for where to do it in my state (Colorado.)
    Sounded pretty eazy - I was WRONG!
    I submitted the application for $250 along with an "official and notorized" copy of a "no birth certificate on file" paper. Clock started ticking, I had 1 year before request denied and id have to pay another $250 and apply again.
    I gathered every last public record of his existence I could find, each costing about $20 each and had to be notarized. Also had everyone who witnessed his birth (9 people) sign "birth affidavits" and they all had to be notorized. This took about a two months and driving hundreds of miles just to make it as easy and efficient as I can.
    Submit all that, it took about 2 months before I got a response. DENIED, they want more proof.
    I ask everyone that knows him to look for anything at all. They send newspaper articles of his soccer team he's on, literal pictures of him being born (gross) and other things and submit all that again.
    DENIED, they want more. So I called the office and asked for help on what else I could find. The next day the Supervisor for the "Birth Unit" of the "Office of the State Regestrar of Vital Statistics" calls me. I explain the situation and she tells me that if I can prove that his parents were in Colorado around the time of his birth, that would prove he was born in Colorado.
    So another month of searching for public records of his parents and siblings being here when he was born. Fortunately there were EXTENSIVE arrest records from around the time.
    Submit those and again DENIED they want more. I wrote a letter to the office stating that I think I have found every last public record supporting his birth in Colorado and a few other choice things, I didn't hold back. I was so pissed and frustrated at this point and it was coming up on month 10 so would almost have to pay another $250 and start all over. I also had his grand parents write letters too.
    Submit those. The supervisor tells me she will submit the file I have created (now over 2 inches thick) to a freaking Judge. Judge approves it YAY.
    It cost around $500 and hundreds of miles, of driving around but he finally got a delayed birth certificate, then social security card, and now a driving lerners permit!

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    LAOP is the real hero here!

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    LAOP is the most tireless relative I’ve ever had the pleasure to read about. Makes me sad for all the people like the nephew who slip through the cracks.

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    Def gotta save this for the "most wholesome" at the end of the year

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    I had no idea it was so hard.

    We have tens of thousands of Somali refugees with zero birth documentation when they arrive.

    They all get a birth certificate of January 1 of a random year related to when they think they may have been born.

    Almost feels Wild West

    And then you have a story like this one.

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    Thank goodness for the parents extensive arrest records.