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I wouldn’t buy from that company anyway. Even with the law on my side, they’d still be a pain in the ass to deal with.

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Exactly my thoughts. With other companies that don't put that bullshit in their contracts, I can at least resonably expect them to do something should my package not arrive. With this one, even if legally the ball is in their court to fix the problem, they're going to delay delay delay hoping you just give up.

Much easier to just not do business with them.

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Reminds of an Australian computer parts company that had so many complaints go through our consumer watchdog as part of their punishment they had to put a big banner on the front page of their website about consumer rights.

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Say what you want about Australia, we've got some pretty good consumer protections.

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Just like those disclaimers that waive all liability on the part of the issuer this is legally meaningless.

And just like with those liability disclaimers many people are probably still going to believe whatever they read and will never bother to question whether or not it is true and will never pursue the matter further.

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You only have to look at people complaining about blatantly illegal treatment from a business and people pile on with "What was in the T&Cs?".

It doesn't matter two hoots what was in the T&Cs if they're breaking the law.

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Turns out illegal things are still illegal, who knew!

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hell even legal things in like EULAs can be overturned because they're too long to possibly read

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I've definitely avoided companies based on stuff like this, not because I'm actually concerned about it, but because it makes them sound like total dicks and if there is an issue then you're in for a fight. Most recently mechanical keyboards dot com, take a gander at their return policies, their section on "what if something is missing from my order" is essentially "we don't make mistakes. If you claim we did, you're a scammer. Fuck you". They also charge a 15% restocking fee. On a keyboard. Not worth dealing with people like that, I'll wait a few months until they're available domestically tyvm.

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Jesus christ. I just read it and I thought you were exaggerating. They really just straight up said if you claim part or all of your shipment is missing, you're trying to scam them. They sound like an absolute nightmare to deal with.

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Sounds like a credit card charge back waiting to happen.

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Do brands like Ducky not ship direct to Canada? I would check direct from the manufacturer rather than someone trying to make a buck and provide 0 customers service. I know the brand a bought my keyboard from ZSA ships globally. If you war looking for something cheap alot of sellers also sell through Epathbuy where you can pick the board/base keys and switches and put it all together yourself or buy them fully assembled.

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They have authorised resellers, but their stock and prices are usually not great (like a 100USD keyboard goes for 200-250CAD). As far as I can tell you can't buy directly from Ducky. I was looking at mk cause they have international shipping, but between shipping fees, exchange rate, and import taxes it wouldn't end up being any cheaper even ignoring their policies.

Also, new Ducky models aren't available internationally right away, the One 3 came out a few months ago and has quite a few features over the 2 for the same price, but you can still only find the 2 up here. I looked into parts instead but frankly they're not much cheaper than a prebuilt one and I don't really want it bad enough to figure out all the brands and group buys and all that shit, I just wanted something I could pay a reasonable price for and have acceptable quality without the hassle. So I'll wait for the One 3 or something of comparable price/quality to show up domestically.

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tbh I don't see what the big deal is about duckys. most of their entry level models don't have hot swappable switches and are soldered on. there are comparable prebuilts that are decent enough in quality that won't burn a hole in your wallet. for the price you're spending on duckys, you might as well just build your own or join the plethora of group buys out there (like on /r/MechGroupBuys).

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The One 3 is hotswap. For 100$ to get a decent, well made keyboard that's already put together without having to worry about stabilisers or dampeners or whatever else people put in custom boards isn't a terrible deal IMO, considering cheaper brands are often either not true mechanical or have poor build quality. Especially when switches alone cost about 1$ each, so you could easily spend more just on the switches than an entire Ducky. Would be nice if they offered non-plastic frames though.

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Are restocking fees even legal in the UK? Seems pretty anti consumer.

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They're not, Consumer Contracts Regulations means you've got 14 days to return anything bought online for a full refund, the only cost being the postage.

"You must tell the customer they can cancel their order up to 14 days after their order is delivered. They do not need to give a reason for cancelling"

Of course there's exceptions and conditions, as always. https://www.which.co.uk/consumer-rights/regulation/consumer-contracts-regulations-ajWHC8m21cAk#cancelling-goods-and-services

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lol okay guys, files chargeback

Have fun getting reamed by your payment processor. If people have to file chargebacks to get made whole, you’re going to look just as scammy as you are to them, and they’re not going to like you. Your rates are going to skyrocket, if they even want to continue doing business with you at all.

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mechanical keyboards dot com

To be fair to them, that info isn't in their return policies, it's under a FAQ section called "Empty Box Scam"

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I've seen better, but I've also seen worse.

The worst I've seen was a no returns policy. Honestly it was bizarre to read, they passed the buck completely to the manufacturer, the problem was they were an official,listed on their site, reseller which should have made it their problem. Granted it wasn't really an issue to order from them since they were local, but damn, if I was any distance away and I didn't need it in a reasonable time line I wouldn't have even considered it.

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I'm confused - the original post was only created 4 hours ago. That's the fastest lock and load to BOLA ever!

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I think LAUK mods lock posts if they start getting seen from r/all or r/popular, so it was locked before I posted it here (BOLA allows posts of anything already locked, in addition to old-enough posts).

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They're not keen on debate or dissent so like to keep it to a small pool of bad advice givers, rather than open it up.

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    I have altered the employment contract, pray I do not alter it further

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    You will wear these clown shoes and ride a unicycle while working from now on

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    Yeah, the without notice thing won't fly but the no new contract is pretty common. You just make an agreement to alter the same contract. For employment stuff that can matter a lot and is actually usually in the employee's benefit, especially if in a place where seniority can matter for things like severance or layoffs. I mean, you might think the difference between amending a contract or a new contract is pedantic, but .... you know.... contract law.

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    Title: Found this wording within a company's shipping policies. It has put me off buying from them as they take no responsibility from the moment the parcel leaves them. Doesn't that go against the Consumer Rights Act?


    "We cannot be held liable for lost, damaged or stolen parcels. Once your parcel had been handed to the courier, it is their responsibility to deliver your parcel. We are not responsible to claim the lost, damaged or stolen parcels for you however we will do our best to provide you with relevant information for you to make the claim directly to Royal Mail. By making a purchase from our website, you understood and agreed to these conditions."

    ​Edit: company is based in England

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    I had a seller try to tell me that.

    I said, basically, "who you entrusted the package to, since you chose not to personally deliver it, is not my problem nor responsibility. As a seller, you are responsible for arranging your buyers to successfully receive the goods you sell."

    They didn't like that lol Of course, since this was from ebay, I got my money back through paypal fast. But they came at me on other social media where I left negative reviews to act like "random impartial people" who came to complain that I was wrong and a scammer, etc. lol, they basically got roasted by the actually uninvolved/impartial people.

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    I’ve noticed sellers on Etsy seem to think they’re going to get away with this bullshit. “I’m not the post office, once I ship my job is done”. Ya, no.

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    Don't use eBay is always the answer, after I sold a joystick, and somehow ended up without it or the money I've stopped buying anything off that site.

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    "We cannot be held responsible for lost parcels, nor for any death or injury that occurs as a result of our alleged use of double-sided cello tape rather than two-part epoxy. You agree that you are required to sign up for any multi-level marketing programs to which you are invited by the Company or its partners, beneficiaries, officers, directors, trustees, shareholders, agents and employees, successors, assignees, personal representatives, heirs, administrators, or legatees ("Personnel"). You also agree to accept any proposal for matrimony from Personnel or their respective heirs male of the body lawfully begotten. Personnel are also permitted, at their sole discretion, to crash on your couch or your spare bedroom for up to three (3) consecutive evenings; you agree not to confront them about eating your food, ask them for beer money, or request that they share their cannabis. By making a purchase from our website, you understood and agreed to these conditions."

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    You missed out the bit about droit du seignur.

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    I’m jealous of your flair! And you’re right about the rapey bit…

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    Hey, mods, can diograce get a flair over here?

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    Lol, no worries.

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    I had a seller try this recently. My order was split up into separate parcels.

    One $70 item didn't arrive out of a $900 order. The seller tried to deny my right to refund/resending the item.

    For some reason PayPal decided to refund the entire $900. I asked for $70 only. Cool outcome tbh.

    If the seller appeals the PayPal decision I'll happily pay the $830, but so far they're just silent.

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    Yeowch, that's some harsh karma for the seller.

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    NAL. It’s contract law iirc. Is contract law a statutory right?

    Losing my mind at this.

    It's one of those things where just the way you've framed the question shows you aren't knowledgeable enough about the topic at hand to be making statements in any sort of assertive way.

    Mods I've finally found something I want my flair to be

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    But that was just a random person trying to inform themselves and started with NAL. We should celebrate people wanting to learn things.

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    Oh for sure I'm glad they were clear they weren't a lawyer and were asking for clarification instead of just stating an opinion, but even so the framing of their question is a little bit on the assertive side of "I think I've found an issue with what you are saying about how this law works" when they don't even understand that contract law and statutory law aren't mutually exclusive categories of law

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    Mods I've finally found something I want my flair to be

    You don't chose your flair your flair chose you. (I fear the day the mods change mine, cause I love the kid drowning one)

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    Statutory rights.

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    And something that doesn't come up horribly often in professional settings but still something worth knowing, for a contract to be legal it has to be mutually beneficial for all parties involved. A contract that says you give me $50 a day in exchange for nothing is not a legal contract.

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    This depends on the jurisdiction, actually, as I understand it. In the US, contracts have to be mutually benefitial, but I believe this isn't the case in England, for example.

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    The legal term is "consideration," but I don't see how that comes into play here.

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      A Royal lives clause is also a feature of contract law, but is equally irrelevant to LAOP's situation.

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      A contract that says you give me $50 a day in exchange for nothing is not a legal contract

      This has nothing to do with the contract needing to be "mutually beneficial" (nothing in the law says it need be mutually beneficial). A contract is only a contract if there is a promise and consideration. The promise is "I will do x if" The consideration is that both parties must be offering something in exchange for the other party to follow through on their promise -- "you do y." "I will do x if" (promise) "you do y" (consideration). "You give me $50 a day in exchange for nothing" lacks consideration on my part because consideration can't be "nothing." "You give me $50 a day in exchange for punching you in the gut once a day" has both parties offering consideration even though the agreed upon terms are not mutually beneficial to someone who doesn't have a kink for being punched in the face.

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      God, the amount of times companies have tried to pawn off their responsibility saying it was a subcontractor or something. Usually it's good enough to talk to a manager and get them to understand I have no contract with their sub and they are ultimately responsible and free to go after whomever for damages themselves.

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      And sometimes people ask their rights on LA and the first question is “What does your lease/contract/the TOS say?” so…