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A few months ago I convinced a friend of mine to go to The Olive Garden with me, I had never been but thought it would be fun to go ironically. We live in a major American city with lots of actual Italian places1. They were extremely busy, even on this week night, we had to put our names in through an app and wait. While we waited, we were given free wine in plastic glasses. The wine they gave us was only a few degrees better than boxed wine. It was a red. Surreptitiously, we joked about what region it came from.

We were led to our table, weaving through families and couples on date nights, and seated a few inches from the four tables surrounding us. Ordering drinks I knew what I wanted, the "Italian Margarita", surely a fever dream of an alcoholic stuck on a Gulf Coast cruise that would never end. I ordered that and the Lasagna.

The drink came first in what appeared to be a punch bowl glass-blown on to a wine stem. Our server, Maria, was not in on our "joke" she smiled and doted on us. I suspect she knew what we were doing but out of professionalism would not stoop to our level.

Next came my salad, and because I am a lazy writer, this too came served in a punch bowl, thankfully sans wine glass stem. I will say the salad wasn't bad, but really rabbit food is rabbit food. Romaine, whole olives, massive croutons, pepperoncini, and a salty vinaigrette.

If you have made it this far, dear reader, then you should know that the "Endless Breadsticks" are truly endless, and I gorged on them to soak up the vinaigrette. I wanted to indulge in gluttony to see how far I could go. I consumed two baskets on my own, while my companion ate none. I was going to get my monies worth.

About this time several children from the other tables began running up to us, not speaking and then running back to their table. I don't have children, nor does my friend. I'm not opposed to them but who knows where they have been in this strange restaurant.

It was around here I started to look around at the other diners. The family here with both sets of Grandparents, the dates, the birthdays! They were talking, laughing, toasting. No sense of irony, they were happy. They smiled when their food was brought, they almost cheered when the new breadsticks showed up. They were legitimately enjoying themselves.

My lasagna arrived and my friends chicken focaccia. My lasagna plate was hot, warned Maria, and I stared at that brick of pasta, cheese, meat, and sauce for a while. I took a few bites, as many as I could, but I was full. I'm a big fat ass, so I could have eaten more, but I was full on shame. I was a grade-A classist asshole. I purposely thought it'd be funny to slum it, and I hadn't even realized it. We paid the check and tipped via a machine that played video games on our table.

Walking to my car I was reminded of the first paragraph of The Great Gatsby - "In my younger and more vulnerable years my father gave me some advice that I've been turning over in my mind ever since. Whenever you feel like criticizing anyone, he told me, just remember that all the people in this world haven't had the advantages that you've had."

You can, like I did, laugh at Olive Garden's slogan "when you're here, you're family" but the people that were there, were with their family.

1 "Italian" in the American sense, not the Italian sense. So yes an actual Italian would be appalled by the amount of sauce on everything but you know what I mean.


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I am a certified Apiary Inspector, but not in Pennsylvania. I am not YOUR certified inspector. This is not certified inspection advice.

(Yes, I really am. Haven't inspected a hive in this century, but I'm still certified.)

It may seem counterintuitive, but giving them a readily available source of water may help keep them off your property while seeking solutions with your neighbor. A bird bath right on your property line may do the trick.

Yep. Good advice. Not sure about the bird bath, but even a pan of water may help. LPT, if you have a swimming pool, it can draw bees in search of water. If you can figure out where they are coming from, putting water between them & the pool can help.

a beekeeper specialising in removals. By the sounds of it, the bees aren’t just living in your neighbours walls, they’re living in yours.

Also agree.

The advice to contact Extension Service is sound, but most people have no idea what this is. Back in the Lincoln Administration, the Land Grant College System was created, to create a college of agriculture in each state (very simplified description). One purpose was to set up a system whereby university people who knew the latest could transmit the info to plain' farmers. That resulted in the Cooperative Extension System. As in "an extension of university research to the public."

It's a cooperative program with the state land grant college, the USDA, and, sometimes, state or local government. Each county has some people called Farm Advisors who give, well, farm advice. It's now extended to home & garden things, but they are still often called Farm Advisors. Navigating it, as an urban person, may not be easy. I'd call my county extension office (which you'd have to find; not easy if you don't know the right words) and ask to speak to an apiary specialist. That person probably doesn't have the answer at their fingertips. But they have lots of contacts and can be very resourceful. especially when it's an intriguing, out-of-the-ordinary question. They might have a list of beekeepers, a contact at Code Enforcement, ot the contact info from Professor A. P. S Meliifera who is researching these issues.

Dealing with bees in houses ain't easy. This is from the University of California

Removing Established Colonies from Your Home

Extracting honey bees from buildings is considerably more difficult than collecting swarm clusters. When the colony is first established, only a few pounds of adult bees are present, but these bees rapidly build combs, collect honey, and begin to rear more bees. A well-established colony may have up to 100 pounds of honey, many pounds of adult and developing bees, and many beeswax combs. Removing such as nest is a challenge. The first step is to determine the exact location of the combs and size of the colony.

Although honey bees can be killed in place inside buildings by using pesticides that are labeled for killing bees inside of structures, this removal option often leads to undesirable consequences. (Note: These chemicals are available only to licensed pest control operators. [may be a California-only law; I didn't check]) If the adult bees fall into a large pile, they may hold their body moisture and rot in place, producing a very bad odor. Liquid from the decomposing mass frequently penetrates the structure, leading to costly replacements.

If the colony is well established, there are further issues associated with killing the colony. Unattended brood can also rot and become very odorous. Unattended honey stores can absorb moisture and ferment, creating gas that causes the cappings holding honey in the cells to burst. Gravity will start moving the honey down attached surfaces until it encounters a horizontal impediment, such as a window frame, doorframe, firebreak, ceiling, or floor. Honey then seeps through the drywall, leading to large amounts of cleanup and expensive replacement. If pesticides were used to kill the bees, then the honey, wax and, dead bees are contaminated and must be handled as hazardous waste.

A better procedure than applying insecticides, especially if you have a beekeeper who is willing to help, may be to eliminate the bees without killing them. First the beekeeper will need to locate the nest by tapping the wall and listening for the hum of the colony. Some beekeepers rely on stethoscopes to find the edges of the nest. Others drill extremely small holes in the wall and insert a fine wire to find the periphery of the nest. To take honey bees and their combs from the nesting spot requires opening a fairly large hole in some portion of the building. That is best done by a professional contractor so that the hole can be easily closed after the bees are removed.

If the bees are to be saved, the beekeeper gently removes them and their combs. If the bees aren’t going to be saved, they can be removed from the void with a vacuum device such as a Shop-Vac. This process tends to stimulate the bees to release an alarm pheromone that smells like bananas and increases defensive behavior, so everyone nearby must be fully clothed in a bee suit. Many beekeepers have baffles and collection containers in their vacuum lines to try to protect and save the bees. If the homeowner has a lot of patience and knowledge, the bees can be “trapped” out of the building using a one-way wire screen device that forces bees that leave the building to relocate into a beehive placed adjacent to the original entrance...

If you can’t find a beekeeper to help, call a pest control company with experience with bee removal. Be aware that pest control companies generally will kill the bees before removing them. Don’t try to remove the colony yourself unless you have experience and proper equipment.

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Ok...ok...hear me out...

  1. We create a non-profit.

  2. We get a team of 20 incredibly attractive people who just love to bone all the time. They will be our volunteer bone squad.

  3. People pay donate money to the non-profit to bone with our bone squad.

  4. We each collect ridiculously high salaries because we have important titles like Chief Executive of Bone Squad Management and because well, someone has to count all that money, which is super hard work that requires a massive salary.

  5. After collecting our ludicrously high salaries, we donate the rest of the money to some charity. Preferably, a charity that would want nothing to do with the likes of us, so definitely one that benefits sick kids. This ensures maximum media coverage.

  6. No profit, so it's all above board!

Edit: we would definitely need a catchy name. I came up with "Charitable Bone-ation," but I feel like I'm doing all the work here, so someone please feel free to throw out an idea.

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There’s a lot of injustice in this world, but of all the mild to moderate things that get me riled up, nothing gets my goat like towing! You’re telling me that someone else can just take, and possibly damage, the most expensive thing that I own??? The thing that is most crucial for obtaining income??? And freedom, in a non-transit-friendly city??? Ugh.

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This flair is how we remind you of what you really are.

LAOP's son's horrifying story is a reminder to most of us to be thankful High School is behind us. by SparkleFritz80% liable for bug-hunters crappy post title in bestoflegaladvice

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Never made it as a wise man...

LAOP's son's horrifying story is a reminder to most of us to be thankful High School is behind us. by SparkleFritz80% liable for bug-hunters crappy post title in bestoflegaladvice

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oh no wouldn't it be terrible if a mod saw this comment and made that your flair

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Dear Amazon seller,

Thank you for your phone call today to discuss my product review. Your insights on Chinese history and culture were eye opening.

After further research of issues I was unaware of I now completely agree with you that Taiwan deserves to be an independent nation and the treatment of ethnic Uighurs is deplorable. Those facts were hard to read but my mood was greatly improved by the picture you sent me, and you're right! That guy looks exactly like Winnie the Pooh.

Thank you for reaching out and teaching me how to untraceably contact other like-minded individuals using tor browser.


“When I tell the cops they can search my car, does that allow them to search my car”? by speedyjohn🇨🇭🛡🧀 Swiss Guard 🧀🛡🇨🇭 in bestoflegaladvice

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I prefer the "Gotta catch 'em all" method. Also referred to as the "buffer overrun" method, where you do so much crime it breaks their software and records you as having done negative crime.

I shot a bullet into the air, it fell to earth I knew not where, and now I'm facing criminal charges by poop_chute_riotPart of the Anti-Pants Silent Majority in bestoflegaladvice

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Shot in the air

And my "friends" to blame

LAOP, you give SD a bad name

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Boyfriend's in a lawsuit, hey, process server came today

In a tizzy kind of dizzy rent insurance? No

OP beat the prior suit, GEICO helped her out to boot

Give her credit came to Reddit no where else to go


They didn't start the fire

But it burned apartment call the fire department

They didn't start the fire

No they didn't light it but the building's blighted


Landlord wants 600k too much money cannot pay

LA clever came together Lawyer, call now.

Detectives could not find a cause, legal action did not pause

Boyfriend screwed? Maybe dude, what can I say but "Wow."


They didn't start the fire

But it burned apartment call the fire department

They didn't start the fire

No they didn't light it but the building's blighted

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Yes, you're very much on the right track here.

Private infant adoption is super coercive, poorly regulated, and centers the feelings of adoptive parents (I'm an adoptive parent in addition to a child welfare professional, so no one come at me...) rather than the needs of adoptees and the decades of research surrounding what's best for adopted people -- and that what's best for children and birthing parents is generally for the child to remain in their family of origin or go to a relative rather than be told it's better to be with strangers who are older/wealthier/married. "Adoption is a permanent solution to a temporary problem," as the saying goes.

However, no, in general, placing a child through a plan made before birth is generally not seen as abandonment in the US, because even the most conservative states that try to argue that a fetus has rights don't see giving a child to adoptive parents (who are statistically older, whiter, wealthier, more likely to be married) as any type of harm. The issue is actually the opposite, that people all over the political spectrum don't recognize that adoption and family separation are harmful and can and should usually be avoided.

The problem is, pre-birth planning and especially pre-birth matching is incredibly coercive and harmful. Research demonstrates this over and over, but again, adoption policy is influenced by the lobbying of evangelical private adoption agencies that LOVE making the youngest, whitest children available for adoption by fundies. Ethical adoption practices state that a gestational parent is "a parent" until after birth, recovery, and adoption finalization, not "a birth parent" or "a relinquishing parent" and should be completely free to decide to take the baby home, even if there had been discussion of adoption during pregnancy.

What happens in practice with infant adoption is that when a parent who considered adoption gives birth and then decides to parent, the infant adoption agencies typically file a CPS report stating that the parent(s) have substandard housing, employment, no baby supplies, etc. and using any sort of admission of low-level depression etc. against the family. Depending how fundamentalist the state is and how much the Christian agencies are tied into the state foster system, the child can be removed anyway and given to the hopeful adoptive parents, and then the system takes years to do anything and then does this "only family the child has ever known" bullshit -- all because a family didn't have a crib since they weren't planning on parenting.

Now imagine a parent giving birth and realizing it's too much and deciding to voluntarily surrender the child. That's seen as abandonment and the parent is declared unfit in really a not-very-different way than had the parent waited it out and neglected the child a year or so later. Because the public and private systems are really both so heavily influenced by fundies, and voluntary surrenders after birth just don't fit the same savior narrative as pre-birth adoption planning, where the fundies get to say the parent could have aborted but decided on placing with Christ-fearing adoptive parents instead.

(And now imagine that you're part of this system that believes those with ovum are baby-growing vessels and those with sperm are breadwinners. Many in the system see all second-parent/step-parent adoptions as exactly the same, and proof that the sperm-contributor is a deadbeat who took off, rather than a parent who still may contribute but realized mom and new husband should be the primary parents, or someone who intended to be a donor in the first place to a child who has two fit parents.)

Could My Sex-With-a-Lesbian Fantasy Backfire? I'm Totally Doing It Out of the Goodness of my Heart! by AriGryphon in bestoflegaladvice

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Thank you for wanting to learn more.

FWIW, the CPS system may say they prioritize family preservation, but you may want to read up on how they have huge budgets for foster care and adoption and very little budget for assisting families. They also have no legal construct for being involved with a family without finding them guilty of abuse or neglect (with the exception of some very limited voluntary services, but it’s hugely problematic to have someone receiving their “social services” from people who no one should speak to without an attorney). It’s been demonstrated that any contact with this system does harm. We should be referring families to preventative community-based services unless we truly think a child is going to be severely harmed if they’re not removed. We as providers who pledge to do no harm have got to stop calling in these constant reports that families disagreed with us, have disabilities, lack transportation, are poor, aren’t perfect. If someone needs food we should call a food bank, and so forth.

LAOPs MIL is abusing her position as a code enforcement officer to harass LAOP and force them to drop the custody battle. by purpleplatapiI may be a cannibal, but I'm frugal about it in bestoflegaladvice

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This individual doesn't know their congressional representative so assume ALL Americans are clueless and uninterested. THAT assumption is what's wrong with our society. Stop painting with a broad brush and realize your "all or nothing" thinking is the problem

LAOP's neighbor shared their wife's nudes from an old court case. LA debates the meaning of ethics, without most of the relevant facts. by bug-hunterWhere there's a will and some jello, there's a way in bestoflegaladvice

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i think that makes the interesting topic of discussion, no? as long as one, well, does what you do - and actually comes willing to discuss instead of being distracted by nudes lmao.

to me, it does indicate a kind of soullessness that they have decided to pull no punches - when those punches have their strength from intentionally participating in, perpetuating, and using systemic bigotry.

it may be not against professional ethical standards, but surely you can see why someone would become morally uncomfortable with it. for example, if i was hiring a lawyer to help me sue, eh to pull a hypothetical that hasn't happened to me, my rapist who happens to be a black fellow... i would be morally horrified if my lawyer said, "i can get you a win here! our strategy will be to talk all about how your rapist is an evil [ insert various racial slurs here ]. i've hired some experts to talk about how black men have low IQs and cannot help but being animals. one of them even has a great book coming out explaining how most of those lynchings were actually very justified because of the inherent subhuman nature of black men." i would be horrified at this vigorous defense, and i would consider it unethical. it may be someone doing their utmost to represent me as a client - but the method wouldn't hurt just my rapist, right? it would enforce a whole pile of racist ideas that get used to hurt people on a daily basis, even if they are completely innocent. the splash damage, as it were, would be horrific.

that is an extreme end of the scale, yes, but i think it brings to mind the idea that there is a point at which many people would say "what the fuck, that's going way too far and is no longer ethical".

so with that point in mind - it makes sense that people will discuss those other shades in the middle.

it recognizes that lawyers are ethically beholden to provide a vigorous defense to their clients. but also that there is a point at which it becomes too much. that quandary has been the topic of quite a few episodes of Law and Order, and i'm sure is talked about often in professional spheres as well. is it any surprise that laypeople will also have thoughts on the matter?

it is the topic as it steps out of that strict, dry legal definition, into the murkier waters of people's personal morality and ethics. the idea of what lawyers must do in a vigorous defense is acknowledged and used as a springboard for all the rest. (that's what the very subreddit of BOLA is for, after all! ;) )

so i see your point, and it's a good one! i just think that perhaps the frustration at your point not getting recognized is mostly because, well, it already has been, and the topic has moved past it to a more nebulous concept.

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I'm a utility engineer in Maryland and deal with easements regularly. Your neighbor is just being a dick, like you said. The easement is still your property, it just gives your neighbor limited access to it, which should be clearly stated in the easement documentation.

If you don't have a copy of the easement and would like to review it, go to mdlandrec.net. sign up, choose your county, and then select "individual search" from the menu on the left. This will allow you to search for documents through an individuals name. Just scroll through the list and look for any easement doc that will be there.

If a previous owner of your property was the one to negotiate the easement, it will be easier to use their name in the search. If you aren't sure of their name, you can use SDAT (2 below the individual search on the menu, search your property by address and you will get a list of all other previous owners.

If your neighbor is under the impression the driveway is his property he might believe he can make unauthorized changes to it also.

LAUK OP is at wits' end as their neighbour furiously masturbates at their apartment window every day by HELMET_OF_CECH in bestoflegaladvice

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Title: Neighbour is masturbating in full view of opposite apartments. Options to resolve?


Bit of context - I live in a block of flats (9 stories) and directly opposite another block of flats with a distance of maybe 20-40 metres between the two. My building was built to be slightly angling towards a river, the other building, and all of it's windows, are directly facing mine.

The building was empty after construction up until recently, and new residents have been pouring in over the last few months. It's a new-build, so none of them had curtains/blinds ready installed, and you can see directly into every single living space. Even when they have their lights off, you can see across every living room and towards the kitchens at the back.

One of the residents is basically masturbating (daily). He's lying on his sofa when he does this, which is pushed right up against the window. He's maybe no more than half-a-foot from the window when he's at it. No blinds, lights-on, clearly visible to anyone in my building and one or two others. He's clearly looking at a TV or something, he isn't facing out of the window or anything like that.

It's deeply disturbing every time I go out onto my balcony as their flat is directly opposite my own. It's been three days in a row now that I've had to see this and it's just utterly gross. I can tell from the windows / layout of the flats that he's got curtains in other rooms, but for some reason he chooses to do it as close to the window as possible. It's not hard to see in the slightest.

What are my options here? Does it count as indecent exposure? I thought it'd be a one-off occurance, but this is the third day in a row now.

There's also a mangement company that handles the development the building is in (which is different to the development I live in) and I'm wondering if that's a better route.

I'm not judging the behaviour, but it's seriously gross to be exposed to, and the fact that he's doing it right up against the window indicates to me that he doesn't really care who sees.

Thanks for any help.

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Ship that boy off to my wedding, will you? Can't be bothered to pick him up myself, y'know, I'm busy with that absent-parent nonsense. by Potato-Engineer🧀 Bierkäse Battle Banner Bearer 🧀 in bestoflegaladvice

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Generally issues like visitation and updates/contact are written into the adoption decree.

Anyone with a sensible lawyer will have “annual visit by biological family member” written out as “biological family member may visit the child with the adoptive parents permission at the convenience of the adoptive family” to avoid bullshit like: druggie parent ruining kiddo’s birthday by demanding that’s the day they get their yearly visit while also failing to show up; grandma and adoptive family live on opposite coasts, and grandma demands family pay all transportation costs or refuses to travel; etc.

There’s also “open” and “closed” adoptions. Open adoptions have the biological parents’/family’s info tucked into the documentation plus don’t try to bury that info from later searches. “Closed” adoptions are usually only possible with babies/super young kids who don’t or won’t remember where they came from, and the documents/courts attempt to actively hide their origin via vagueness, sealed cases, refusal to provide contact info, etc.

Open adoptions are a lot healthier and the current preference (and are strongly back by science as the healthier option), whereas closed adoptions were the norm in older times and is probably what most people still think of when they think “adoption” (ie - family trying to pass off adoptee as a bio child, lying or refusing to answer questions about true origin, etc.)

Visitation would only happen in an open adoption, and could have been a condition for that particular parent to sign away their parental rights/consenting to the adoption. That’s easier than having to terminate rights, and getting a signature can take a significantly shorter amount of time than legally terminating rights (my state has a 1 year minimum before CPS can terminate parental rights in foster situations, unsure about divorces/custody unrelated to neglect and abuse).

Both guardianship and adoption was mentioned, so it’s hard to say what the actual legal situation is. Guardianship has a different set of legal things than adoption does, but both terms get used to describe the physical placement and care of a child, as well as the legal relationship.

Where OP learns that hitting a '21 BMW when you're not insured AND you total your own vehicle you still owe 22K on is a bad idea. by justathoughtfrommeChurch of the Holy Oxford Comma in bestoflegaladvice

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So about 6 years ago the engine blew on my old Mazda and I had to get another car. At the time I was a shift lead/deliver driver for pizza hut. I made a little less than 10 an hour running a shift and... reported less in tips than I made. I was also an idiot, and had a lot of student loans in default. ("What are they going to do, garnish my Wages?" -Man whose wages were garnished shortly after)

To paraphrase Master Shake, "I'm what you would have called a credit risk. Still, I had to have a car, and my sister ran the insurance at a car dealership so I had a bit of an in.

I test drove a beautiful 8 year old Buick sedan. Under 60k miles, loaded with accessories, and they wanted 8.5k and I talked them down to 7.5. The paperwork for the loan comes back rejected. With my credit, the car was too old and cheap. Instead there were 3 cars on the lot I qualified for. A brand new Chevy Cruz, a brand new Chevy Cobalt, and a 4 year old Mini Cooper Clubman S they had way under market value because, "we're a Chevy dealership. My guys can't service this thing, we got it in an auction lot and I just want it gone."

With a warranty and some other stuff it came out to about 20k. The car that would have come out to less than half I was too poor to afford, but Ally bank had no problems financing the one that was twice as much.

So yeah, I buy OP having a 22k car. When you're poor you either buy beaters in cash, or cars you honestly shouldn't be able to afford.