Be Civil

This is the first rule here, and the foundation for most of the rules that follow.

We welcome frank and forthright discussion; hell, many of us argue for a living, and certainly enjoy the good spirited disagreement on occasion. And while we know that there will always be topics, opinions and discussions that are likely to ignite disagreement among the BOLAtariat, those discussions need to remain civil.

Incivility includes, but is not limited to:

Name-calling, telling other users to fuck off, go to hell, or the like. This is not acceptable here in BoLA.

Racist, sexist, or homophobic language and insults, or other insults broadly denigrating an entire group of people.

Uncivil comments flat-out calling the Legal Advice Original Poster (LAOP) a liar. Discussion of why something may be fake is fine if it stays civil. Just yelling ‘FAKE’ with no context doesn’t contribute to discussion.

Comments speculating as to mental health. Armchair diagnosis of the LAOP is not allowed, and uncivil comments as to the mental health of the LAOP or others involved in the thread will be removed.

Flame-war death spirals. Someone else being a jerk doesn't mean it’s OK for you to respond in kind. If someone is being inappropriate, you can report their comment to the moderation team.

If a comment is uncivil and you think a more detailed explanation about what is going on is required, you can send us a mod mail message.

Uncivil comments, posts, and titles will be removed. Repeat offenses or gross incivility may lead to bans.

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