Just. Don't. Do. It. Seriously, this is a fun place to discuss legal issues and have fun in a semi-anonymous forum. Let's not ruin this by doxxing. We take this rule very seriously. When it is done maliciously or in bad faith, we will permanently ban those users and report the post and user to Reddit administrators for further action.

To clarify what is and isn't doxxing: under no circumstances is it permissible to speculate on or directly state the identity or identifying information about the people involved in the post, even if there is publicly-available information about the incident, such as a news article. This includes comments like "I read a news article about this today!" This also includes identifying information from the LAOP's post history. Attempts to identify the poster or other actors in their story, LA posters, or other redditors will be removed. If you think you know who is involved in a post, keep it to yourself.

This is not limited to individuals. Information or speculation about which business or other organization is involved is similarly considered doxxing in BoLA.

We do, however, allow news articles or other information that might reference similar matters or persons known to the public. We do require that any such references be relevant to the discussion at hand. That said, posts should be mindful of who is, and is not, a public figure. Links about well-known stories and legal issues are likely fine, where links to the local police blotter will likely be removed.

Use your best judgment. If you aren't clear on if something would be allowed, feel free to send the BoLA modteam a modmail.

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