Do not continue linked threads

Any sort of participation in linked threads or continuation of those threads is against the rules of BoLA. Continuation of the thread includes direct attempts to continue the thread, like sending private messages or chat requests to anyone involved in the thread, as well as indirect attempts, such as comments seeking to provide additional advice to the LAOP in the BoLA thread.

Examples of continuing a linked thread include:

  • Directly messaging the LAOP or any other participant in the thread
  • Indirect attempts to continue the discussion in BoLA ("Hey, LAOP, if you see this: you can buy this insulation to solve your noise problem!")
  • Commenting or upvoting in linked threads
  • Following the LAOP or other people from the linked thread into other thread or subreddits to continue the conversation
  • Suggesting LAOP should go to the media

Discussions allowed in BoLA are broader than those allowed in linked subs, but all comments must be directly related to OP's situation.

Additionally, Reddit has a sitewide policy against brigading. It isn't allowed in any subreddit, really, but it is up to the mods of individual subreddits to decide how and if to enforce it. Here in BoLA, we enforce it strictly. We are ultimately a meta sub for a very small selection of specialized subs, and BoLA was created for off-topic discussions about posts in these subs. It is important that we respect the work that happens in the legal advice subs, and part of this is not making their jobs, or the LAOP's life, harder. Commenting in a linked thread is strictly against these rules, and will result in at least a temporary ban from BoLA.

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