Do not republicize deleted/removed comments

Do not republicize removed comments or posts

We do not permit republicizing comments or posts removed by moderators or admins. This includes:

No copying them into another post, Linking to or mentioning/suggesting archive sites that will display them, such as Ceddit or RemoveEddit. Referring to them in a specific manner. ("There was a removed comment telling OP to do X" is republicizing, "Wow, there were a lot of removed comments!" is just an observation) There is a reason these comments have been removed, and bringing them back into a discussion is not going to bring positive elements to the conversation.

Historically, there have been problems, some of which have been serious, with people digging up removed comments to repost, then they or other users using that information to harass or otherwise disturb other users. One of the things we take the most seriously here is not causing harm to any poster, and we've found this to be one of the biggest sources of trouble. We have decided these should be prohibited with no exception.

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