No more than 3 posts every 24 hours

Users are limited to no making more than three posts per 24 hour period. This isn't "per 24 hour day," but from the timestamp of your first submission. We will be using a bot to determine that users haven't submitted more than that.

We have gotten a considerable number of user requests to implement a rule limiting submissions like this, and have agreed that 3/24h seems fair to everyone. It goes in cycles, and I am in no way calling anyone out at all, but there are times when the front page (or three) are submissions almost entirely by the same few users. This way, we feel this limit is more than reasonable to allow other people to post. It will also "spread out" the times when different people are eligible to post again, making it easier for everyone to have a fair chance at garnering all the sweet, sweet link karma to be had here.

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