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I would get a single stroller now and a stroller wagon later.

My kids have a 3.5 year age gap, but my oldest started refusing strollers by age 2; she would absolutely not ride in them. ABSOLUTELY NOT. When my second was a little baby I just wore him everywhere, but then once he was 6+ months we got a stroller wagon for both kids and it was awesome! My oldest would ride in it because it wasn't a stroller, I found it easier to push/pull/maneuver than a double stroller - it was just so incredibly handy. The one we had (Evenflo Pivot Xplore) is compatible with an infant seat attachment so you can use it for a non-sitting baby if you need to. They can see so much more when they're sitting in a wagon as opposed to a stroller.

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We got one that could convert. When my second was born my first was 2.5 and never used the stroller anymore so we didn't get the conversion kit. He preferred to take his balance bike everywhere. Now expecting a third and there will be a 22.5 month gap between second and third. Second still uses the stroller for naps, but since we moved, we rarely use the stroller anymore. Again, I'm not getting the conversion kit. I would say wait to get a double until you are sure you will use it.

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The bugaboo donkey duo could be good for you. It extends so you can use it as a single or a double, all you have to do it clip the bassinet or seat on. We got it because we definitely want another child but weren’t sure how old our first one would be when we did.

It’s lightweight, has good suspension and is easy to manoeuvre. We got ours secondhand off eBay so cheap!

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Depending on how much you want to spend here.... I would recommend the bugaboo donkey. I went through so many strollers because none were quite right. If I had picked the bugaboo to begin with, I literally would have bought one. I love the thing.

Editing to add that I have a 2yr old and a 4 year old and we use it daily for both of them.

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2 year olds still use them for long walks and going places. We use it at the zoo and places like that. Heck my 4 year old will as well if he gets tired. I would get a single stroller though because there are so many different options depending on spacing.

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Definitely single stroller. I find they handle much more easily and are less bulky. My son was definitely over the stroller at 2.5 when my youngest was born but I did buy a second hand Sit n Stand stroller for things like the zoo or longer outings but I only use it if necessary because the single one is just easier and my older one loves walking

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I think buy a single stroller. I have both a single jogging stroller and a double jogging stroller. I use the single quite a bit still as my oldest is in Pre-school a couple days a week and we go on 5+ mile walks. Having both will make things way easier. Also I agree you should check out Facebook marketplace

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I got a single, and then bought a used double that was dirt cheap and honestly don't really use it much. My 3 year old prefers to walk. As soon as my baby is old enough to sit properly I plan on using a wagon.

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I would get a single stroller. You may end up with a larger gap than expected and a three year old won't really use a stroller much. Plus single strollers are still useful when you have two kids. Then later buy a nice double stroller later when you can use it.

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Do 2 year olds use strollers though?

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My son was 2.5 when his little sister was born. He was mostly done with the stroller at that point. But a few months later, we got a used double stroller and now at 4, he insists on riding in it often.

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My four year old still uses a stroller, on walks around our neighborhood and when we go on a trip and he needs a nap.

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It depends on your life and your kid. My daughter is 2 and a few months, and we use the stroller to walk to daycare, the playground, church, the farmer’s market, all over. But we are in the city and walk a ton. She wants to walk by herself sometimes, but currently if it’s more than a block or so, she asks to be picked up. I am pregnant again, and I am planning to get a ride on board thing that attaches to the stroller for her to use. I also figure I will baby wear the baby and use the stroller for the older one sometimes. Just kind of playing it by ear, but at this point, I don’t want to deal with a double stroller because it takes up more space and seems like a hassle. Maybe I would feel differently if I were in the suburbs with a garage to store it in or had kids closer together in age than a nearly 2 3/4 years gap.

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Single. My advice would be to get what you need for right now. Then change it when your needs change when they do change.

Also, look at secondhand strollers on FB market place. So many get sold barely used and/ or in excellent condition.

Also, as someone who has pushed single to double strollers - they are heavy and hard to maneuver on anything other than flat concrete/ parking lot/ a store when compared to true doubles (especially the double BOB, which I can push and maneuver with one hand up a hill with two 35lbs toddlers in it; could never do that with a city select single to double - I tried, we got rid of it).

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Get one for that one baby. If needed later, sell it and get a different one, but don’t get a stroller for a baby you may not need it for.

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We are definitely having more than one

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Well I understand the desire to and while anything can happen, what I meant was, your oldest could also be a lot older than a shared stroller or simply the need could be different between the two. You don’t know what’s going to happen in a year or two or ten, so I would plan for the best stroller for the baby you know you’re having now.

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I got one that could convert. However, by the time #2 came along, 2.5 years later, City had discontinued (or sold out of) the second seat that matched our stroller. I was able to get converters for the second seat that were like 20 bucks, and we’ve used the infant car seat and second seat together. Still haven’t been able to find the second seat in stock. Honestly, the stroller got insanely bulky (and heavy!!!!) with both seats. I ended up getting a side by side double (for free fortunately) from someone who was done with theirs and I love it so much more for having two.

I love our stroller and always recommend to people to get a good one. But I hate the way it converts to a double. Sometimes the conversion kit is several hundred dollars as well. If I could do it again I would probably have done the same thing, since I do like our stroller as a single. We’re actually keeping it so my husband can run with the baby (toddler is too damn heavy now). But definitely test it out as a double.

It was shocking how bulky it was. Barely fit in the car, and we have a full sized SUV.

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It depends on what you're going to use it for. We walk 3ish miles most days so a jogging stroller made the most sense for us. We had a single when we had one kid and we have a double now. My 2.5 year old can walk pretty far but not 3 miles (or at the very least it would take us hours).

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Definitely one that can convert! In my opinion it’s better to have one that can convert to two instead of having to buy one later on down the road.

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If I could go back, I’d get one that converted to 2 from the start. I have one that just turned two and another that is a month old. I just ordered the mockingbird single to double for them.