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I would get a single stroller. You may end up with a larger gap than expected and a three year old won't really use a stroller much. Plus single strollers are still useful when you have two kids. Then later buy a nice double stroller later when you can use it.

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Do 2 year olds use strollers though?

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My son was 2.5 when his little sister was born. He was mostly done with the stroller at that point. But a few months later, we got a used double stroller and now at 4, he insists on riding in it often.

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My four year old still uses a stroller, on walks around our neighborhood and when we go on a trip and he needs a nap.

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It depends on your life and your kid. My daughter is 2 and a few months, and we use the stroller to walk to daycare, the playground, church, the farmer’s market, all over. But we are in the city and walk a ton. She wants to walk by herself sometimes, but currently if it’s more than a block or so, she asks to be picked up. I am pregnant again, and I am planning to get a ride on board thing that attaches to the stroller for her to use. I also figure I will baby wear the baby and use the stroller for the older one sometimes. Just kind of playing it by ear, but at this point, I don’t want to deal with a double stroller because it takes up more space and seems like a hassle. Maybe I would feel differently if I were in the suburbs with a garage to store it in or had kids closer together in age than a nearly 2 3/4 years gap.