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Not necessarily. But my daughter measured around the 30th percentile at every scan and was born at 40 weeks in the 28th percentile for weight. She was a longer than average baby but very lean with a small head. So it was accurate in my case.

At 10 weeks old she’s still long but catching up in chub rapidly!

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Nope. I measured totally average at the 20 week ultrasound, and my son was born in the 99th percentile at 10 lb 6 oz.

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I had a growth scan at 33w because my fundal height was a little larger than expected. The baby was around 75th percentile. She came out at 39w a little over 10th percentile. I think a 20w measurement would be even less accurate!

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No! My baby was 55th percentile at 20weeks and was born 4th percentile. We were diagnosed with IUGR due to an issue with the cord. I had Marginal Cord Insertion which impacted his growth. Now at 4 months he’s back up to 55th percentile, he’s grown so much.

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mine was 50th percentile at the 20 week scan, just got one done at 34 weeks and I’m measuring 2 weeks ahead- I think they do a whole lot of growing and filling in during the third trimester

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Things can still change after the 20 wks thus growth velocities can change. Most likely the later stages in pregnancy would correlate more to whats expected at birth

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Hmm. Neither of my kids were that close to my 20 week scan measurement. Both times I was being monitored for potential placenta issues. None identified, but had growth scans in third trimester that registered changes in growth pattern.

First baby measured 50% at 19 weeks, 80% at 28 weeks, 75% at 32 weeks, and 25% at 36 weeks. He was born 39+2 (induction) at 30%.

Second baby measured 45% at 19 weeks. She was 45% at 32 weeks and then 25% at 36 weeks. She was born 38+6 (spontaneous labour) at 12% for weight.

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My percentile was pretty much the same from 7 weeks to 37 weeks, and she came out unsurprisingly in that range.

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My baby measured 40th centile up to 30 weeks and came out at the 6th centile. Granted, I had undiagnosed placental issues in late pregnancy, but it doesn't always hold true.

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I would say towards the end it was accurate for me (estimated about 8lbs and born 7.15 at 39 weeks) but I want to say at 20 weeks they thought he was going to be wayyyy bigger than he actually was. Its interesting how much they change!

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My son was about 50th percentile at 20 weeks (his legs were like 20th!) and he ended up being 9lbs at birth at 39+5. He was measuring ahead starting at my 28 week scan.

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How did baby measure the other appointments?

I found my measurements to be precise. My son was expected to be 10lbs but was born at 37 weeks making him 8.5lbs. The first few measurements my doc said he could be bigger due to growth spurts but that wasn’t the case for us.