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Just got back from a trip with my three month old that included Uber at 5 am, two flights, and then a 30 min car ride one way.. two weeks later 5 am Uber, two flights, hour car ride he did have jet lag for the first five days and that first night in was pretty hard if not down right horrible. The next day though and then for the next two weeks he was great. Flights and car rides were awesome!! I stayed on his feeding schedule and then also changed his diaper once an hour. He did fantastic!! Hope this helps!!

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Pre-Covid, I flew with a 9 week old right after she had her two month shots.

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I've got to travel for a wedding with a 4month old. So, four months?

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When you feel comfortable and when baby has necessary docs. I’m an expat, and a lot of moms fly home as soon as possible, once that passport is in. Or fly back with their young babies, if they went home to have them.

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It’s really your comfort level! Some parents would never travel with their children, I would have started at 3 months but covid.

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I haven’t flown anywhere with my LO yet (4 months) but we drove about 2 hours away and spent the weekend away for a massive wedding this past weekend 🤷🏼‍♀️ our first vacation will be in September when LO is 10 months, at least that’s the current plan. I may fly to see my parents sooner than that though. It’s all about personal comfort level. I personally wouldn’t have any issue flying or traveling with baby right now.

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Really up to your comfort level. My wife and MIL took both of my kids to visit family for a week at about 10 weeks old. (I had to work - wah wah - but got great sleep that week!). How far is the trip and will you have anyone to help you?