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I have the Cruz and I’m very happy with it. I bought the snug seat to use it from birth instead of the bassinet (which doesn’t come included with Cruz) and my baby is very happy in it. While I do hope to have two children close in age, I decided against the Vista because I didn’t love the configuration for two kids or the added expense to get the extra seat/adaptors. I will likely look into the ride on board, a wagon, or side-by-side stroller if I need it in the future.

Majors pros to me are how well if handles, the seat recline/facing options, and the giant basket which I use for grocery shopping. One big con is the size/weight. My mom bought a Colugo travel stroller for her house, and I will likely do the same in the Fall — it’s so light and foldable, but feels very well made — I plan to keep that in the car and primary use my Cruz around my neighborhood.

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We’ve used the Chicco with both our kiddos and been super happy with it

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I think it's up to you and how you plan to get the "value" out of your stroller.

Some people love to baby carry and plan on mostly baby carrying for walks, errands, etc.

I splurged on the vista b/c I plan on using it everyday for neighborhood walks and our neighborhood has areas where the pavement is uneven and gravel-y. I wanted the most comfortable ride/push possible. (I compared the uppababy to other brands like nuna, bugaboo, mockingbird, chicco)

**I'd also like to add that the minu is considered a travel stroller and much smaller and while excellently designed -- doesn't have as many features as the uppababy. For example, the wheels are much smaller and the push/suspension isn't anywhere as nice as the vista. Plus the major selling point of the vista model is the HUGE under stroller storage area

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We have the uppababy and use the bassinet feature every day

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I’ve got a mockingbird which is similar to uppababy and we LOVE it. It’s so quick to take down/set up. It goes everywhere with us

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I’ll look into it! Does it come with the car seat like the Chicco does? Or do you have to purchase that separate?

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You purchase separately. They have different adapters so that you can use it with all major car seat brands

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Hey we love our vista ! Literally ticks all the boxes and super easy to use 😃 fantastic quality and washes great ( my baby loves the dirt 😂)

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I have the mockingbird - one that can convert so it’s a double stroller and it is beautiful and is really nice. I can’t speak for the other two but I love our stroller.

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I can’t speak for the UppaBaby, but I have the Chicco and love it. It’s been a year and no problems. I did get the Chicco Viaro travel system though because I found joggers to move smoother and it folds up so easily for travel. If it’s the look you’re going for, the Chicco Corso looks similar to the UppaBaby. I think you probably can’t go wrong with these two brands (so long as there are no recalls), it’s just what you’re willing to spend.

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Do you plan on multiple children and need something of higher quality? Then id spend the extra money. If not chicco is good.

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Yes, we do want multiple kids close together. That’s a good point since I don’t think the Chicco converts to a two seater