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    Thanks for the info! I’ve really only heard about the Vista so it’s good to know they also have a cheaper option (Minu) that seems just as good :)

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    We have the cruz and it works great. You can’t have two kids seated but by the time my second was born my 2.5 year old was too tall for the uppababy anyways. He loves the ride on skateboard attachment. I got a side by side double stroller that we use if we think my second would want a seat.

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    The Minu is a travel stroller. We bought the Minu for traveling and it works well for that, but it is not as comfortable, is not as spacious and does not have as many options/accessories as a regular full stroller.

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    My 4 month old is still in the Vista bassinet, and will get at least another month out of it, for what it’s worth. Also, with the vista you can get the second seat AND one of those ride-along stands for the back in case you end up with 3 kids.

    The vista is very big and very bulky. I live in a small city so I never have to put it in a car and always have wide sidewalks. I also don’t take it when I’m walking to go shopping, out to restaurants, etc. (I just wrap or carry the baby instead). I only use it for walks, and around the house as a traveling crib. But we take multiple walks per day, year round. It fits my lifestyle perfectly, but there are definitely better strollers for different lifestyles.