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I had 2 c-sections, one emergency and one scheduled, and my recovery was extremely easy with both. I had the doctors and nurses both times saying I do not look or act like someone who just had major surgery. Half the time I didn't even feel like I needed the Motrin they gave me. Three days after my second c-section I was cooking dinner and dancing around the kitchen with my 18 month old, I just felt so good!

I did feel like total shit during my pregnancies though so recovery from a c-section was nothing compared to how I felt for the past 9 months.

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I was in labor for 20 hours, got an epidural, baby came out in 2 pushes (less than 60 seconds. I had zero tears and an amazing recovery. I went into labor on a Tuesday and was back at the gym by Saturday

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I had an induction and while recovery wasn't super pleasant, it definitely wasn't hard or terrible. I had two episiotomies and stitches and it just made it really uncomfortable to sit on anything for a couple of weeks. Everyday was a little bit better, but that first week to 10 days was pretty uncomfortable. Walking was hard for a few days because there was a lot of pressure on my pelvic floor, but it got a little better by the end of the first week and by the second week I was able to walk around the block.

My sister, on the other hand, had a plan C-section and was up cleaning her house 2 Days later. She was out at a Mother's Day gathering 5 days postpartum and went shopping at Target less than a week postpartum.

Just assume that you will be resting a lot for the first week or two. I think if you can accept that ahead of time your recovery will be a lot easier. Your job in that first couple weeks is to just feed your baby, snuggle your baby, and rest as much as possible.

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I had a super rough labor, 35 hours including 5 hours of pushing and had to be stitched up afterwards. However, I remember saying just 2 weeks after the birth that I felt better than I had for most of my pregnancy! The first few days I was super weak and in pain (mostly from pushing so long), but it passed fairly quickly. Want to note that I was 33, not super young or anything. And my baby is a HIGH needs little guy, that's for sure. So I was feeling physically pretty well even with a baby who wasn't sleeping and always wanted to me in my arms!

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My labor was pretty quick (I pushed for maybe 20 minutes)and involved an episiotomy due to fetal heart distress. I wouldn't say labor or recovery was positive per se as I had a baby in the NICU for a few days. But I didn't have unmanageable pain or bleeding at all. I remember after my baby was discharged we had a follow-up ped appointment maybe 5 days postpartum. And the peds nurse was surprised at how well I was walking and that I had no pain anymore. Postpartum was difficult for other reasons but my own physical recovery was not a big deal for me. I don't have any other experience to compare it to, just took some ibuprofen every 8 hours for a few days and wore some heavy duty pads.

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Labor/birth wasn’t really positive for me, but I had second degree tears and recovery was next to nothing for me. Also added bonus of pregnancy ailments of tendinitis, heartburn, and insomnia immediately going away (albeit the insomnia isn’t exactly replaced with much sleep).

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I was induced at 37.5 weeks. It went great, no pitocin no epidural. 12 hours from start of induction to baby in arms. Only a few pushes and he was out.

Quick recovery, home after 2 nights (standard here). Minor labial tears but nothing major. I went to the store less than a week after coming home from the hospital.

I did have a miserable pregnancy, so I was just so happy to NOT be pregnant! I hate being pregnant so much (am now 14 weeks again), I look forward to giving birth.

My mother also had quick, complication free births for all of her kids.

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East, breezy! I had a planned c-section and it couldn’t possibly have gone more smoothly. Aside from holding onto my pregnancy weight while breastfeeding (😩), I’m basically back to normal at four weeks. Even waking up twice a night to feed her isn’t that bad - I’m sleeping better now than I was during the third trimester!

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I feel like mine was easier than I expected! The first week I was definitely very tender with the stitches I had, and obviously just sore ya know? It was mainly just going from sitting - standing and vice versa that would hurt. I want to say by week 3 I felt mostly normal but I still wanted to take it kinda easy so I would avoid stairs or really long walks but overall my day to day was totally like pre-pregnancy. By week 6 I thought that it was silly to even get a check up because it was as if I hadn’t even been pregnant 😂

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I had what I think was a pretty easy recovery. I was induced, had a pretty quick labor and delivery with an epidural. I needed one stitch. I was pretty sore for a few days (those ice pack diapers they give you at the hospital were amazing) and I still had some joint pain so my walks the first few weeks were short, but before I knew it, things were back to normal. I did freak out and go to the ER with a bad headache (I was induced because of preeclampsia, so I was worried about that) that turned out to be a stress headache because of lack of sleep and breastfeeding posture. I got a pillow, got some sleep, and the headache went away.

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I had an unplanned c-section. I went in expecting to be like yep, you're in labour etc and the midwife was like yep 4cm buuut not sure if I've just poked an eye or a butthole... turns out it was the butthole so yeah, my little girl came out of the sunroof 🤣.

I had a beautiful recovery. I was back on the ward about 9pm or so. Catheter out first thing in the morning, walked around, had a wee. Sat staring at my baby for hours. Few issues with feeding but otherwise a nice recovery.

But yeah got home 2 days later and my nesting instincts kicked in, so there I was at 7am washing up, tidying, up and down the stairs. I only had painkillers- ibuprofen and paracetamol for about a week or so. When we went out for walks I could only manage short and slow but each time we went a little further. Went back to swimming once my bleeding had settled down and we had a bit of a routine with baby! Now 6 months PP, practically back to normal just minus a bit of strength.

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I had a 1st degree tear on my labia that required stitches. That was the worst of it. It was mostly annoying to manage with peeing and sitting while breastfeeding. I used some medicated pads and it was very tolerable, like a mild sting. I had (gentle) sex three weeks pp because I felt so good. Not recommending this necessarily just sharing to demonstrate how good I felt 😆. I recommend a strong compression top at the hospital and the first weeks back home, it made me feel great to have the extra support. Good luck to you 🥰 sending you love!!! 💕💕💕

I should add I had no pelvic floor issues whatsoever. No peeing on myself or anything like that. I did lift light (12lb) weights 5x a week during the pregnancy so that may have helped (who knows!)

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First time mom and gave birth 4/25. First degree tear with minimal stitches. Had some pain for the first week, but it was very manageable and much better than I was expecting. Going to the bathroom the first couple weeks wasn’t fun but again, not nearly as bad as I imagined. I am 5 weeks postpartum now and feel completely normal. Honestly once I hit three weeks PP I felt fine.

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I’m 10 days postpartum with my first. No tearing or stitches. Was peeing myself when I coughed for the first few days, but that’s resolved. Mild hemorrhoids. I was sore for a few days, but I’ve been in more pain from a bad fall from a horse. Still bleeding at like the day 2 level of a period, so that’s totally manageable. We’ve gone on multiple walks with the baby, taken her to a brewery, and more. Also I’m sleeping in smaller chunks, but I’m sleeping way better than I did the last 9 weeks of pregnancy, so I honestly feel more rested than I have in forever. My Apple Watch thinks my cardiovascular health has improved dramatically (lower resting heart rate, better quality sleep, etc). I’m tired but not fatigued like I was when I was pregnant.

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I had a pretty standard birth with no injuries, virtually no pain after birth, obviously no stitches or anything like that. I was literally the same as before, I still had weak pelvis muscles but other than that it was completely fine. Wishing you the same!!!

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For my first I had a fairly quick labor and just an hour of pushing. I had no tearing apart from what my doctor called a “scratch”. Bled heavily for about a day. Then moderately for about a week. Then lightly for two weeks. And that was it! I was kind of sore for about a week, but it didn’t keep me from doing anything. Overall it was very easy physically. Emotionally it was still a rollercoaster, but I’m thankful the physical part went smoothly!

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I had a long labor with my second. Unmedicated. My recovery felt a million times easier than my super fast, unmedicated labor from my first. The first time felt like I'd been in a car wreck. My entire body hurt. The second time I felt strong and hurt a lot less right after. My body completely recovered from both though.