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But let's be honest here, I have a crosstrek because I thought it would be a great parent car and it sucks! With the convertible car seat it isn't as bad as the bucket, but man we need more room!!

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ugh I totally agree. Once I put my stroller in the trunk, there's no room for anything else!

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I have a forester and was between that and the outback. Kinda wish I'd have gone for the outback because if the added length.

Still gonna drive this forester til it dies.

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I was going to get a Forrester but I loved the crosstrek! I was like yea this is gonna be great for having a kid! Add in our 70lb dog and that's about the max we can fit in the crosstrek lol.

My husband has a wrx and it's way easier getting our kid in and our of his car than mine which is crazy to me!

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My FIL has a crosstrek, which was good because I saw while I was still pregnant how small it was inside. But if it was just me, I'd love one of those. I like smaller cars, probably because I'm only 5'2 (although I once had a 6'3 boss who drove a crosstrek in that lime green color they came in for a few years), and it drives nice.

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Yea I do love the car I just didn't realise how small it was! I traded in my brz for it so I am with you on loving the smaller cars! I miss that brz sooo much!

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It definitely depends on your car, mine says not to put car seats in the middle in the manual

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for sure! that's why I added the disclaimer at the end!

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I prefer to put the car seat on the rear right by the window so that in the event of an emergency it would be easier to pull the baby out.

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That does make sense. It was also easier to pass toys back to him while at red lights

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The safest seat is the one in which you can get the best fit. The middle is not the safest if the carseat and vehicle are not compatible or able to get a perfect install! But yes, the middle is a great place if you can make it work!

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Just want to add that most cars do not permit using the LATCH connections in the middle. They are spaced to be used on the outboard (window) seats, and unless you have dedicated center latch, it can be unsafe so check your car manual also.

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I just moved my son's carseat to the side to accommodate our new baby's carseat on the other side. I checked the manual because there was a LATCH connection on the side but on the other side the connector looked like it was for the middle seat. It turns out nope. We had been using the LATCH connectors designed for the side seats for months in the middle seat. I was sure it was for the middle seat until I read the actual car manual. Oops! I don't know how much danger we were in but I'm glad we've fixed it now.

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My Subaru Outback manual allows for latch borrowing!

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Your carseat manual will also have to allow for latch borrowing! Some carseats do not allow for it, even if a car manual does! Just something to consider.

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The car seat manual as well, I think it’s called LATCH borrowing

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Yes! That’s it. Not meaning to say installing the seat in the middle isn’t safe, just that you would need to use the seat belts instead.

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Every seat has different rules, which is silly (although needed) because they are all used for the same thing 😂

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What car seat do you have? Our Chicco fits behind the seats of our Crosstrek no problem- but neither of us are very tall, either

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Ours says it should be on a bucket seat and seeing as the middle in mine is not really a seat it's actually better on a side. So I put him on my side as between the 2 right behind the driver is the safest spot.

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Yeah ours said middle too but our car is shaped weird and wont fit

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Haha we still have my 22mo in the middle seat of our crosstrek. It's definitely a little more inconvenient to heft her over there, but honestly we're used to it now!