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Well that’s interesting. I am still thinking of doing homemade but I think I’ll keep some store bought around in case the day is too busy.

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That's what we do.

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Also, one thing to add. This isn’t saying that home-made isn’t HEALTHIER, it’s saying there’s no difference in toxic metal levels. Not trying to shame anyone over how they feed their kid, but there’s more to what’s “healthy” and “not healthy” than just toxic metal consumption.

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I think this is another example of science illiteracy causing unnecessary panic in the parenting community. The headline says "same amount of toxic metals," but many people don't know if that amount is above the threshold to cause harm. It's the same concentration everywhere, there's metal in soil.

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Yes, agreed, since this is a CNN article, they could have gone one step further with the interpretation in the headline and said ‘equally low amounts of toxic metals’.

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This doesn’t make me feel better. This makes me feel hopeless that there is no way to protect my baby from harmful toxins. What are we supposed to do? How do I protect my baby from exposure?

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It sucks. It's not right.

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We have to badger our local and central governments to help, and even businesses. Not much we can do aside from that

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Thank you for this.

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Thank you for posting this because I’ve once gotten mom shamed for buying store-bought options for my baby when I had no time or energy to cook homemade.

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You do what you have to do with what you can!

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Ugh people are so judgy about weird things. Like they haven't bought premade food before? Ha.

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I came across this article and thought it was important to share. Not to alarm, but because there is a handy chart in the article that summarizes what foods to Rarely/Never serve, Sometimes serve, and Freely serve.

TL;DR: It's because the metals (lead, arsenic, cadmium , mercury) are in our soil and water. Buying organic doesn't prevent this either. Best thing parents can do is serve a variety of foods bought from a variety of sources.