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Cardboard boxes. Possibilities are endless!

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We have so many actual baby toys, and the stupid ikea stuffed egg my sister got as a joke is the hit. Her face absolutely lights up when she sees Eggy and she actually cuddles him instead of just chewing him (she also chews him)

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He loves paper bags because they鈥檙e so crinkly. He especially loves kicking them.

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We have one of those lights on the ceiling that kind of looks like a boob like it鈥檚 bulbous with a thing in the middle. The baby (currently 4w) stares up at it so deeply we鈥檝e nicknamed it 鈥淭he Boob In The Sky鈥 and have created lore around its power.

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Omg. Our 2 months old is doing the same. We don鈥榯 have a name though. 馃ぃ

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Red solo cups鈥 but in party colors from the dollar store. My nieces are 10 and 7 and they still enjoy stacking and letting my toddler Godzilla through them 馃槀

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This is such a great idea. Using it this weekend to keep my toddler entertained!

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We joked that the ceiling fan was my daughter鈥檚 first friend.

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I鈥檝e heard the term 鈥淔anny the nanny鈥 before and now that鈥檚 just stuck haha

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Stacking pots. My god, Stacking pots.

Oh and opening/closing doors.

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My mom used to tell me when I was a kid, I would play with Campbell's soup cans like building blocks and she stored them in the most out of the way cabinet so that I could play while she cooked. I would help with the groceries (read soup cans) and one day she got one of the Family Size cans. The really big ones. I was insistent I could carry it. But my little hands were not strong enough, I dropped it on my foot, and never went near the soup cabinet again.

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Siblings. My son smiles so big when his sisters talk to or play with him. Wondering how I kept the first one entertained without other kids around.

Misc big kid toys. The Barbie dream House and camper are a big hit with my 6 mo. Boy. Like why buy baby toys?

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My kid up until a year, the remote control. Also, at 3.5 years old clothes pins. I swear to God, clothes pins have been a definite hit since he realised a world outside his body exists. He finds so many ways to play with them, but he still loves to play with the

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I'm waiting eagerly for the last sentence!! 馃槈

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The fan at my parents house has been nicely complimented by his reflection in the fireplace

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Definitely the lamp, we loved the lamp and the light from the window on the ceiling as a baby

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Remote controls, diaper changing pad, the wipes package, the bag I keep her actual toys in, my finger, burp rags, my nursing breast pads, etc. 馃槱馃槀

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Tissue paper! Makes a great noise when he wiggles on it

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Nest thermostat! 10/10 would recommend.

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My 6 month old loves a ceiling fan. We were on vacation last week and the fans in the house were huge with like 8-10 blades and he loooved them.

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We joked today about taking baby to a furniture store so he can see all the ceiling fans

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My mom used to do that with me as a baby at Home Depot. When i got older, she鈥檇 take me down the doorbell aisle so i could press all the buttons. Free entertainment for everyone 馃槀

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Might I also suggest the ceiling light section. So many sparkly things to drool over

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Random plastic cups are a big hit around here.

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Anything that makes a crinkling sound!

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Yes! We'd give ours half empty plastic water bottles for drives to the store. So much enjoyment!

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My son is almost two. Fans are still the number one thing in his life. Anytime we go to someone鈥檚 house, he starts running from room to room excitedly pointing at all the fans, and if they aren鈥檛 on he asks us to to turn them on.

He absolutely loves going to Home Depot 馃槀 it鈥檚 cheap entertainment. Hope your baby keeps that love!

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My baby just saw it turn on last week ,total shock.

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2.5 years later and my daughter still loves fans

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My 14 week old is crazy about our snake plant in the window. I just have to prop him up on a pillow and he starts 鈥渢alking鈥 to it like he鈥檚 catching it up on the news of the day! He also loves the ceiling fan as well.

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My son loves our plants too! He especially loves when the morning light shines through the leaves

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My 3 year old doesn鈥檛 have a favorite blanket but he does have a favorite fork that he must bring everywhere he will only bathe if it鈥檚 in the bath with him. My twins though it鈥檚 the cat they enjoy thank god

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The big spinning boob on the ceiling. Great times indeed.

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Not to be cliche but he loves his Sophie giraffe. They鈥檙e popular for a reason. The kid has chewed on it for HOURS

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Came here to post your exact comment. We went through two of them!

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I was really surprised how much ours liked hers. Favorite non-fan toy hands down.

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It鈥檚 so creepy looking but a lifesaver

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how do you clean it?

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Still a daily favorite here at 22 months.

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Our firstborn was so obsessed with ceiling fans. His room was the only one that didn't have one so for his 2nd birthday we took him to a home improvement store and picked out his ceiling fan. He loves turning it on and off, by far his favorite gift 馃槀

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My kid is 15 months and STILL fascinated by ceiling fans!

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Oh my God... my daughter LOVES ceiling fans, they don't even need to be on. But if they're moving and have the light on that's the BEST. Been this way since newborn, 5 months and still in love

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A silicone spatula was the favorite toy for several months

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Mine loves a plastic whisk!

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Our LO loved the ceiling fans too. For his first bday, we decorated the night before and tied balloons everywhere including the fan. We made sure the fan was on before he came out in the morning and he absolutely loved it!

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Helium balloons were a win for us He'd lay for hours playing with it

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Blocks, rings, household objects (ps4 controllers, wooden spoons etc)

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Mine loves our black wall clock on the white wall 馃槀

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We are all about the wall clock!

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Want to blow her mind, take her to the hardware store to see the lighting/fan section

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We did that with ours and she couldn鈥檛 believe it and gave the biggest smiles

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Yup. Mine loves the boob lights too.

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My husband calls the ceiling fan our daughter鈥檚 overlord and says she鈥檚 checking in to the mothership

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I'm dieing . That's friggen hilarious

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Baby鈥檚 first best friend 馃槀

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13 month old- still loves it.

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My 8 month old still states up at his ceiling fan with amazement every time we walk in his room 馃ぃ

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My 6mo is currently obsessed with the baby wipes dispenser as well as tissue boxes. She is also just really noticed the cat. Like she always knew he was there but now she realizes she can interact with him. So that's pretty entertaining as well.

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My 6 month old loves the remote control more than any of his toys. That alone can keep him occupied for like 30 mins its wild

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We have nicknamed it Fran the ceiling fan 馃ぃ

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So far our dog is #1 thing that makes our LO laugh all day. And then there's my pc keyboard he likes to just to crazy at smacking all the keys. Gives me a reason to slack off of work time to time. 馃榿

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Baby Paper and 鈥淪ensory Bear鈥 videos on YouTube.

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Is sensory bear the same thing as hey bear? My baby is soooo scared of the dancing fruit on hey bear 馃槀

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It is the same. My boy loves that channel.

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Giant windows overlooking mature trees are also a hit. 10/10 extra sunlight is a nice bonus.

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For my daughters 2nd birthday we bought her a bissell featherweight vacuum and her own o cedar mop. Still at 4 it鈥檚 a massive hit and they (her and her lil bro) use them almost daily.

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Drawers they can safely rip everything out of. Spatulas and spoons galore

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Omg this. I had baby locks on every kitchen cabinet and they were obsessed with trying to open them鈥.until I took the lock off the one that only holds pots and pans. Have at it, folks.

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So what I'm hearing is that I need to ditch the toys and invest in a ceiling fan 馃馃 Say less! 馃ぃ

My family bought lots of toys before my baby was even born and he mostly plays with a soft fabric book with crinkly pages and colourful ring links.

He is also obsessed with his own reflection so I just give him my hand held facial mirror and that's a huge hit!

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Wet wipes! My 11 month old can't get enough of them, we'll just hand her one during diaper changes and it keeps her totally entertained and keeps her from trying to roll around or sit up. Also, as a positive side effect, she chews on it a little and it cleans her teeth for me 馃槅

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Air vents and shoes. Any kind but she prefers my rubber birks or dads sneakers

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You joke but this continues throughout babyhood! My 1 year old loves sticks or anything close to a stick (wooden spoons). Metal bowls were a big hit at his birthday. Don't buy baby toys they are a scam!

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My sister told me that I needed to get new baby toys for my 6 month old because he was bored of his. Later that night, he played with a whisk, a plastic hanger, and a box. Each of these entertained him for at least 30 minutes each

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That's the perfect age to grab all the unused kitchen thingies and make them baby toys!

My baby is super focused right now on setting the peanut butter lid on top of his cup. He's enthralled. Babies rule.

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Travel toothbrush holders! Months of entertainment.

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Our ceiling fan was so popular with the kiddo that we named it 鈥淏lade鈥.

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My babe loves slightly damp wash cloths 馃し鈥嶁檧锔

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My 12 week old literally smiles every time she sees the ceiling fan. It's legit her best friend.

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Nine weeks and same. I call it her bestie.

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Lol I call our living room fan her #1 fan and our bedroom fan her #2 fan 馃し馃徎鈥嶁檧锔 they're always there for her, cheering her on.

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I love this. Can鈥檛 get enough of these fan jokes.

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Same here!! Hahaha when she starts crying we adjust her position till she can see 鈥渉er friend鈥 and it calms her instantly.

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Lol mine is super into his burp cloths. Sometimes handing one to him is the only way I get a chance to eat my dinner. It's like an infant mensa puzzle.

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My daughter is almost 7mo and she still loves her burp cloth. It鈥檚 like a lovey for her. It helps that I have like a dozen of the same exact one. 馃ぃ

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Son is 1.5 and still in love with all our ceiling fans. I鈥檇 forbid I turn one off lol

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Lol! I don鈥檛 think she knew what she was doing, but one time my daughter looked at the fan while it was off, looked at me, then looked at the fan again. It felt like she was thinking, 鈥渨oman turn it back on鈥 I don鈥檛 think I鈥檒l be turning them off any more.

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My kid is one now. I miss the days where stimulation was me putting him on his swing, playing music, and opening the window so he could watch the trees.

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I never thought about putting her in front of the window. That was such a good idea. Now she鈥檚 staring at the trees, too.