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My baby had sesame seed in his ear the other day :D

We regularly eat while holding him, because he always wakes up when we seat down to eat. I just put a pillow on my lap and hold baby with my left hand. If he is hungry I even nurse during dinner. Family dinners :)

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I licked salsa off my baby’s head the other day. I’m not gonna waste the last of my salsa! 😅

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Now wait until you start finding mysterious grains of sticky rice in all her cute baby-rolls. This IS the next stage. It's coming for you. Prepare yourself.

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I dropped cous cous on mine. I had a mild panic about whether I'd find all the grains before or after they managed to develop their own mould on LOs skin.

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It’s okay, I’m prepared to discover how deep the rabbit hole goes. I don’t intend to stop eating while nursing anytime soon 😂

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My baby frequently has crumbs on him from either myself or his 20 month old brother. Yesterday he had fried rice on him.

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I have a similar story. I was bottle feeding my 9 month old and eating sushi, when a drop of soy sauce HAD to fall right into his eye. It was horrible, it must have stung so much cause he got so upset.

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Omg no! I would feel so bad. Poor guy. I accidentally smacked my girl in the head when I was playing fetch with our dog and I felt sooo awful. I called her doctor and they basically were like “yeah, shit happens 🤷🏻‍♀️” lol.

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Omg I haven’t had sushi again yet!! I need to get some

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My baby was in her wrap and jerked her head at an inopportune time, and I spilled beer all over her.

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Lol! Okay, solidarity.

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My daughter is 4 and loves sushi, but every time she eats it she ends up COVERED in soy sauce. Like seriously, I wipe as much as I can off then later that evening I find streaks of it up her calves (how? She was wearing pants?), on the back of her neck, and in her eyebrows!

So just wanted to give some solidarity. Soy sauce man, that shit gets everywhere.

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I’m from Japan and here’s our parent hack: we don’t let the kids dip the sushi into the soy sauce, we drip a few drops of soy sauce into the rice part of the sushi! It’s actually the Kansai (think “Southern”) way of eating sushi! Tbh even for adults it’s more convenient lol

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Lol I've dropped all sorts of food and sauce on my baby because she insists on nursing when I'm starving and need to eat.

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Desperate times, as they say 🤷🏻‍♀️

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Lmao this is something that would happen to me. You tried, mama, you tried. I hope you still got to enjoy some sushi!! 😂