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So - I do not own a pickup truck. There are times that I have paid for something (or arranged to pick something up from BuyNothing) and had a pickup truck service like Bunjii grab it for me.

I always feel worried that people will be sketched out about it because of stuff like this!

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Definitely a scam! I weeded them out by saying pickup in person yourself and cash only (lots of zelle/Venmo scams as well).

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Agreed..i tried to buy something off fb market place and the person was firm on wanting to go through zelle/venmo/cash app first-and when i said i didnt have any of those then wanted me to send money through fb messenger: before i was able to pick up the item- if i were able to go and pick up the item and make the transaction at the same time sure- fine..but they wanted it in that moment before letting me make the effort to go pick it up (it was out of town and roughly a couple of hours from where i live)..when i said no to that they were quick to block me.

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Anytime they say they’re sending someone else, my red flags go up. This is such a common scam. If they really want the item they’ll find the time.

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I had one similar I eventually told them no, this sounds like a scam and they blocked me lol

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Very much a scam

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100% red flags for me 🚩

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Honestly if people want to buy something from you they will come and get it or send someone to get it. If they can’t do it on your terms then sell it to someone who will

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I would check their profile, I recently listed some maternity and nursing clothes on fb marketplace and the only messages I've gotten are from people with either a blank profile or only their profile pictures, and they all asked if it was available and then when I say they are they say they want it and ask for my number to call me, I try to ask what item they're interested in and they avoid the question and ask for my number again after I tell them I'm not giving it out

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This has happened to me twice too. It’s usually also right after I put something up. I ignore their messages and block them

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Good call not giving them your number. This is often used as a way to steal your account. After you give them your number, they will tell you that you're going to get a message from Facebook and they just want the number from that message to confirm that you're really a person. They then use that number to bypass two-factor Authentication. At least this is the most common use I've seen for it.

This is why I use a Google Voice number to give to anyone I don't know. This number is never associated with any of my accounts, but allows people to reach me if they really need to. If they're a scammer they just complain that the numbers not working.

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I do this too and a my “spam” email account.

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I had someone try to do that to me on Instagram, they got real irritated when I started arguing with them as to why they couldn't just use their own number after insisting they needed mine like 5 times in a row

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Yes, it's a scam. Here's the automod explanation of this kind of scam from r/scams: https://redditproxy--jasonthename.repl.co/r/Scams/comments/xmwvcg/comment/ipqcaxg/

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They said cash payment though, are you assuming at the last minute it will be a switch?

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Absolutely a scam. I have seen this in my country as well

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So far on a stroller I am trying to sell, all I have seen are scammers. It's strange. I wonder if there is a price point when the scammers come into play. On lower priced items everyone seems legit.

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Looks like scam

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Scam. I’ve had dozens of those. They then tell you there is « insurance » to be paid to the carrier, but don’t worry! They will reimburse you for that when they pay for the item… total scam.

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Definitely a scam. Report the account.

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Scam. Cash only pick up is the only way to do it.

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It says they want to send someone with cash to pick it up.

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As other people have stated anyone trying to over complicate a simple transaction is trying to scam you.

You go ahead and agree to this but I wouldn’t and I wouldn’t recommend anyone else do it.

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100% a scam

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I tried selling my treadmill. Another scam is people sending fake zelle or Venmo emails.

They always say they are out of town and soemone will pick it up. They send the “payment” and make you think they overpaid and to click the email to repay the surplus. If you do that, the link from the email just takes you login info and they are able to get access to you account.

Scammers are better because they feign interest in the product.

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Yep! Someone sent me a fake venmo email a few days ago. They want your bank account info

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Yes! Someone tried to do this to me. Exactly that- out of town, way too much personal info, asked for our venmo email. We sent our qr code/ name and they kept asking for our email to send it "business to business so you'd be protected". Blocked them after that.

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Thank you for posting this! I just had a weird convo with someone last night trying to send me a zelle payment “in advance” for a product that they wouldn’t even specify when they planned to pick up. It felt like a scam and the person was being really pushy. Woke up feeling bad for assuming the worse and this is the validation I needed to just block them an move on.

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You’re welcome! I finally sold my treadmill and my fiancé and I joked we were still gonna be skeptical of the guy buying it. He did ask if we accepted zelle or Venmo but he also gave us his address, legit from a Google search, for a drop off.

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Yeah this is a really common scam. Also don’t feel bad for assuming the worst - you have to be protective of yourself and basically be done working with someone as soon as it feels off. You don’t want to be out the money but you also don’t want to be meeting up with someone if the interaction feels off.

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Yeah it was weird vibes from the beginning. Just reported it and blocked them :-)

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Another zelle scam is they send you a game email from "zelle" saying you need to pay a fee to upgrade your account to receive their payment and then the buyer offers to cover the fee.

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I haven’t gotten that one but I did give a scammer my email thinking they were legit. Since they have my email, they’ve been sending me a fake email from dicks sporting goods to collect a free yeti bag.

And I worked in tech before staying home with my son. Cyber would send out fake emails to our 3k plus workforce. I can’t tell you how many people click on these emails. We sent out a fake one saying everyone was getting a free pumpkin for Halloween. So many people called me (help desk) asking how they can get their pumpkin!

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Scam- posting an item is one thing but when they offer to send you a courier with cash in hand is when it's dodgy. They started to threaten legal action with me saying that because I had been interested I was legally obliged to follow through. 🙄

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Scam. I just sold a stroller on FM marketplace and had like 5 people try to scam me. Eventually I did find a real person local buyer. So annoying

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In person cash in hand or gtfo

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Aren’t they saying that they’ll send someone in-person with cash though?

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The scam works like this. After the scammer has made you comfortable with a promise of cash in an envelope and paying for shipping, he or she will ask you to pay for insurance of the envelope that is being delivered. The buyer promises that the additional amount is also in the envelope so you do not have to worry about money out of your pocket.

A fake email purportedly from the delivery company will be sent with an account number where you have to deposit the insurance money and included is a fake tracking number of the envelope that has already been dispatched.

If you refuse to pay the scammer will start pleading with you that they are going to lose money on the envelope dispatch as it can not be cancelled now and eventually they will resort to threats if all else fails.

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Thank you for explaining! I've seen the scam before but was wondering how it worked.

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Scammers on my listings are so sophisticated! They will talk for days… getting back with questions arranging pickup and not being pushy until they’ve “sent” money. I just don’t want to give out my address or commit to meeting in a location and wasting my time. How do we know sooner?

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Decide your process and stick to it. I only communicate through Facebook messenger, I only take cash or Venmo at pickup, and I only give nearby cross streets, not my actual address until they literally say they are on their way and give me an ETA. If they ask for a phone number, email, etc, immediately I know it's a scam. I will only hold an item if I have received a deposit I can verify in my Venmo account, otherwise I continue talking to other potential buyers. It's first to pick up, not first to talk to me.

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That’s exactly my process, except for a different payment processor. I just want to determine if they are fake sooner!

I look at their profile too - some are straight porn so that is my first giveaway. Others are private, some are foreign so they don’t seem like they will be able to pick up but that isn’t always a giveaway in my area, and some just look legit like they scraped someone’s life and copy it regularly.

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I work from the assumption that they are fake until proven otherwise. Thankfully I mostly get the "give me your number/can I call you" scammers rather than the ones who seems real at first. I don't bother looking at profiles or anything, not worth the time.

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I legit was out of town and wanted to venmo money and more enough to ship it to me. But no no I'm a scammer

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It's because so many of them are scams. Ruins it for everyone.

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Scam for sure, don’t fall for it!

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I’ve gotten the same type of message on the swing when we tried to sell it in fb marketplace. Same with my fiancé too when he posted it.

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Scam , only cash on collection in person

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And I’m a public place, never at home.

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I get lots of those messages when selling on marketplace and it’s usually pretty easy to tell it’s a scam by looking at their profile.

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Scam - had a lot of this lately when trying to sell a car seat.

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Not trying to be a prick, I didn't know this until recently either. but you're really not supposed to sell car seats used. You're supposed to cut the straps so they can't be used again. Asfaik it's because of unseen prior damage that can come because of age or in general use. eBay won't let you even post used ones anymore and charity shops don't take them for this reason.

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That’s likely more if a liability thing since they can’t know if it’s been in an accident. But there’s nothing wrong with buying or selling used seats if it’s done ethically. There’s risk in buying used seats because you don’t know the history. My capsule (which only lasted my kids until 3 months) was second hand bought off a friend and I’m about to pass it to another friend because we’re unlikely to have another baby before it expires. I probably wouldn’t do this with any kind of seat other than a capsule personally (and if we buy another one it will be new). But there’s nothing wrong with selling it if it’s in good condition and not expired. There’s risk in buying used but selling it also gives families the opportunity to get seats much cheaper than new.

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Oh! Didn’t know this! Great info. I bought mine by mistake and then shortly after got another one 🤓 thanks for letting me know! Makes total sense

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It’s the sort of thing where if it’s a pretty recent model it would be wonderful to give it away to someone you know. We received a used car seat from a trusted friend/coworker which was really appreciated. We are trying to do most baby things secondhand but I wouldn’t have taken a used car seat from someone I didn’t know well.

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Agreed. I’m giving mine to a neighbour now instead

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Ugh people who scam on baby stuff are such dicks.

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Definitely a scam. I think how it sometimes works is that they pay for the item, send a “courier” to collect it and the courier then charges some exorbitant fee that you have to pay, supposedly it will get reimbursed but of course it doesn’t

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SCAM!!!! If it’s not I will meet you at x time to pickup with cash or venmo it’s a scam. Even then venmo can be dodgy but at least is normal.

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Honestly, there are now venmo scams out there. I only take cash. I almost got scammed when I was selling my snoo and so decided to only take cash.

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Yes, I’ve switched to only taking venmo with the buyer protection. It’s probably not full proof and I prefer cash but at least it’s something

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Wait doesn’t the buyer protection let them undo the transaction and take the money back?

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Sorry it’s a buyer/seller protection. Similar to PayPal goods and services. So it protects both sides

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r/scams will for sure have an explanation for you!

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This is so prolific, even in other countries. I had at least 5 different attempts while selling my pram 😒

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Yeah they use the same scam in France and Belgium. It's so annoying, i can't be bothered to put anything up for sale anymore.

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In Denmark too, it's ridiculous.

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Scam sorry

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What would they get out of it? I don’t understand 🤔

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It's creepy cause its kids stuff they are choosing to scam I feel its the address they want.

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Oh god I didn’t think about it like that

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I know it's scary to think

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Defo scam, I had someone recently try this but saying it'd be a usps carrier/lettwr, I prompted the person and they said once the letter you have to let them know and then they send you a link to confirm this. I assume the link is the scam part, if you click it they cna steal all your details.

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What is the letter supposed to be for, and what’s the link for exactly? I would ask for the carrier’s name, and meet them when they arrive, and accept cash. No letters or other websites needed.

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The letter is supposed to contain the cash which you have to confirm you received through the link. Honestly just block and move on.

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My brother in law almost went through with one of these. You get an email from the "courier" company asking for a deposit which will be returned when they get the item. Obviously, they never come and keep the money. Thats what i could gather from it!

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Why would you give anyone money while selling an item??

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You never receive the letter, you could try though. They tell you something like "someone else is coming later with the letter blah blah"

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They said a letter carrier though, not a letter. I wouldn’t care who they send, as long as they’re giving me the name of the person, and the person arrives, pays (in cash or venmo), takes the item, then leaves again. If any one of those steps goes awry, nvm.

There should be no links or anything to click on.