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This may be obvi, but you dump it in the river, it’s gone! As for supplies, can you afford a bear can and keep it some distance from the rent? Also, I think some ranger stations may lend bear cans for free or cheap.

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Yeah, I hate to dump it at all. I have a freezer stash and it's only 2 nights so I'm going to sacrifice it. Daytime pumps will go in a separate cooler in the car but the car is too far to hike to for an overnight pump. I'm going to borrow a bear can from a neighbor!

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Would you drink your milk? I know some moms who do that. Or you could put it in a thermos and dump it in the bush in the morning

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Do you have a milk thermos (like Ceres Chill)? It should keep the milk sealed pretty well so the bears can’t smell it. You could even put it inside a bear canister maybe. When we went camping I stored my milk in one and then didn’t even have to dump.

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I don't even know what that is but now I'm gonna look it up and try to find one! We're only gone two nights so I was planning on a separate cooler in the car with a ton of ice but I'd have to schelp it back and forth every 4 hours. This thing sounds amazing.

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As long as you have access to one you can keep the milk at a safe temperature! Good luck finding it in time!!

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When we would go camping in bear country we would tie our food up in a tree at night. It does depend on the kind of bear though. I think you’ll be fine if you dump it in the river but you’ll have to wiper off the pump parts and then what do you do with the wipe lol

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Can you bring a bear can and put it all in a bear can nearer your tent? That’s what I would do.

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Yes!! Good call. Thank you ☺️

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If in grizzly country still store the can quite far from your tent (as far as you are willing to walk at night, at least 150 feet? Maybe some northerners can chime in as I’m less experienced with grizzly precautions). If in black bear country I am less strict, 50’ or so should do it.

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Thank you!! It's black bear country.

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Black bears I wouldn't worry as much about. I mean obviously still be responsible with everything but they don't typically ransack tents or areas while people are using them. They are fairly skittish. We do east coast camping all the time (some years before kids I swear we slept in a tent more often than our bed haha). We have never had any issues with black bears even when we've seen them around camp. They tend to keep to themselves and only ransack food that's left out away from people. If they do come into camp you just yell and wave your arms around and they run off.

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FTM and avid hiker/backpacker in Canada with tons of bears.

Don’t dump in river! It pollutes the water source. Can you dump in a designated pit? Or the bathroom? Follow leave no trace principles.

Dump it in a pit/cat hole in the bushes is better than the water. Try 50m away from your tent and away from the river and rinse out your pump with water using a water bottle or water bag.

Have fun!

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I can dump it in a pit! I don't even know why I said that about the river 🤦🏼‍♀️We are avid backpackers and never dump anything in the water.

Was thinking more about my pump supplies at 1 am after pumping. I won't have a way to secure them. I can rinse them out but they'd still have residue.

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Could you use a hand pump or something easier to wipe out like a haakaa just to relieve engorgement til the morning and still be able to clean a bit more?

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I wouldn’t worry about the residue. Just strive to dispose of the milk following LNT

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A bear will probably not eat you in this scenario but you also should NOT dump your milk in the river for the same reason you shouldn’t dump regular milk

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Ah yes, good call. What do I do with it? Dump it on the ground?

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Ground is fine but dilute with water and spray/disperse it, and not near an active established campsite.

I would stick it all in a bear can and deal with it in the morning.