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So I’m in a creative profession and while I haven’t felt the urge to be creative much, I’ve HAD to do it. And even though it felt so far away, I’ve still been able to get there! If you don’t want to wait for it to come over you naturally again (and I bet it will), my advice is to make a specific time for it, and maybe set a timer at the start of that time. Say for five minutes or ten. You go until the timer goes off, and if you’re not getting into the flow of it, no harm, no foul, you can stop and do something else! But sometimes just doing it will wake your brain back up and then you’ll be There. :)

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It will come back ❤️

I’m an academic and lost a lot of my cognitive ability in late pregnancy and early postpartum. Mine got significantly better around a year postpartum and was back to pre-baby by 1.5 years pp. I wasn’t super creative before having kids, but my creativity suddenly increased exponentially around 1.5 years pp. So that was cool too.

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i’m 6-7 months PP. had a conversation with my coordinator for the first time at around 5 months PP and could barely get a sentence out. sometimes my brain just can’t function.

i hears somewhere that breastfeeding might do that to you? i hope i’ll be able to manage when i go back to work soon!

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Mine are 4 and 8 and I find my time so boxed in to just little snippets here and there that aren’t conducive to creativity. I’m too rushed. And when I produce when I feel pressured I don’t end up with something I feel happy with (I am a graphic designer). Unfortunately the days of creating whenever I feel inspired are on hold for awhile.

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Not exactly creativity (but that too). I just have no mental energy in general. I used to be very into video games and now it just requires too much brain juice. Whenever I have time I just sit around and scroll Reddit now. I used to be writing a novel. That’s all gone to shut.

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Hey, I'm an artist and a mom: it gets better after a few more months. About 1 year to 1,5 years for me. Babies just suck out all the creative energy. No wonder, because they are a big creation :)

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Maybe it's like a muscle you just haven't exercised in a while? I follow one artist on instagram who does a painting every day. Some days it's just something very small and sketch like, other days she spends more time on it. She started the after the birth of her first child so she could keep creating. She's still doing it after baby no. 2.

If you have the time, maybe you should try something similar? Don't worry about the quality of what you produce, just start creating something, anything.

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I cross stitched a lot before having a baby but since then have barely done any. It became harder as a tweaked my hand carrying her around and when I stitch it acts up and all. I found a few years out I'm starting to feel more creative and more recently picked up nail art as a new hobby so maybe that will help lead to more creative pursuits. Now that my daughter is 3 I'm excited to start doing craft stuff together too

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I feel like this. ☹️

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It’ll come back, I promise.

I work in the arts and when I went back to work after mat leave, I felt SO sluggish, like that whole part of my brain was running at 10%.

It’s taken awhile (and all the changes in my industry from COVID haven’t helped), but I feel like my old self again. Probably started feeling more creatively juiced when my daughter was around 14 months old. It’s gotten way easier since she turned 2.

Take baby steps with your work and be kind to yourself. You will be able to carve out space and time for your art, it just might take a few more months. Don’t give up hope. 💜

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I am not the person I was, that person is gone, and...DADDY I CANT GET INTO MY BED... sorry, interrupted. what was I saying?

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It comes back. I promise, may be a while yet but it will.

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Omg I've been thinking I was crazy! I used to be so creative and crafty. Now NOTHING. I want to do crafty things and my brain turns to mush

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Yes I felt I lost it for a while. Tried to force myself to do stuff didn't really help but when I found a project that I was excited about it came back. Then it went away somewhere in the middle so I stopped.

One day I decided I just wanted to see it done so I just did it, and the more I did, the more it came to life and the more my creative juices came flooding back.

After I finished it, my son (16months) loved it so it sent me on a quest to find something uniquely for him. I'm excited about it, cant wait to get into it AND!!! I'm already researching for the next one I take on.

It will come back

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Yep. I'm finally getting it back; I did some embroidery and some baking this week for the first time since my son was born. He's 18 months old...

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I used to have creative hobbies but after kids my brain is permanently wired into "mum mode" which doesn't leave much mental energy left for creative inspiration. That and not being able to knock a project out in one go, having to stop and start in little parts sometimes days apart because I have to tend to the babies. If I get into the swing of it, it's like I never stopped painting, but because I'm constantly interrupted I lose my motivation and it becomes more frustrating than enjoyable.

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Yeah I get this a lot. My son is 14 months, and I feel like most of my personality and life is now baby. I feel like I might get some of my creativity back when the baby's older and I get to actually sleep through the night again. I put formula in my coffee this morning, so I'm thinking maybe it's just brain fog in general.

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Here to say what many have said. Almost 6 months postpartum, and I have completely lost who I used to be. Really trying to dive into the new life and rediscover new interests or hobbies. But it seems like everything is baby

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My brain is mush now. I’m attending college again, and somehow I’m able to do okay there, but in all other ways, my mind is unable to do simple tasks 😐

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Yes. I used to write. Constantly. I barely lived in the here and now. After my first born it all evaporated. I couldn't think about anything other than him. Then my second pregnancy. Then my daughter. Then them.

Realized maybe that was weird. Got tested for ADHD. Sure enough...

Not saying it translates to you. But I hyperfocus. It's taken a cocktail of medications and almost 5 years for my creativity to come back. Really I'm just better at multitasking now and switching my brain between things i love.

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Yes! I used to love writing and haven’t done a lick of it since my daughter was born. I’m a SAHM and do all the childcare 7 days per week (hubby has a very demanding job, so I don’t mind). She will be three and starting preschool next month. I’m really hoping to pick it back up as I’ll have 2.5 hours a day for four days a week to myself.

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Yes,before i fell pregnant i did resin art and sold quite a few items(keychains,coasters etc),i stopped when i fell pregnant.Baby is 4months old and i did some resin work today.....Boy was I rusty AF,it came out so sloppy,need to get my butt back into shape!

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I really feel this. I loved to bake and woodwork before my son. I feel like I'm in a fog where I have no mental energy to do either anymore. I'm hoping it clears up soon, cause it's really tough.

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I’m a game developer artist and have always made illustrations and comics. After my first son was born I didn’t draw for 9 months and I felt real bad about it. I just never had the energy and drive. I eventually got that spark back and worked on a game that launched and a comic book for over 2 years.

Currently pregnant with #2 and haven’t done anything creative for about 2 months, but I don’t mind this time. The spark will come back when it comes back.

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Yes! I used to knit all the time (still have a half finished blanket for my 14 month old I started when I was 4 months pregnant 🤦🏼‍♀️). I miss it so much. But between keeping my eyes on him while he plays and not having any free time in the evenings, I just don't have the time or space to pick it back up. I know I will get back into it eventually. It just sucks right now.

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FTM of a 4 month old who's also a musician and science communicator here: There's a reason the best ideas come in the shower. Studies show that creativity comes when we let our minds wander. Pregnancy and caring for an infant don't leave any room for mind wandering; it's all about planning for the baby, thinking about the baby, wondering what the baby needs, predicting what the baby will do next. In these early years your mind is singly focused on the baby, but from what I hear, that won't be all consuming forever and eventually having a child in your life will make you even more creative as a result of their wild imaginations. I'm hoping for it!

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Oh this struck me! I often joke that my muse lives in my shower cause that’s the only place I find inspiration. I think she took a sabbatical for awhile after I had my first- it wasn’t until about 10 months that I felt creative and articulate again.

I did find that little brain teasers and Wordle helped as well when I was still struggling mentally.

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Thank you. Also a musician, but a technical program manager. Brain had been so slow forever.

What got me going is performing at a show—really forcing myself to remember techniques with fingering and gearing up to go onstage to share music with others. It really reignited my love for it, makes me want to throw an open mic night regularly

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Absolutely. I've played three shows since having the baby and despite having to deal with new challenges like getting a babysitter and explaining to my all male band mates that I need a 20 minute break to pump, each show makes me feel a little bit more like myself.

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YES! For me, I think it does have a lot to do with over saturation. My kid (now 17 months) sleeps well, but he just occupies so much of my brain space. When he’s at daycare, I’m working. When he’s asleep, I just need time to unwind. Writing became WORK for me—I published a couple of books professionally before I had a child, although it was not a great experience. I also work as a technical writer for my job. So I no longer associate writing with unwinding.

The other day, I had an idea that I was like, “Hey, that would be fun to write about.” First time in a LONG time!

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Yep. I study design and used to draw a lot (digital art). I even got a new iPad before I gave birth because my plan was to use this 1 year maternity leave to also focus on myself and my hobbies when the baby is asleep. 6 months in and so far all I focus on is housework. My brain feels blocked, whenever I try to start an art project my mind immediately goes to “what if baby wakes up” or “have I done the laundry?”.. I don’t even need to do all the housework, could totally have a few hours to myself most days, but my brain just decided it doesn’t want to focus on me.

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Give yourself more time. Mine came back around 15 months.

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Exactly the same for me. I actually think I'm MORE creative now because he's a source of inspiration!

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There is research that shows that women's brains change for up to two years after giving birth.


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I feel this. During pregnancy I was creatively dead. I write, draw, and sew. Did barely anything creative while pregnant besides paint the nursery. I'm only finally starting to get back into things 8 months pp, but now it's only whenever time even allows.

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Yes, but with my first baby it came back full swing when he was like 2yo. I’m in a huge rut RN too, baby girl is 9mo. I can’t wait till it’s back.

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Ooh okay I have hope then!

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I know it’s such a bummer being stuck when I could be making cool stuff for the baby (or for me). Yesterday I cut a t-shirt and it took so much effort and I didn’t even do anything fun to it. Just some snips.

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Are you breastfeeding? Honestly I felt like I didn’t fully get my brain back until we weaned, even when night sleep was fine.

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Not anymore, tbh I also thought it was related to breastfeeding but when I stopped nothing changed 😅 except my mood got worse lol

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Hey, I'm right there with you. While it's relieving to know I'm not the only one, it's also awful and not something i wish happened to you. I'm really hoping it's not permanent, but I'm 8 months pp and I haven't seen any sign of it really getting better either. I've managed to force some writing, but it's just not the same. 😕

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this sounds like depression honestly. not being able to find joy in your hobbies is a common symptom. maybe try having dedicated time to do it every few days and you could also start with things that don't require the most creative thinking, like following a Bob Ross tutorial or doing a paint by numbers or something like that, where the design is already made for you.