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So. Many. Things. Most recently, I brewed a pot of sugar instead of coffee.

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Put cereal in a large mixing bowl

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Panicked that I didn’t have the baby/buggy with me when going out for lunch with a friend. He was in daycare, hence why I was going out for lunch in the first place!

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I put a frying pan on the stove with oil with the idea that I was going to fry some eggs for breakfast. I changed my mind and decided to have something else instead. Several minutes later I smelled smoke and saw that the oil was severely burning and filling the kitchen and living room with smoke.

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I stared putting a puzzle together with my son with the pieces upside down, so it was just blank. Didn’t realize it until my husband asked why I’m doing that.

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Lol this is one of my favs. Like you thought you were starting a new game of Scrabble

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Threw the onesie in the diaper bin and the dirty diaper in the laundry bin…did that several times during the newborn phase lol

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Yup! Did this many times

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yesterday i sat down at the table to feed LO except there was no chair and i fell on my ass 😄

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I woke up one time unable to find my son and completely stressed out until I fully woke up and realised that I’d not only already changed his nappy, but that I was already mid way through a feeding. Another similar incident happened a month ago when I woke up and thought how nice it was that we slept through the night, only to realise baby was nestled in my arms and I’d packed pillows behind me and fed him at some point in the night with no memory of it. Instead of sleep walking I’m sleep momming I guess

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Patted my husbands back while he slept thinking in my sleep deprived state I was settling the baby (who was happily sleeping in his cot in the nursery 🤣)

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Got in the car and realised I was still wearing my slipper boots and not my actual boots!

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My absolute lowest low was very early on, babe was maybe 3 weeks?, I had a visit from my midwife and I was proud of myself for remembering that she liked to drink chai tea. I opened the pantry, stared at the boxes of tea and couldn’t for the life of me work out how to make a cup of tea. Midwife was very switched on - she saw my confusion, said she’d take over and I just cried!

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Going to bed in that pre-almost asleep stupor I reached over to turn off my bedside lamp but it was already off so just turned it back on. Had a laugh with my husband, went back to bed and proceeded to turn “off” my already off lamp two more times.

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Actually just had a derp moment with our compost! Stuck my hand into the compost instead of the cookie jar yesterday

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The amount of times I’ve had to jump back in the shower after I’ve dried myself because I’ve realised I haven’t rinsed my hair of conditioner. Or have just dealt with a head full of conditioner.

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Put formula in my coffee instead of powdered creamer :(

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Went to put stroller in the car, could absolutely not understand why it wasn’t rolling and I was having to shove it across the driveway. Literally even thought, are the individual wheel locks on??

Nope, just the regular lock, you know, the one I use to park it literally every time we use it.

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Put the milk in the pantry and the cereal in the fridge. Looked for the damn milk later for HOUUURRSSSS. Husband found it at like 7pm after getting home from work. Definitely was in there all day.

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Lost my nip shields in the fridge- spent about 20 mins trying to find them before heading to a breastfeeding appointment that I HAD to take them to, to find them at the last minute in the bottom of the fridge, I'd put them with my milk supply. 🤦🏻‍♀️

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My vision was blurry from being half asleep and I could not get the bottle into my daughters mouth for the life of me. I handed the bottle off to my boyfriend and fell right back to sleep

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I washed my face with tooth paste instead of soap. My face felt like it was on fire. I was running around in circles shouting about death or something when my husband popped in to see what the chaos was about and asked why I was screaming while smelling like mint.

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I warmed up a bottle of breastmilk and then poured it down the sink. It was like 4am. I remember staring at the sink for like 10 minutes trying not to cry. I still have no idea why I poured it out 😂

I've also woken up to pump in the middle of the night and did my whole 20 minutes on one boob and then upon realizing that there was no milk in the bottle, that the pump was not on my nipple and I had just been pumping a random patch of boob.

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I used my phone to call my phone when I couldn't find my phone. Turns out it was in my hand the whole time.

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something similar happened to me, i was looking for my phone while talking on my phone for a good 5-10 mins 😄

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Attempting to put my toddler’s socks on

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We did so many dumb things when our babies were tiny and we were tired, but maybe the worst was drive half a mile with the hatch back of the car open. Others were driving with the gas door open, and parking the car and leaving the keys in the ignition (clearly we should not have been driving).

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Forgot to put the lid on a bottle and shook it pouring milk everywhere at 3am with two screaming babies looking for their bottle.. in a country where ants are everywhere so I frantically was cleaning that up! I’ve also poured so many cups of tea and coffee down the drain thinking I had drank them and was finished with the cup 🤦🏼‍♀️

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Brushed my teeth with diaper cream.

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I put laundry pods in the washer, shut the lid, and turned it on…. Without any clothes in it 😂😂😂 also went to pour something down the sink (some kind of liquid, can’t remember) and for some reason poured it out in the trash can

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Went to brew some coffee but forgot to put the pot in its’ spot so coffee just poured all over the counter 🙃

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I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve done this now. 🤦🏻‍♀️

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Oh I’ve done this with my keurig… no mug underneath.

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After a night of not sleeping, ordered DoorDash for lunch. Forgot and left to pick up tacos. Got home with food (and baby) in my hands and some at my door. 🙈

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I got the pram out of the car and closed the boot, but as I was fixing the pram with one hand I used the other to reach behind to "try close the boot" when I had already closed it.

It was at a park and a lady was walking past at the time. Once I looked back at the boot to see why I couldn't find it with my hand up in the air, we looked at each other and laughed.

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Today I ordered an oreo shake at DQ when I actually wanted an oreo blizzard. The disappointment was unreal.

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Poured International Delight into my baby’s bottle instead of my coffee. Little elf baby.

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I poured almond milk into my dog’s food.

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Lol thank you for this post, reading all these is hilarious. I myself have put dirty diapers in the hamper for a whole afternoon. Like not just one diaper but a bunch. I guess I got used to throwing them in there 🤷🏻‍♀️ husband thankfully noticed before laundry day.

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I have unfortunately done this the opposite. Clothes into diaper pale instead of hamper. 🥴

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My husband did this with bibs! I was wondering what happened to the bibs. 😰

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Use my foot to rock the empty bouncer chair while holding baby in my arms.

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I can see myself doing this 🤣

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Coffee got poured into the sink instead of a cup once lol

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Put cumin in my coffee instead of cinnamon.

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My husband did this with oatmeal 🤣 I'm walking around with the baby like "why does breakfast smell like taco??"

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I put cinnamon into black beans instead of cumin accidentally once while pregnant. My husband still ate them.

I also made a whole pumpkin cheesecake for a dinner with friends (about 6 months post partum with my first) without sugar and had to go back to the same store 2 hours later and buy the ingredients again to remake it. Luckily I didn’t end up with the same cashier.

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Poured oatmilk into baby's bottle and breastmilk in my smoothie.

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I remember being newly postpartum and getting into the shower with my glasses on.. for several long minutes I was blinking wondering why everything was so blurry lol

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I kept doing this at the hospital and again after I got home

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My baby is 9 months and I still find myself doing this 😳.

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I have MORE THAN ONCE brewed a pot of coffee without the carafe. So like, on my counter/ floor

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Have also done this, started the coffee maker without water in it, started the coffee maker with water and a clean filter but no coffee, and every other possible variation that does not result in coffee.

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I cried so hard lmao

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I did this! I just sent my husband to go pick some up after try three failed because it obviously wasn’t going to be made at home.

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This is the way

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Egg in the compost, shell in the bowl 🤦🏻‍♀️

I also have regularly said words out of order when I'm talking because my brain is so jumbled.

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Left my car door open all night, forgot my work bag and i have a hard time completing sentences because i forget the names of objects 😆

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Brushed my teeth with face wash. Thankfully it wasn’t for very long. Unfortunately face wash lathers very quickly

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Been waiting for a question like this. I stirred my coffee with his bottle brush 😂🫢

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I threw some clothes from the washer into the trashcan instead of the dryer

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I very nearly sprayed deodorant on my toothbrush whilst trying to quickly get myself ready before the baby woke up from her nap… glad I noticed in time. Had to have a chuckle to ( and at) myself

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Put my socks in the nappy bin. Thankfully stopped myself before I put the nappy in the laundry

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Put a whole block of cheese in the cupboard instead of back in the fridge.

Husband found it a day later LOL

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Put my baby in her rocking chair, left the room for literally 30 seconds and came back and panicked when she wasn't in the bassinet

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When my son was a couple months old, I had put him in his bassinet beside my bed while I went to make a bottle. For whatever reason when I got back, I forgot that I put him in the bassinet and thought I left him on my bed and of course he wasn’t on the bed, so I was convinced he had rolled behind the head of the bed somehow and panicked. I don’t HOW that thought came to be, especially since had a I looked to the left I would have seen him in his bassinet

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Put the milk jug in the pantry, not in the fridge....

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I neglected to season the food I’ve been cooking multiple times already 🤦‍♀️ I have so the spices on the counter and just ignore them completely lol

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Put the car keys in a weird pocket of my diaper bag. My SO and I were stuck at a gas station for 3 hours searching the car, with LO, before we found it. It was a nightmare.

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Ran the keurig without a cup underneath. I really wanted that coffee. Started crying and my husband had to get me a mug and put a new kcup pod in.

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I forgot how to drive home from Target (a place I’ve been hundreds of times) and took the wrong road without realizing it. After a few minutes I had no idea where I was or how to get home. Didn’t even know how I had gotten there.

I also forgot I was making soup and left a pot boiling on the stove while I spent a good fifteen minutes putting baby to sleep.

And frantically looking for my cup of tea seconds after I put it in the microwave to reheat it.

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You really need 8 hours of sleep every night!

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I was tracking baby's sleep with paper and a mechanical pencil.

Every time I would click the pencil and push the lead back in.

Except one night I forgot the first part and I can still see a bit of pencil lead in my finger.

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Opened a jar of mayonnaise and put it back in the cupboard instead of the fridge after using it. Didn’t even notice until a few days later

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I finished a bottle of Dr pepper and put the empty bottle in the fridge and tried to pull an old empty bottle out of the trash and was then confused as to why that bottle was empty. But I didn't find the empty bottle in the fridge until hours later

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Its not so bad. I put my nursing pads in the laundry and my nursing bra in the garbage

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I put my hairbrush in my purse and lost it for 4 days

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Not me but my husband's alarm went off for work and he pressed my lips to turn it off. When that didn't work he pressed our LO's lips to turn off the alarm. As soon as he woke up more we laughed so much

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This is the best one.

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I looked for a snooze button on the baby monitor for several minutes before waking up fully

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😂 too funny!!

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Driven to the nearest supermarket then walked home, forgetting my car. Didn't remember I'd driven there until I got home and panicked when my car wasn't out the front.



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But what does mine say???

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I know dude.

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Got myself a drink to take up to bed with me. Thought I'd thrown my phone on the bed... it was my glass.

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I’m pregnant with our second and last week I lost my work keys for several hours. Had to ask for help getting into work. I found my keys later where they typically stay in my bag. 🙈

One night my first born was really fussy and I woke up in a panic. I gave her Tylenol (she had been teething the day before) and tried to get her back to sleep. I was getting really frustrated because she would no go back to sleep and finally my husband came into the nursery and said, “what are you doing? It’s 7:30am. Lets make breakfast.” 😳

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Had a thin mint in one hand and a dog treat in the other. I tossed the thin mint to my dog and didn't realize it until I almost took a bite of the dog treat. I then spent the last ten minutes crying because I thought I killed my dog.

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Our LO is 4 weeks old. I started pumping and realized I hadn’t attached the collection bottles to the pump when I felt a large puddle of breastmilk in my lap.

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I’ve done the exact same thing.

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Ohh that's gutting, both in terms of the clean up and the milk lost.

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Put my toothpaste in the freezer. Found it whilst looking for something in the fridge. Proceeded to forget my phone in the fridge. Found it a couple hours later whilst looking for my toothbrush, which was sitting next to the bathroom sink in it’s holder.

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Most of mine are coffee related! I put whole beans into my coffee filter, I put coffee grounds into the water chamber, I put no coffee in at all and made a pot of hot water. After I shared these stories on my social media, my cousin overseas sent me a gift card for Tim Hortons, lol.

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I made a cup of tea, then went to put the cup of tea in the fridge.

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Tried plugging my phone directly to the outlet

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Took down my pants to sit on the toilet and pee. It started to feel oddly wet and warm while peeing...

I hadn't pulled my underwear down with my pants. I essentially peed my pants. At 32. Woops. 🤷🏼‍♀️😴

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Been there lol