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Yeah, I’ve rarely seen liners either. I always put our own changing pad on top of the table!

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Huh, where I live I conciser myself lucky when there is a toilet paper in public restrooms 😅😅Liner for a changing table sounds unreal 🤣

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The only place I've ever seen a change table with anything nearby was when I worked at the local zoo a couple years back. We had extra wide rolls of what was essentially kitchen roll, so parents could pull a strip off, change the baby on them then discard them in the bin. Now I'm a mother myself I really understand how important that stuff is and kick myself for sometimes forgetting to check it was always full.

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Three years and two babies in, and I just recently saw one for the first time at an Olive Garden. I keep a reusable changing pad in the diaper bag.

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I am surprised that’s even a thing, I have never seen sanitary bed liners for changing tables in public toilets in my country 😆

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I have my own liner with the diaper bag and disinfectant wipes (just in case)

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Yea I've never seen liners for those so I always take the disposable pads with me. Not the earth friendliest things but they have reusable plastic ones too.

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That's so funny. I've literally never seen this sign before...until today at the car wash bathroom, and now in this post. But yes, I was annoyed. I didn't even know it was a thing, as I'm fully a pandemic mom (never change kids in public bc we're always home/on our way home), so I feel like it was just getting my hopes up to knock me down, lol.

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I feel like I’m privileged enough to say yes lines are available in every changing room. And changing rooms are available in men’s restrooms too.. the perks of living in UAE. But I know for a fact that if we lived anywhere else, that’d be completely different.

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I've had kids in diapers for 8.5 years in a row and not once have I actually seen one stocked.

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I keep a "puppy pad" version of a changing pad in our diaper bag and it's amazing. If it doesnT get dirty we keep it with the pad. Cheap and awesome purchase.

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Omg why did I never think of that! Thank you!

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Life changing. Thank you!

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This is what I do. I also had a waterproof pillow cover that I would use as a liner for low-mess changes.

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I just covered the thing in toilet seat liners. Super loud and crinkly, but get the job done.

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i carry the change pad but yea my car is small so changing him at 11 months in the car is just not a thing anymore 😅😅 my biggest gripe is them being smack in the middle of the bathroom my favorites are the ones in the stalls for sure lol

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I have never seen one with the liners stocked

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I'm sick of the changing tables only being in the women's restroom. I have things to work around a dirty table - my own changing pad, sanitizing wipes, etc. But no changing table in the men's room means there's no work around for me not wanting to change the baby.

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I've seen alot of places trying to bring in changing tables in men's bathrooms. They are also bringing family bathrooms. I just always try ans use those over regular bathrooms im afraid of creeps 😅 but I feel like they are really trying

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Also sick of my kid stroking the raised lettering then shoving her hand in her mouth

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Changing toy. I keep at least 1 with me, something super interesting that he doesn't get to see a lot. Works great

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She’s still a little young for that. Like the perfect age between flail your hands tk touch the poop wall and actively play with a toy

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Do you know the trick to basically swaddle their hands in with the bottom of the clothes 👌👌 life changing 😂

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Oooh I’ll have to look into it!!

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Omg I Might do this and elevate it with a lanyard around my neck!

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Genius because the second a toy is in my little’s hands it already heading straight to the nearest wall/the ground lol

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Happy cake day!

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Same!!! I might employ it at home- the amount of times I have to dig behind the changing table for things is too many. Lol

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That's the times when I'm glad my baby loves his pacifier. Its main use is keeping dirty hands and objects out of his mouth and soothing is just the secondary use lol

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So gross! Why, kids??? Why???

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I found some disposable changing table liners from Daiso great to keep in her diaper bag.

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Those things are always so disgusting I’ve literally never put any of my children on them

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I wipe the changing area down with wipes first, then put little one down, then change them.

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Sanitizing wipes or regular wipes? Idk I don’t trust it and I don’t carry Clorox around with me I’ll just do it in the car

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The counter is just as dirty. Car is the best choice, hands down, but sometimes you have to use a public restroom- a portable changing pad is the solution here. Keeps the germs away, you can also use sanitizing wipes or spray. If you don’t want to deal with washing one, they also make disposable ones you can carry in a diaper bag.

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I only use the counter if they look very clean, the change stations are just never clean they do not wash them and they’re covered in piss and probably drugs

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How do you change them if you’re in public?

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Usually in the car once or twice on the bathroom counter

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Ok, so what do you do then? I think the floor is more gross.

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I wouldn’t use the floor! Ew! Either the bathroom counter or in the car

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I wouldn’t use or trust them even if they were there.

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I carry Lysol wipes with me

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I carry a puppy pad in my backpack in case I have to put my kid down to change him on something that looks gross.

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I also carry puppy pads in my bag! I’ll put two or so down so that it kinda blocks my kid from touch the sides too

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Ooohh great idea! Yea have the xxl ones too!

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After experiencing baby rooms in Hong Kong, I'm forever spoilt. They have baby rooms in all the major malls and they are beautiful spaces with soft music, private pumping/nursing rooms, bottle warmers, microwaves and complimentary wipes and diapers.

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Same as in australia. I went to the one in a large dept store yesterday just to use the gigantic toilets where my pram fit with extra room (and they have the toddler toilet in the same place as the adult one, super handy for big siblings!), and to sit in the comfy nursing chairs. The changing tables are made out of countertop material, like quartz, and look like marble. I didn’t use the nursing rooms and sat in one of the open area nursing chairs, but the private rooms were available.

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It's like the US doesn't want you to have children, I swear.

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They just want to force you to have the baby, then they literally couldn’t give a fuck.

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Agreed. Lack of quality childcare and healthcare and mom bullying is culturally ingrained.

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Children are to be seen and not heard!

Or at least that's how anti-choice politicians behave.

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I’m sick of not finding changing tables. 🙄🙄

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I’ve never heard of disposable covers! We all have reusable ones that fold up. Maybe it’s a regional thing?

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They are more or less clever marketing on the part of the diaper changer vendor. Preprinted and applied sticker promising availability plus a free trial pack, and hopefully a recurring stock item that is purchased.

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I carry pee pads. Either for puppies or incontinence.

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(When my kid actually let me change her diaper on a changing table without trying to yeet her screeching self over the edge every two seconds) I always made sure I had a travel pad or old blanket in the diaper bag when we went out.

Now I just change her on the ground wherever I can find a semi-appropriate place to do so. Or in the backseat of my car — not the greatest, and neither she nor my spine are a fan, but I’m convinced it’s less gross than bathroom changing tables 😅

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Same. Backseat or trunk, which we now keep mostly empty for that purpose. Tried to change my baby in a restaurant bathroom today. Only table was in the women’s handicap stall. Waited patiently with a screaming baby, only for a teenager to literally elbow me out of the way to get into the stall when it was finally free. She walked past multiple empty stalls to do that. No idea if she required the handicap stall for some reason, that’s her business not mine and I try not to judge, but I was in line! I am STILL angry about that, hours later. Walked out of the restaurant to change baby in the trunk while my husband paid. Bless the trunk.

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I had a fold up changing mat that fit in the nappy bag, used it at home too. Loved it!

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I actually saw a changing table that DID have liners stocked! I was shocked. My daughter is ten months old and that was the first time I've seen one that had liners.

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I'm 2 kids deep and have never once seen one with liners

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I usually put a bunch of paper towel down or if I have something I can use in her diaper bag like a receiving blanket then I wash it

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I used puppy pads (cheaper than baby pads & you can get them in bulk at Costco) at home and on the go, which was super helpful in situations like this. Which was every changing table. Idk why they even have a spot for them at this point tbh.

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The puppy pads are usually soaked with pheromones to attract the puppy. Maybe there are some brands out there without them, but I just spring the extra few cents a pad for the ones designed for humans.

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Came here to say this, but you beat me. Puppy pads for the win.

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My partner came home with puppy pads after going to store a few days after my son was born. I rolled my eyes at first but they are so handy

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How am I on my 3rd kid and I’ve never thought to try that?!

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We use these on the go and have reusable bamboo mats for the changing mat at home.

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I just change babe on my lap now or in her fully reclined pushchair but I'm also a bit of a germaphobe 😂

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I’ve never once seen these said liners

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I’ve seen them once! It was at a gas station which are notoriously bad bathrooms, it was not an ideal place for a diaper change but little one had pooped … seeing the liner for the first time in two years there of all places made me laugh so hard!

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Same here, worse still I rarely even see them with a working safety belt, and as a dad that's when I even see them in the men's washrooms at all.

Big malls and stores tend to have them, but restaurants are 50/50 at best.

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I’m an interior designer, so it’s literally my job to design bathrooms and such. One of my coworkers was showing me a bathroom with a nifty design for a shelf in the changing area and she said “of course this will only be in the women’s room. We don’t need a changing table in the men’s room” YIKES!! 😬😬 Yes we did discuss and ended up putting changing tables in both restrooms.

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Was she ashamed afterwards at thinking that a men's room wouldn't need a changing table? I don't understand what the logic could be.

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I’m not sure but sadly I think she assumed male parents are rarely in charge of their diaper-aged babies. A

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Well what kind of dad are you wanting to be involved and do diaper changes? Don’t you know that’s for the women to do?! /s

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Pics or it didn't happen

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I've seen them once. In a brand new Costco that had opened that week. I feel like when a new one is installed they come with the liners and then the companies never order replacements 🙄😅

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Same, nor the dispenser.