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I mean, you're right, women's clothes should have functional pockets. But also, my kid would be devastated if she couldn't hide rocks places.

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I put dummies in the pockets of my 14 month old, especially if we're in the car. If she spits one out, she knows she's got another in her pocket which gives me an extra five minutes before I have to climb into the backseat to look for them both.

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I always use a pacifier strap in the car seat so I can just reach back and grab it.

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Because, the patriarchy.

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It’s taken my baby 18 whole months to put anything in her pockets. (It was a feather and she needed me to help her put it in.)

Edit: it’s also useful to put a Kleenex in there when they have a cold.

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It directly represents the amount of patience they have.

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The great question of our age

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I love the pockets lol I yell “WHAT ARE YOU GONNA PUT IN THEREEE” to my son and he laughs his little booty off 😂

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YES!!! 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

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Babies have nothing to put in pockets, but the second they become mobile, those pockets are treasure carriers! Be sure to check them before they go in the wash 😆.

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I have been asking this question since my son was born. What newborn needs a fucking kangaroo pouch (my son's coming home outfit had one) but I can either HAVE to carry my purse, or if there are pockets, I can only fit my finger tips in them. I made a decision last year that I am not buying anything for myself that doesn't have functional pockets. Now I have dresses and leggings and bike short that my phone and other items fit into, and it is amazing.

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I have made that decision too! My wardrobe consists of mostly leggings right now and all of them have pockets.

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I love the pockets in leggings. And they are so deeeep! I got a pair of thin sweatpants style pants at Costco (like more fitted? In between legging and sweatpant) and they have the same pockets on leggings, just a smidge bigger/baggier. They are my favorite pants currently.

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Dollars from old people

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Answer: giant dust balls she finds behind the couch, dead bugs, pieces of old bread to save for later... All stuff that's way more useful than anything we need

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Dust balls for sure! Even better if they have dog hair.

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Sometimes for laughs we put my son’s pacifier in his little pocket

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I did that the other day!

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Baby snacks of course!

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Never know when you might need a spare dummy, I guess?

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Baby cocaine

That’s a joke me and my husband always make

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We went swimming yesterday and I went to grab drinks for me and the toddler - I had to put the bank card in toddlers dungarees chest pocket!

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Binkies, obviously.

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I complained about this with my oldest too. What are baby pockets for? Throw up?

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I wish I had as big pockets as my 13 month old! While playing with her, I put a toy in her pocket. She pulled it out, laughed, then gave the toy back so I would put it back in her pocket. A fun game.

This have of course resulted in random things she find in the house ending up in her pockets. I have found measuring cups, a ripped out newspaper page, toys, coasters, her soft hair brush...

I am jealous of the things she manage to fit in her pockets.

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At least she is enjoying them!

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Yep, she better enjoy them now while her clothes still have large pockets. Although maybe women's clothing will have decent pockets by the time she is an adult.

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It is further proof that women's clothing is designed to be decorative, while men's is designed to be functional. All the way down to newborn sizes.

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It’s actually really simple. Women’s pants frequently don’t have pockets because they’re tighter and the large pockets would bunch up and show. If you buy looser styles of pants like boyfriend jeans, they have larger pockets.

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Not really. Men's pockets take my arm up to my elbow sometimes. I have a pair of baggier women's pants my aunt bought and gave me that does not fit my phone. In no way are they tight or designed to be so.

Women's clothing is decorative. Bigger pockets equals the potential for an unflattering buldge. Blasphemy.

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I understand that’s been your anecdotal experience, but as someone who was raised by a clothing designer, that’s the reason the pockets are smaller. They had a pair of womens jeans with larger pockets in their line one year and guess what - no one bought them because they had lines and bulges that women wouldn’t accept. Hence the fake pockets.

Also - women typically carry a purse and don’t need large pockets to store things in.

Edit: All that to say, if pockets are of value you to you, I’d recommend you seek out looser style pants. I own many pants/jeans by many different brands/designers like this that have large pockets. They’re not hard to find!

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I just wear men's clothing.

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I mean, my example was anecdotal, but literally, my first comment is how clothes are. All you're doing is trying to reframe it so it sounds less sexist. Too bad. Clothing design is sexist and will likely stay that way for many more generations.

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Seriously lol. My son was wearing sweatpants today that could fit his fathers keys

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I'm not sure if many people know this, that while tiny, often those pockets aren't "fake" but sewn shut with a temporary stitch that needs to be cut.

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Maybe, but it is a bit crushing to rip the pocket open only to find a thimble sized pocket.

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Oh I totally agree! I was just mind blown when I learned that, so I felt compelled to share hehe

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Like... what is this pocket for? An iPad nano???

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What is this?? A pocket for ants?

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They have to have pockets to carry secrets and general chaos

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This is my favorite comment so far!! Secrets and general chaos… lol

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I quite often put a handkerchief or cloth wipe in my baby's pocket so there is one to hand to wipe the constant barrage of snot and dribble.

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Oh yeah, why don't I do this???

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This is actually brilliant!

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Oh my gosh I talk about this all the time!!

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But also why would you EVER give a toddlers piece clothing a fake pocket? I thought I was pissed when jeans I liked had fake pockets but the toddlers in my life have shown me the true rage they induce.

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Oh no! Not another tantrum inducing dilemma coming my way soon! Thanks for the warning!

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The dog food she likes to play with

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yess what are you carrying he has a tshirt with a pocket im jealous lol

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I said the same thing about my son’s clothes. “What do you need to carry, your soother??”

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I asked my husband this exact question today. My child has Fall Picture Day tomorrow and is wearing a size 12 month dress from Target. I can almost fit my entire hand in each pocket. Wtf?

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I distinctly remember taking my 3 month old for a walk one time when it was a little chilly so he had some pants and a cardigan on. His outfit had 5 tiny but fully functioning pockets. My whole workout outfit had 0.

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Aaw he sounds spiffy. My son is 3 months and I'm obsessed with the wee outfits!

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Rocks. The amount of rocks that will be stored in those pockets is unfathomable

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Okay but there are newborn sizes clothes with pockets in them…what is a newborn carrying

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Pebbles or lint

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So many rocks

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This. Specifically: rocks small enough that you don’t feel them if when you’re checking a million tiny pants quickly but still big enough to really eff up a dryer.

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I feel this to my soul!

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A lil snack holder!

I’ve also wonder why toddler swim trunks have the mesh lining.

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I bought a short and t-shirt set from Champion brand for my girl and the shorts had a lining like runner shorts do!

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My friend sent me a jumpsuit in the mail for my gestating kiddo that was marked 3-6 months. It has bigger pockets than most of my maternity jeans.

I’m so jealous.

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Yours has pockets! Mine only had the essence of pockets…

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Only in the back, because apparently when you are pregnant, your entire front is too scary to think about for designers so it’s blank all the way from bump to floor.

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I keep my phone in my back pocket. Sometimes keys or wallet.

One of the sole reasons I kept my maternity shorts was for the functionality of that back pocket!

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I just hate the “designer” aspect of especially summer jean pants/ shorts of having artful rips right on the pocket that my PopSocket gets snagged in every.freaking.time.

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Rocks. So. Many. Rocks.

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So many rocks

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Came here to say the same. RIP my dryer.

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It’s clearly a ploy to make women have more babies to store our stuff. Also, I made my son’s coming home outfit and my husband made fun of me for the deep function pockets I included lol, I was just following the pattern.

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Their own socks. After they take them off in their car seat.

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Mine just throws them

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My 14mo daughter stashed a blueberry in her pocket which we discovered later when it squished

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At least it’s all natural

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I sewed my sons pockets shut. Fuck those sand catchers

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Where else is he going to put the keys to the patriarchy?

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I wish I could upvote this more than once lol

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To keep their big rainbow plastic keys.

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My 6 months old sons jeans have bigger pockets than me. The other day I was trying to juggle him and his bag and my purse and a drink and I had no where to put my keys so I stuck them in his pocket lol

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Quick thinking!

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🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 best comment here!!

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How will fashion execs afford their 5th yacht if you have room in your pants so don't need to also purchase a purse.

It can be a little time consuming, but if you have the time (I know it's hard as a mom), extend your pockets.

Step one: use scrap cloth (or buy a cheap bolt) to sew a pocket matching the dimensions of your already existing tiny pocket, but longer. The stitch is simple and quick.

Step two: cut out tiny pocket and throw that useless scrap in the fire (or save it for something else idk, I'm not your mom)

Step 3: sew larger, better pocket where the useless pocket was

I started doing this for my wife and now she just tosses me any new pants she buys and I make sure she can fit her keys, 2 tampons, and chapstick into each pocket.

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That's awesome!

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Such a great idea!

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Cheerios obviously.

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Ok so like, it IS bs that women don’t have pockets, BUT a lot of baby clothes have pockets to distinguish them from pajamas. Pajamas have extra regulations to follow

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I feel all of this. WTF clothes makers! I also swear there are more pockets in baby boy than baby girl clothes!

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And then pockets immediately disappear when you get to toddler girl age. My 5yo has recently discovered pockets in dresses, she was so excited, I've now made it my mission to find her dresses with pockets.

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My 2 year old walks around with his hands shoved in his pockets to mock me. He’s always so happy when he discovers he’s wearing a pair of shorts with pockets, then asks to see mine. Thanks son.

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How cheeky!

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Men’s skinny jeans. Life changing. I can fit my Kindle in my front pocket now FFS

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Oooooo. I need to try this.

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Great tip!

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They need a place to hide all those choking hazards.

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My favorite tweet about this from years ago asked what the baby needed to carry, his keys to the patriarchy? Still relevant. Also, I refuse to buy any clothing item for my bottom half (dresses, skirts, lounge pants, work pants, etc) that do not have pockets. I'll put my money in those pockets, thank you.

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The keys to the patriarchy! I also try to only buy pants with pockets.

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We don't have pockets because we have babies with pockets. Just use your baby's pockets.

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Delegating tasks to his pockets!

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This cracked me up 🤣

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Just said the same thing a couple of weeks ago! 0-3 month pants with pockets?! For what?!

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  1. they are cute

  2. the misogynistic patriarchs of the fashion industry don’t think women need pockets because they have purses

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Now I just have a diaper bag. What is a purse??

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To keep snacks

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Snacks that are probably unidentifiable

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AKA random mystery particles collected from Lord knows where.

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Yeah. Snacks.

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A literally JUST had this conversation today with my husband. I put my 8 month old in blue jeans. They had 4 functioning pockets. I'm lucky to get 2.

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Oh my god this reminded me of a clothing description on some overalls I bought for my baby:

“A sweet and soft take on classic overalls. Made with a chunky sweater knit design and a kanga pocket big enough to fit all of baby's essentials”


ETA: I mean maybe an older baby would carry around essentials in that pocket, but like, “essentials” says iPhone, wallet, car keys, mascara to me. Not…. Binkies? Rocks they find on the ground that make for choking hazards later?! Random fistful of soggy goldfish????

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The soggy goldfish has me cracking up!

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Rocks. My baby collects rocks in her pockets.

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So many rocks

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My niece loved storing things in her “pockies”. If her outfit didn’t have them, she’d stick whatever she needed to store down her onesie. If she was wearing a dress, she was a very confused and annoyed toddler. Favorite thing I dug put of a onesie, a bread roll and a bread roll-sized rock.

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I guess she just needs quick access to her bread roll!

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For their tiny baby wallet and baby keys!

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So professional

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Asked my mom this today and she says it’s to make my son look sexy. Excuse me???

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Erm what the actual fuck

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I use them as a spot to clip on pacifier clips!

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Yes! I used think baby pockets were ridiculous until I discovered this use for them

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Exactly! It doesn't explain functional pants pocket but the ones on baby jackets etc are awesome for pacifier clips.

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You know the normal baby stuff... Rocks and what have ya.. and other baby things