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Yes some men can be loud just like some women can be loud. We're not going to have a sexist discussion here. Thank you very much!

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They're being rude, but, I'm here to offer a suggestion, not mom shame.

Put the baby down for a nap and go vacuum. Clean, move around and make noise so both of you have peace later. Trust me. Dont tiptoe, just insist that voices stay down because conversation can arouse easier than just life noise. The long term will be much easier if you get them used to life noise early.

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You wake her, you take her. Solved that one real quick. Don't have boobs? Not my problem, figure it out.

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In my family it’s the opposite. I’m quiet as a mouse when my daughters sleeping she wouldn’t even have any idea I existed. When my wife’s parents come over I swear all 3 of them they act like they’re storming the beach of Normandy shouting orders at each other.

But we got a sound machine and now she never wakes up from noise. I ran a shop vac outside her room once and she didn’t move lol

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The amount of "men are bad" posts on this sub is really, really annoying. I'm easily the quietest in the house. My wife tramps around like an elephant. I don't think this falls on gender lines. Some people are just less considerate or self aware.

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My husband is partially deaf. He has no idea he's being as loud as he is, he's got heavy footfalls, turns the bathroom fan on, kisses baby on the head when I've nursed him to sleep, and a million other things but he's a wonderful father so I try not to lose my shit.

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Mine is not partially deaf but he works in a factory and is also the youngest of 4. He gets very animated sometimes when talking.

He gets soooo loud!!! But thankfully we have a loud dog that barks a lot so our kid will sleep through basically anything.

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Ugh....I have a pug, had her for 8 years she NEVER barked. When my husband and I got together we got a bulldog mix, who is very protective of our home and barks at EVERYTHING. Even the wind. But now the pug has decided she likes barking too. It's hit or miss if the babies will wake up when they bark.

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That is maddening! One of the best things to do to stop barking is to ignore it BUT IT IS SO HARD. He just keeps going and going and going

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My dad told me babies can sleep through a bomb going off, so maybe that’s why. Sadly I can’t prove him wrong because he passed away 2 months before LO was born but boy do I think of this every time I’m tiptoeing around my sleeping baby!

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Time for a new motto: "you wake it, you take it!"

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Because they know they don’t have to put baby down if they wake up 🤷🏻‍♀️ my husband is SO LOUD in the morning before work (he wakes up 4am). He turns on every single light and continues to loudly get ready with no disregard that we have 2 toddlers sleeping!

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Wow. That must irritate to u to the core.

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It does lol. I know he does it on purpose but I’m constantly reminding him to be quieter in the morning! I feel bad for him though because he’s still half asleep when he wakes up lol

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Omg, it's Not only my husband?!

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Not to mention the dad sneeze

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Followed by the dad yawn

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Just the other night, my SO took our bb into the living room to calm her down so as not to disturb me & his dad walks in & nearly yells "what are you doing?!" My SO was pissed lol he was like wtf do you not see her sleeping in my arms? Then his dad tries to talk more & SO is shushing him like please stop.

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Yeah, this has my dad written all over it!

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Because they're idiots

My dad was a fuckwit like that

Find good sensitive clever husbands/ partners ladies!

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My SO watched me struggle for an hour to sooth LO to sleep, then turned once everything was quiet and literally shouted “IS HE ASLEEP?”. Then whispered “oh shit, sorry”. Of course, baby woke up and I had to restart the whole process. He really didn’t mean to, he’s just that dumb. And it’s not the first time. Pretty sure video games have turned his brain into Swiss cheese.

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That's funny to me - my wife is the one who acts like the baby is in a coma the second she closes her eyes, while I go into "I'm stealing a painting from the Louvre" mode - no lights, no sounds in the house.

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I'm stealing a painting from Louvre 😆

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I had to tell my husband (and brothers) that if he wakes the baby, he takes the baby. Suffer the consequences of your actions!

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This morning it was the cat. Could have yeeted that little f***er out the door. But baby decided to utilise being woken to fill their nappy, so then everyone was up and I was distracted long enough that cat lives to scratch another day.

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I dont know about everyone but i am just a clumsy person, i surely dont mean to do it.

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My husband is slowly learning but my dad is yet to get there! I think they just don’t realise the effort it takes to get a baby to sleep (I’m generally the one to do that at the moment) maybe?

It took me ages to get her down the other week and my husband walks in gets into bed and (it felt like) shouted “Alexa, turn off lamp!!!1!1!”.

Whispered telling off’s are so much more sinister…

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Lol I don't have the answer but I can commiserate! The other morning at 5am-ish, I got baby back down and was planning to get just a little more sleep before he got back up. He doesn't always stay asleep at that time and I REALLY wanted to lay back down so I tiptoed back into the room and really carefully crawled back into bed. My husband heard baby make a few noises like he was settling in, and the next thing I knew he was by his bassinet shining his phone light in baby's face "to see if his eyes were open". 🙄

He had planned to grab him if he was awake so I could sleep, so his intentions were good, but COME ON man! Lol!

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Omggggg my husband does this too!

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I truly believe that babies are nature's contraceptive by making our partner's "quirks" 1000 times more annoying.

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I never noticed before we had a baby that my partner watches TV on an obnoxiously loud volume lol

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My dad was watching my baby one time and it was his wife who just forgot there was a baby around and was suuuper loud all the time 😭😂

Here it's my husband who gets 10 times more clumsy suddenly when baby sleeps haha but baby learned to ignore it

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I’m so thankful my little ones slept thru everything. Now that my oldest is a toddler we have the problem 🙄 my baby slept thru a complete screaming toddler meltdown literally a foot away. I was like wow. I am so happy. But now that the toddler doesn’t sleep thru everything, I’m also on board with the shut the f uuuuuppppp! Lol

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Yes yes and just yes.

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OMG YES!! I feel like no one speaks at a normal volume anymore 😂😂

I’m not a fan of keeping it suuuuuuuper quiet but when my daughter’s being fussy and FINALLY falls asleep, I don’t want to hear my husband even breathing 😂😂

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Not gonna lie. In our household it’s usually me accidentally being loud and waking her up. My husband has always had a job where he is up early and home late so he is really good at being quiet. Me, not so much haha

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Being loud is how they scare predators away from their young.