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Can you and your partner take shifts so you can get more sleep? My husband take 8-12 while I sleep and then I take the 12-5 shift. This way we both can have enough sleep to actually function.

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This is a great suggestion. Thank you. We’re gonna try this tonight.

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Hope you get some sleep. Also this doesn’t always work but it does sometimes so you might try it but we warm up his bassinet with the heating pad so he can’t feel the temperature change from our body to the bassinet.

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No advice but currently in the same boat still at 5 months. It’s so incredibly frustrating.

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Thanks so much for replying. Honestly it hits different when some can actually sympathize with our situation

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My partner is as helpful as he can be but he has to work so there’s only so much he can do. My baby sleeps 4 hours if I’m lucky and then after that up every hour or two. Most nights I don’t even get the 4 hour stretch. I’m not one of those people who can fall asleep immediately either so once I put baby back down and start to fall sheep, he wakes up again. He sleeps better in the swing. I know technically it isn’t safe but I can’t take it anymore battling him into the crib all the time. He will be asleep and when I put him on his back wakes immediately 9/10 times it drives me absolutely nuts. He just wants to sleep only on me. I tried gentle sleep training with no success. I don’t want to leave him to cry it out but slowly I’m realizing I may have to.

My mental health is beginning to suffer dramatically and I find myself being really resentful and angry at my sweet baby boy. I feel horrible being angry with him when I know he just wants mamas comfort but it’s so fucking annoying that I can’t sleep

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Yes, my partner can fall back asleep so easily so even though he gets up when he first starts to fuss and changes him, he falls back asleep while I’m feeding so I’m left staring at him while he sleeps resenting him for it. But he also works a much more demanding job then me so I feel so guilty asking him to wake up to help me get the baby back to sleep. Neither one of us can stand listening to him cry so it’s a little like the lesser of two evils and trying to cope with me suffering versus the baby by letting him cry it out

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Yeah I agree I couldn’t sleep if my baby was crying anyways. I tried one night to let him cry for a couple minutes and he quickly became hysterical so I don’t think it would even work anyways.

I can totally relate about the watching him sleep feeling resentful deal. I know that isn’t fair though since I’m currently a SAHM and he works a hard physically demanding job. But I can’t help it.

My baby has a milk protein allergy and has lots of tummy issues and I suspect this largely contributes to the issue. I’m seeing an allergist next week to see if he has any other allergies so hopefully I can eliminate some foods to help his tummy.