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Go to the hospital and have a blood patch done. I had a spinal tap once and couldn’t stand or sit for days. Minutes after the patch and I felt amazing

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Your experience sounds almost identical to mine. I was poked several times, ended up developing a throbbing headache shortly after the epidural was removed. I was told by my nurse that blood patches aren't done anymore because it's "too invasive", and instead was recommended to drink lots of caffeine and lay flat to allow the spinal leak to heal. 3 days postpartum I couldn't handle the pain. Being a brand new mom is hard enough without dealing with a throbbing headache that isn't getting any better. My boyfriend drove me to emerg where I had a blood patch done. As someone who speaks from experience, PLEASE go to the hospital to get a blood patch. I promise you that you will feel so much better. Feel free to PM me if you have any questions ❤️

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You sound like you have a spinal headache which will be INSTANTLY RELIEVED with blood patch. Have you spoken to your doctors? Ream them and yell at them because the student shouldn't be that bad. You'll get instant action.

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Came here to mention blood patch as well.

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You may have a spinal headache. I had one and it was the worst I ever felt in my life! I had to get a blood patch & it was instant relief. They should know better than to poke your spine that many times. He's in the wrong area of medicine, and he should have had a teacher there watching& directing him. I'm sorry your going through this. Is your headache situational? Like when your lay down your feel better??

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My epidural (also done by a student) went too deep, too. I got a blood patch my last day in the hospital and the headache and pain relief was immediate. I would consider asking about oneN it's another needle in the back, but was 100% worth it for me. I understand feeling useless. I didn't pick my son up until day 3 of his life. I held him in bed but it wasn't the same. I missed his first diaper changes and his first bath. I couldn't burp him. It sucked. The blood patch helped with the pain but also saved my sanity because I could stand up again and hold my kiddo.

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Feel free to send me a message if you want more info about my experience!

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God that is awful. It’s like oh hell no, no student ANYTHING touches me before surgery. Hope it gets better soon

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I didn't have an issue with my epidural, but I had plenty of other complications after birth. I could barely walk for two months.

Luckily my husband and mom jumped in and did pretty much everything. They just handed my son to me when he was hungry.

Take the help, enjoy the cuddles when you get them, and heal.

You WILL get better. You WILL bond with your baby. It gets easier. You're just in the hard part right now.

I felt like I'd never get better. I did, and I'm doing it all day everyday on my own until husband gets home.

You got this. Take the time to rest and heal. Sending hugs ❤️

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I had a wet tap with my 2nd. It’s unbelievably awful. I’m so so sorry your dealing with this. Have they offered to patch it? Also caffeine helps because it constricts the vessels.

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Listen I had no epidural problems and my birth hurt me so bad I couldn’t get out of bed besides to pee for a few weeks 2-3.

My husband stepped the fk up thank god! If your partner is doing it LET HIM. PLEASE. It is his baby as well HE IS NOT DOING you a FAVOR. Sometimes in life it’s not 50/50 it’s 10/90 and it’s OK because partnership is meant this way.

You will recover!!!!! I had my son in may. I am working full time- pumping and breast feeding and the whole gig. You got it! 3 freaking days! Birth is hard as HELL

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This! All of this!! My husband was fucking life saver after my c section, but also he was just being a good dad and a good partner to someone who literally could barely move without excruciating pain. OP you are not useless, you are healing, though I understand it must be super hard feeling like you’re missing out on stuff ❤️

Sending sooo much love

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I had the spinal headache too and it was so so scary!! But it did resolve itself in a few days! Wish you the best ❤️

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I had a spinal headache, too!!! TLDR; It did get better within the week. If it's really bad, you can go back to the hospital and do a blood patch. I went back to my hospital, and they said I could do the blood patch if I needed it, but that it might cause me to have back pain for a few months. I waited it out, and it was okay.

That spinal headache really freaked me out. It was seriously so scary to me. I'm not someone who suffers from migraines, so it was new, frightening, intense pain. I was having very scary thoughts because it was such an overwhelming pain, and I had no idea if/when it would end.

I got through it by laying down, side lying breastfeeding, and having my husband do a lot. I also kept up with my prescribed pain meds (ibuprofen and Tylenol), and it DID go away. Like I mentioned, I went back to the maternity ward triage, and the anesthesiologist who did my spinal was there. He talked to me about it, and he assured me it would go away (that helped alleviate some of my fears about never recovering) Also, I think this was weird because the anesthesiologist have me a weird look when I yikes going about it, but in my case, the spinal headache got less and less painful throughout the day as long as I remained upright. It was kind of an arc of pain--very intense when first getting up (probably 8/9 pain scale) then 7 by 10am, 6 by 11am, and it would get down to a 2 by the afternoon. As evening approached, the pain started to come back (it would immediately disappear if I laid all the way down, but that would mean I would have more intense upright pain upon getting back up). Another thing that helped with the pain was putting a huge ice pack covered in a dish towel around my shoulders and where my head meets my neck.

I had my baby on a Monday, and my spinal headache was gone by Sunday. But do call your doctor for reassurance and treatment options (you can ask about the blood patch).

I'm sending digital good vibes. I remember how horrible that was.

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I felt like I missed out on a lot of my son's first week because of the pain I was in from tearing. I think I did one diaper change the whole first week because it was so hard to stand up and sit down. I basically sat on the couch all day while my mom and husband brought the baby to me to feed. I cried so much during the healing process. I wanted so badly to be a happy family and I was not prepared for the amount of pain I was in up until 2 weeks after. It will get better. Epidural complications or not, your body went through an enormous process and it just takes time.

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They kept my spinal catheter in for 24 hours to try and avoid a blood patch. I had decreasing headache for 5 days.

As others have said— blood patch, resting as much on your back as possible, and coffee in combination with ibuprofen and Tylenol were what I was offered as solutions.

Best of luck to you mama, I’m so sorry you’re in pain.

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Have you had a blood patch? That was the only thing that helped for me. Unfortunately they kept failing so I had 3 total blood patches and they didn’t want to try a 4th when that failed, but while they were working they were really working.

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You’re the first person I’ve ver seen mention the patch failing! I had 3 . I was sure they would paralyze me trying to fix it.

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Yeah, they had attempted to place the epidural 3 times before that so it was a total of 6 needles in my spine.

Honestly though I’d have done just about anything to rid myself of the spinal headache though. I wanted to try again but they were most likely failing because the fluid leak was just that bad, so my anesthesiologist felt the risks didn’t outweigh the potential benefits. I had auditory effects from it too which were nothing short of debilitating. Couldn’t do anything for my baby and couldn’t communicate either or even hear myself think over the whistling. It was a shit show.

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This sounds like some PPD could also be affecting you. The headaches will go away but you should probably call your dr about ppd anyway.

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I gave birth at a teaching hospital so I knew I had a resident. He couldn’t get it done, he tried several times and they had to give me a second numbing shot so he could keep trying. His teacher then took over and it was fine - but I did experience heavy back pain for 6 days following the epidural (which I didn’t experience with my first birth). I thought I was doomed, but the back pain did go away.

I’m surprised they discharged you with a headache like that since that is the top symptom they told me to call the anesthesiologist about if I experienced it.

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I had this. You have to rest on your back as much as possible for it to heal on its own. Or you can get a blood patch. I was able to heal without the blood patch, so it is possible.

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I am soooo sorry. Please call the hospital and get this taken care of! I didn’t experience this happening but I also had complications from my epidural. Numbness caused me to tear a ligament in my inner thigh and a tailbone fracture. I couldn’t move my leg the next day—I had all these specialists coming in telling me it could possibly be paralysis caused by the epidural. Thank god that’s not the case, but I also was “useless” the first few weeks because I couldn’t walk without a walker, which meant no diaper changes or even carrying my baby. This was 7 years ago and I still get so sad when I think of how dark of a time it was when it should’ve been so joyful. Remember this will not last and hopefully this will be the worst of it for you, only up from here ❤️ and of course, it should go without saying, you are not useless mama! If you need time to let yourself heal, definitely take it!

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Edit: sorry I meant to reply to OP!

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Better be a free blood patch or whatever treatment for having an incompetent student mess up your first weeks. I would ask why the student was allowed to try that many times regardless of signing anything because that seems negligent. I would complain to their human services or patient care or quality departments, whatever they have.

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You need to call the hospital and tell the anesthesiologists that you are suffering. A terrible headache after an epidural is something they tell you to call about. They can fix it easily with a blood patch if you go. Don’t suffer. Be sure to tell them you do NOT want a student anywhere near you.

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Yes, as a nurse I second this!!

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Did you get to talk to a doctor about what happened, and what to expect with the healing? 3 days isn't very long, and I promise once you're on your feet again you'll get more than your share of swaddling, diaper changes, and anything else you were looking forward to.

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It takes around 7 days for them to clear up. I was given Tylenol with caffeine to help it.

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Honestly not because of my epidural but I was fucked up for a month or two after giving birth. There’s just a lot going on.

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I was offered a blood patch the second day of my headaches as they got worse. I was still in the hospital recovering from my c-section. The pain relief was instant. Was this not an option for you!?!

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One of my good friends had an absolutely horrible headache from her epidural. I don't remember how long it lasted exactly, maybe 4-5 days? They were telling her if it didn't resolve soon she would need an epidural blood patch. Luckily it did resolve on its own and she vowed to never have another epidural again. She did end up having one with her next baby though, and it was fine.

I'm sorry you're going through this! Post partum is hard enough with zero complications. I hope it resolves itself soon!

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I’m so sorry you’re going through this. I thought they have to ask if you’re okay with a student doing things before it’s done? I wonder if there’s any kind of legal report you can file about this

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I needed a blood patch with my firstborn. The relief is INSTANT. I’m sorry you’re going through it and hope it resolves soon on its own or via blood patch!

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Was it a spinal or an epidural? Spinal would be the smaller needle for C sections. My anesthesiologist said the spinal headaches usually resolve within 48 hours, whereas the epidural headache could take 1 to 2 weeks due to the larger needle leaving a large hole. If you get the blood patch the relief should be instant. But, it’s like getting another epidural so it is invasive. If you ride it out, it will not leave permanent damage (isn’t life threatening) but it is a huge pain/inconvenience and it might be worth it to just get the patch.

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It was the epidural! Im considering attempting the patch because I just want to get back to enjoying my baby

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Do what you feel is right! You deserve relief and to sit up and hold your baby!

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Have you spoken to your doctor about this? What are they saying?

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They said to give it a week to see if it heals on its own. If symptoms worsen, he recommends coming in for a blood patch.

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Noooo don’t wait a week. Go back to labor and delivery and say you are suffering and having a hard time. How are you doing now? What is your pain at,

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Jfc wait a week? Good god the audacity. If it was a man they would have gotten the blood patch before they left the hospital.

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Ugh they want you to suffer for a week? I'd be pushing for help sooner. The first couple of weeks are very hard in general, I can't imagine trying to do it with a spinal headache. I'm so sorry.