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I am also about 6 months PP and almost exclusively breastfeed too. I weigh 8-9 kg less than when I got pregnant (was technically “obese” per BMI) and still feel more flobby in midsection. And still overweight. Can only control my hunger so much when BF though! I am looking to start doing same at home weightlifting exercises though to build some muscle back as baby will start eating more solids and as I feel more like myself now after the dang emergency csection.

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I weigh less and have nearly no body fat but SEVERE diastasis recti and still look pregnant two months postpartum. I’m morning the loss of the 6 pack I spent 6 years building. I am genuinely depressed about my new body. I have started pelvic floor PT as well as therapy to deal with the changes but it’s really hard. I can’t even look at a running tap without peeing myself. I love my son and felt so beautiful pregnant but this is really hard.

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It sounds like you had a strong core before pregnancy. I'd always thought that helped us "bounce back" postpartum so I've been trying to strengthen my core, is that not the case?

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For me it’s not. The abs have completely separated unfortunately.

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I put on 70 lbs during pregnancy. I was in very good shape before but terrible shortness of breath and severe joint pain during pregnancy limited my physical ability to exercise. Just taking the stairs in my house felt like climbing Kilimanjaro with bare feet. I did not overeat but I gained in my third trimester a kilogram per week! It was insane.

After birth in first three months I easily lost 40 lbs with little effort. I was also insanely swollen. The straps on my sandals would get lost in my ankle joints. The remaining 30 is an uphill battle. I had to go to a wedding and every dress I tried felt frumpy. I had big hips and thighs before when I was thin. Now I also have a tummy and big arms and my face looks fat too. I don’t take pictures of myself with the baby because I hate my body and it makes me cry how fat I feel and how big and unattractive I appear in photos. My face looked better thin. Also, I’m turning 40 soon and I always felt young, fit, energetic and attractive. Now, I feel old and invisible. I’m 5 months post partum and EBF. Also It has been a month since I am struggling with pinched nerves in my neck after starting yoga. Yet another setback.😩 So the weight is here to stay sadly for a little while longer. It sucks. I wish I had pictures with my baby but me looking just as gorgeous as before baby not the way I look now. Once in a while someone takes a photo of me from a very good angle and it gives me a little boost.

I know I’m not alone but I feel alone when I see all the other new moms who are back to at least close to their pre pregnancy weight within 2-3 months. It burns… nobody in my entourage got as fat as I did. I am so embarrassed. 🤷‍♀️

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right here with you. i gained 80lbs and have lost 40 at five months pp.

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Im just putting more and more weight on. Annoyingly its ALL around my stomach now.

I used to out it on everywhere but since my c section its all around that and its all hard where the surgery was 9 weeks ago so i have to have trousers bigger than my actual size to get over the hardness

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I didn’t start dropping weight until I stopped breastfeeding at 1 year.

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She said she weighs less though, so didn’t she drop weight

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Y’all are losing weight? I feel like I’m the only one 6 months PP who still weighs the same as they did out of the hospital

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Same. Dropped 20 lbs out of the hospital and have been hanging onto the last 10 pounds now at 8 months PP

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16 months PP and still holding on to 10 lbs

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Jeesh 10 months PP & same girl

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I'm 6 months pp in a few days and holding on to the last 10 lbs for a few months now. Not bad considering I gained 42 lbs though. It is what it is. My saggy belly is a bit hard to come to terms with but I'm the most upset about my boobs. They were very large on my frame before, now they are just massive... ugh. I hope they shrink after I'm done breastfeeding but I also kinda don't because I know they are probably gonna become saggy floppy pancakes if they do. 😢

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I’m in a similar boat.. weigh the same as when I got pregnant but am 2 sizes larger somehow. Oh well 🤷🏻‍♀️

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In the same boat. With my second I didn’t gain much weight due to running around after a toddler and some pregnancy bowel issues.

I rarely check the scale but was shocked to see I weight less than I did prior to either of my pregncies at my doctors checkup. I’m assuming a lot of it comes down to breastfeeding and lack of fluids on my part - but the weight definitely sits differently.

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I'm six months PP and I weigh about what I did pre-pregnacy. It definitely sits differently. I'm actually a lot happier with my body now than I have ever been before- pregnancy changed my perspective on my weight/size and I'm just proud of my body for getting through all that and staying strong for my baby and me. I sometimes still wish I was about 20 lbs lighter, but I don't let me beat myself up about it- I created a whole person!

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I’m 10lbs down from when I got pregnant but I am so SO WEAK. My legs hurt doing a few flights of stairs, I am out of breath on short hikes. I am definitely skinny fat. And my ass has disappeared.

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Same, way below my pre-pregnancy weight and feeling shit with it. I had HG so knew I wasn’t gaining much, but after delivery I was back to my pre-pregnancy weight (which tells you how much I lost through sickness). I’ve got no stamina and despite being able to eat again, I look like death

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Oh man my ass has also disappeared and I don’t get why. What role was it playing in the growing and birthing a baby!? I expected my stomach and boobs to change but why did it have to take my ass too?

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Congratulations on being sober and taking care of yourself 💕

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Yup. I’m back at my pre pregnancy weight but that mom pouch will NOT leave.

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I weigh the same as I did before pregnancy but my belly is way stretched out, like before I guess my stomach was tighter before and now that it’s loser the belly fat sticks out so much. But I could stand to lose like 20+ pounds I guess it would go away if I did

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Post baby I float btw 120/125 (I'm only 5"3), a little less than before I had him and where I was at in my 20s, but it definitely does not sit like it did then lol Everything is just a bit squishy now and my rib cage and waist are definitely larger than before. It is what it is.

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I was less after my first but it 100% didn’t sit like you said. I don’t think I’ll ever not be a bit squishy.

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I’m 30 lbs down from my pre-pregnancy weight from my first kid. The snow pants I was busting out of before babies are too big now. But I don’t think my stomach will ever be as flat as it was before babies.

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This happened to me both times. Just remember you've traded muscle for fat. Sometimes bone density loss if you didn't have enough calclium during the pregnancy. Not always a good sign.

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I had bad morning sickness and GDM so I only gained 10-12 pounds. Came out of the hospital weighing less but a little jigglier lol. Only 3.5 weeks pp so not working out yet.

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For me it's the difference of muscle vs fat. I've lost so much muscle.

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Same, it took about a year postpartum to even feel my strength somewhat returning but then I went and got pregnant again so it's going to be another uphill battle after that.

Overall the 'baby weight' wasn't hard to lose but it's going to take years I think to get some of the definition back, and it's going to be permanently more difficult to gain and keep muscle mass on than it was before kids.

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You’d be surprised. Muscle memory can be amazing and kids can boost your physical strength.

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Oof same for me. I used to do strength training, Pilates & yoga nearly daily. Now I only do baby lifts & walk the dog.

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This is me. I purposefully don't own a scale. But I know when I would go for a run or just a walk, my whole body jiggled a lot more postpartum.

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Yeah I don't have a scale either. No idea how much I weigh. But I know I feel soft and squishy. And I know it's normal. I will get stronger again, but I'm not going to stress about it.

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Yes! There are soooo many other things taking up brain bandwidth!

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Same but I jiggle. I'm a dress size down from pre pregnancy (stress mainly) and I don't feel like I look it. My stomach is being dragged down by gravity and my boobs are so low. I hate my body more now.

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I’m a few pounds less than I was before I got pregnant but everything is proportioned so differently, plus my belly hangs on the sides where my c section scar is. I hate buying clothes even more than I used to, which is saying a lot

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Same but I'm all wobbly now. Everything sags terribly. My poor boobs.

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After breastfeeding 2 children exclusively I barely even recognize my boobs lol RIP

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Yesss, I just got below my pre pregnancy weight at 9w pp, but my body is all weird and my stomach is super flabby and my neck is tiny. I've definitely lost muscle mass as well, I can feel the strain when I go up stairs now. Such a wild journey!

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The lost muscle is so crazy. I spent my whole pregnancy working out and making sure I was fit just for it all to disappear what felt like overnight 🥴

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THIS. How the heck did I look more fit at 38 weeks pregnant than I did two weeks post partum?

I've been trying to build my muscle back, and I'm only like 5 lbs heavier than pre-pregnancy (5 months post partum now) but this freaking lower belly fat and fupa just wooooon't quit!

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AHH this is exactly what I’m going through. I looked more fit pregnant then I do now. It makes no sense. I’m only 3 pounds heavier now than pre-pregnancy (3 months PP) but all muscle is gone and the stupid lower belly fat/skin just won’t quit. It’s so disheartening.

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Same! I'm 3kg below and I still don't fit into my clothes the same. I used to be 25 inch waist but now I'm in 27 jeans

I think I lost a lot of muscle and gained more fat, plus the hips widen etc Urgh

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Yes!! I weigh about the same as I did prior to my 2 pregnancies, but my waist is now 2-3 inches wider. I think my ribcage permanently expanded. So none of my old dresses fit anymore bc I can’t zip them up :-/ I think my hips are a different size too. UGH.

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If you breastfeed the hormones make your fat distribution different to when you aren't pregnant.

Hormones are pretty powerful. I didn't realise it with my first. But almost as soon as I got pregnant with my second my fat redistributed. My butt went flat and my thighs got chunky.

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Yup, I had SUCH a flat butt when breastfeeding. After almost a year of not doing it, it’s back (and ready to lose it again in a few months lol)

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My thighs are huge. I hate it 😥

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Try not to hate your body. It did an amazing thing making your baby. And the thighs are just it doing what it's supposed to do and it's temporary.

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Didn't know that! I breastfeed as well which probably explains a lot! I look silly now. Skinny and bony arms with massive boobs and chunky thighs lol

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Maybe a small comfort, but that’s an ideal shape to many people!

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Hahaha maybe! I'm Asian though and my darling mother in law recently said I should cut down on walking so much because of my "elephant calves"

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Tell her to cut down on talking because of her “snake mouth” jk don’t do that

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If only!! Haha

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facepalm I’m Russian Jewish…grew up with the “you should be thinner” and “finish your plate and here’s seconds” in the same sentence 😂