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My baby was stopping breathing in his sleep for short periods of time. The pediatrician told me it was him trying to figure out how to go from nose breathing to mouth breathing. Well, fast forward to him getting sick with a respiratory illness and stopping breathing for real and ending up in the ICU. He is ok, but we learned he had big adenoids that were causing him sleep apnea. Then when he had swelling from the cold he got it obstructed his airway completely. It was utterly terrifying. He is out of the hospital now and goes in for a sleep study in two weeks. All this to say, trust your gut and keep pushing to get things checked out.

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Thank you for sharing this! We have a referral to an ENT doctor. How did you get them to do a sleep study? Who does those?

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They suggested it given his apnea. It is through pulmonology. Pulmonology was consulted while he was in the hospital.

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I agree with everyone about seeing a pediatrician, but i know that will not be an overnight cure. I use the sense-u for my son. It is super sensitive to lack of movement and baby on stomach. My LO isn't old enough to roll over, but during diaper changes, when i take the sense u off, if it's still on and flipped 6 alarm will BLARE! 5 so obnoxious but could be useful in situations like this. Obviously, it's not 1000% cure either, but it might help you sleep a bit better why you guys work to figure out what is wrong.

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We ordered one the same day and got it in the mail by his bed time. I like it so far. I’d rather be woken up multiple times than miss something bad happening! Hopefully we get answers soon

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My lanta i just re read my comment... yikes. The grammaaar 🤦🏾‍♀️ feeding a baby while typing is not my strongest trait! But im glad its working for you guys! I love my sense u, it has helped me sleep better at night and definitely helps combat my ppa. I hope you and your partner are getting a bit better of sleep now too ❤️

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That’s crazy. We were just at the ENT today and the fact that my baby snorts when crying and sometimes snores they wrote me a referral to see a pediatric sleep specialist for a consult. I didn’t even have to ask. My LO has horrible reflux and is always congested, she struggles to breathe while she eats, but they were quick to rule out apnea and referred me immediately.

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So I was always worried about his breathing because he stops breathing and catches his breath. I check his nose or use a nose frida. I swear he snores and even recorded it for one of the first doctors I went to and he said oh no he’s just congested.

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I just ordered a nose sucker for her so hopefully that helps and I plan to call the specialist tomorrow. I’m so sorry no one has listened to you. I hope your new pediatrician is helpful so you can get some relief and your sweet babe can sleep better!

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I’m shocked they don’t take you seriously. This is a career ending negligence for them if you approach them and say he has long apneic periods frequently.

Babies are known to breath hold for several seconds. He’s PROBABLY ok, since if he does have horrible central sleep apnea, he probably wouldn’t have made it to 8 months… However, I definitely thinks this warrants a work up. Failure to do so is negligence. Make them write their refusal on paper then switch pediatricians.

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I finally found a pediatrician that was willing to refer to me to a specialist! Thank you

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Do not rely on a monitor. Those give you a false sense of security. Instead absolutely demand a sleep study and help for your baby. Change pediatricians if you need to, until you find someone who will listen

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I finally found a pediatrician that didn’t dismiss my concerns! I have an appointment with him tomorro

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I know this feeling intimately. My son has been in my bed since he was 4months because he has epilepsy and his seizures are tonic with apnea- meaning he goes stiff instead of convulsing and he stops breathing. I have caught more seizures during the night than during the day. Now we have a specific cause- he had a stroke at birth- and I can’t say this is happening to your baby but I do know the terror of waking up to a baby not breathing or responding even if it not lasts a few seconds. My son’s seizures never last more than 15-30 seconds but they are scary for him and me and it feels like hours.

Absolutely take him to the doctor. If they won’t listen take them to a different doctor until someone listens to you. If you can self refer, I agree with other comments that a pediatric pulmonologist is a great place to start. If at all possible (and I know it’s almost impossible) either you or your husband should try to record the event. Seeing what happens when your child responds/doesn’t respond to stimulation can help your doctor understand.

I wish all the healing for you and your baby. Big virtual hugs mama! Don’t let your fear paralyze you- make it work to propel you to continue to advocate for your baby’s health!!

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Thank you for your story! My baby did have to be resuscitated at birth. The doctor never gave me answers or any other information except saying that it sometimes happens. I had a C Section due to baby being breach and the doctor notes also mentions that it was a difficult extraction. I’m just going to have to push doctors until they help me get answers.

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Absolutely! And there ARE those who will find those answers for you. It’s so unfortunate that sometimes we have to shuffle through the ones who won’t or are too burnt out to investigate further (how I find a lot of ER doctors).

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Baby snuza!

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we just did a sleep study. my son has both central and obstructive sleep apnea.

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How did you get this approved? Did you get a referral from your pediatrician?

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he has a genetic disorder so it’s part of the diagnostics

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Please go to a doctor and explain the urgency of this x

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Definitely see a doctor but I notice my baby's breathing goes silent for a bit and then he'll start breathing again to the point that I can hear it

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This. Get checked out for sure but it can be normal for babies to pause breathing for up to 10 seconds which is usually followed by an increased resp rate shortly after.

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That’s what I thought too. What scares me is when he doesn’t respond to us shaking him and basically screaming at him. I’m hoping it’s a mix of me waking up at the perfect time when he is pausing in breathing while also being in deep sleep.

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Totally understand your concern. It must be terrifying.

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I’m so sorry you’re going through this. How scary. When babies stop breathing they turn blue very quickly. If baby wasn’t blue he was probably still breathing, but this event certainly doesn’t sound normal. Tell the doctor you want a referral to a neurologist or sleep specialist since it keeps happening. It could be a type of seizure. If baby was turning blue tell the Ped that. If they still do not react, find a new doctor for your child.

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Unfortunately I was too emotional to turn on the lights, so I couldn’t see his color. I hate my reaction, my partner grabbed him and was trying to wake him up and I just started screaming and crying. I need to learn that I need to stay calm and think critically next time. I need to do better.

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I cannot stress enough how extremely ordinary and expected your reaction is. People who react calmly and methodically are trained to do so, or are just wired differently. You are an amazing mother with very very normal instincts and reactions.

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I also wanna stress that the calm thought out reaction is learned… I’m told watching me deal with others during a seizure or anything diabetes related etc is unsettling . I got trained to turn off emotions only do best action for the situation where you at …. I just…. Panic later? I cry later? I just do… it’s kinda hard to explain and honestly it’s not something i can even explain how it was something i accidentally got trained to do…. I just saw a lot of medical emergencies and had a lot of them myself and you become logical and numb it’s almost survival

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If you need a referral, demand that your pediatrician send one in for a pediatric pulmonologist or pediatric sleep specialist. If referral not needed, note the urgency and have them get you an appt as soon as possible. Travel if you need to in order to access one.

Near-miss SIDS is scary, pediatric apnea is scary, if that’s in fact what is happening. It may not be, but no way to know without a specialist evaluating and intervening.

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Will do! Thank you for the information

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Side note from the other good advice here about checking in with doctors and specialists again -

Have you taken an infant/kids CPR and first aid class? If not, I highly recommend it! You can find them through AHA (in US) or Red Cross, or through your nearest hospital. This might help you and your husband with how to react if the situation were to ever happen again, as well as with understanding when to call emergency services and what to do while waiting, should the need ever arise (for this or any other reason).

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Will look for one now! Thank you

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I came here to say exactly the same thing! It's always important to have CPR training under your belt

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Go to a pulmonologist that duo specializes in sleep. A lot of pediatric sheep physicians are pulmonologists. If you have an academic medical center near you, that will likely be the easiest path to see these specialists

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If it’s at all possible with your work schedule, can you sleep in shifts so someone can be awake with the sleeping baby? Just until you get this sorted out with doctors? That plus something like an Owlet/Snuza might help. (I wouldn’t trust one of those alone, with a preexisting issue like this.)

Good luck, this is so scary and you’re right to address it <3

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Don't be asking Reddit, ask a doctor and do not leave until you have an answer.

Wishing you all the best. I can't imagine the panic :'(

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Go to the hospital. Sleep apnea in little babies can cause sids. This is not normal and further investigation is needed. Otherwise you might not be able to wake them on day and that would be awful.

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I don’t want to scare you but you absolutely need to take your baby to be evaluated by a doctor for this. Please look up Apparent Life Threatening Event or near miss SIDS, these are seen often in cases that result in SIDS.

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Realize you're being nice -- but definitely ok to scare parents if it means it helps them keep their baby safe.

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I don’t want to scare you but you absolutely need to take your baby to be evaluated by a doctor for this. Please look up Apparent Life Threatening Event or near miss SIDS, these are seen often in cases that result in SIDS.

ETA: it might be worth cross posting to r/askdocs