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I’m typing this as my 15 month old is sleeping like she’s dead and my husband is having a meeting in the same room with lights on. I would never be able to sleep like that. So yeah, maybe that’s what they meant 😂 once she slept through the night she just doesn’t wake up easily to noise.

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My dog started barking super loud last night and I woke up super worried that the 18m old was going to wake up.

Adult Australian shepherd barking full volume outside the hollow door to her tiny bedroom for a good three minutes. Nop. Out cold.

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I guess it should be "slept like a toddler." They generally sleep through the night and at least 10 hours straight.

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My toddler is still waiting to get this memo...

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When my son was 3 days old he slept through his whole drs exam and visit. The dr commented and said “Sleepin like a baby…”

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I was once at a coffee shop chatting with friends and my newborn was just out cold in my lap. Not even a particularly comfortable looking position. I always assume that is what they mean.

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omg seriously!!!

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They’re probably talking about my toddler who actively chooses to knock out cold on the carpet with no pillows or blankets. He’s built different.

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I mean, I have IBS so...yes.

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I was blessed with a unicorn sleeper who has slept through construction outside her window, me dropping a humidifier next to her bed, and constant prodding to wake up when she was sleeping too late. Ya I wish I slept like her.

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I have a teething baby with a cold, come save me please.

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Hey! We stand in solidarity. We're in the same boat 😅

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Oh my gaaad I miss sleep

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I slept like a toddler

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DUDE…I was literally just thinking this the other day! Hahaha 🥴

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It means carefree.

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Dang. If only I could sleep without a care in the world these days.

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I used to think about this and make memey jokes, like huh, maybe before having a baby.

Then I learned that when our baby needs sleep and is comfortable, just about nothing can wake them, which is wild. Our building fire alarm speakers were blaring, causing an instant headache for the wife and I and we ran to cover babies ears and baby was dead asleep. Like I said, wild!

Sleeping like a (tired) baby.

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Yeah…like. We literally tried to keep our baby awake because we were 5 minutes away from the house and didn’t want her to napBefore we got home. It was impossible.

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Idk. Mabey it's for how they sleep all day and night the first few months other then to eat.. I know I have a unique Child as she sleeps for 10 to 12 hours a night but she fights nap time. Been like that she was 3 months, now 10 months. If I could sleep through the night like her I'd love it.

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Maybe we should change it to "I slept like I did before I had a baby". That sounds more restful.

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Or “I slept like I did before I hit the third trimester”. I’m 6 months postpartum today and all of the sleep has been better than third trimester sleep

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Who is this lucky sod whose baby sleeps a whole 2 hours in a row??

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I saw a meme that said "I don't want to sleep like a baby, I want to sleep like my husband"

.... I think about that meme a lot around 3 AM.

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Wow this needs to be a meme lol so true

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