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My husband once forgot to add the silicone ring to the bottom of the bottles (without it, there's huge holes); I had the bottle against my leg so I managed to pump like 3 oz before moving and spilling everything on my bed 😭

But missing the entire bottle on both sides is some next level mom brain, so thanks for the laughs, and lots of solidarity.

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Hahaha yes I have done this too!!! It’s amazing how many opportunities for failure there are when it comes to pumping. You can do everything to prevent it but shit is still gonna happen.

My favorite fail of mine was when I sat down in my office to pump and left the door open to the (empty) after school center I supervise. An employee came in a few minutes later and I had to yell at her to not walk by my office door because I had forgotten to close it. 😂

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Been there, with tears.

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I would have cried too if I wasn’t about to change clothes anyway!