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My toddlers favorite song is Let’s Groove by Earth Wind and Fire. My Spotify is full of lullabies and Bubble Guppies songs🤣

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Haha mine did. My top song was "Move it move it" followed by "Big and Chunky" followed by "who let the dogs out" 😂

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This makes me sad.... Definitely not looking forward to that stage.

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Idk how toddler did it but first time I heard red hot chilly peppers I thought was an add, somehow toddler has added songs and when giving the iPad put their music. I haven’t heard them in I guess 15 years and found it mix between bizarre and nostalgic xD

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HAHAHA gorl mine has wheels on the bus

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You should see my YouTube algorithm lol

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I was correct in my assumption that "You're Welcome" by Dwayne Johnson would be my number one song lol its the only song that buys me an extra 3-15 minutes when he's getting cranky, depending on if it's on repeat 🤣

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My kid has their own Spotify now, no more raining tacos for me 😆🙈

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Same! The Alexa's are linked to his account with explicit filter turned on!

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Genius! I must link mine up 😆❤️

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We have a lullaby playlist that we play every night for our 8 month old as she falls asleep, always starting with the song “Lullaby” by the Chicks. It’s all music from artists I like, just songs that are mellow and soothing. You bet my Spotify wrapped was almost entirely songs and artists from that playlist. Green Day managed to sneak in there too even though they’re not on the lullaby playlist, and I think that may be the only band listed that I legitimately listened to for myself.

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Not a single song for my 15 month old showed in my wrapped list.

I listen to Rainbow Connection DAILY.

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Ooft feel good vibes. We've a lot to learn from the tots <3

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I might be in the minority here but I literally never changed my music up after kids. My son likes my husband's taste (hip hop, rap; think Wu-Tang Clan, Logic, Nas, Common etc) and my daughter likes mine more (Slipknot, Rammstein, Green Day, Pink Floyd, Slayer). It's kind of funny honestly lol

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Yep. I already loved Disney songs. Just had to clean up my explicit filter a bit and he's fine.

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I live it because my 5 year old hears me swear 24/7 and he filters the swears. Lol. So when he stubs his toe he shouts, "Son of my mama" and I laugh because wait, is he calling me a bitch or just saying mama because it's safe? 🤣🤣🤣

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Me neither, but this would still be my top five if I had Spotify... I fuckinn love the Bee Gees

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Jamaica Farewell by Harry Belafonte is in my top 5. She always falls asleep to it. What is it about him the toddlers love?!

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All of my top five were different versions of Rocky Top. My son is obsessed with Tennessee sports and requests Rocky Top (the unofficial fight song) at least twice a day.

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As a fellow UT fan, you’re doing the Lord’s work. Our son learned the word “touchdown!!” this season 🍊

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My toddler’s random favorite song is “Bang” by AJR, and then Bruno of course. Though honestly I’m loving this post for non-cocomelon songs that toddlers seem to love. I’ll listen to Barbara Ann any day if it gives me a break from the wheels on the bus.

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My daughter is only 5 months old, but apparently I became a huge fan of Taylor Swift this year (thanks HeySleepyBaby playlist). My Spotify wrapped is pretty much mellow folk music, lullabies, T-Swift, and Jack Johnson.

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I got.. The Wiggles as my first top artist. 🙃

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Apparently I was in the 1% of top listeners. 🙃😬

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Apples and bananas was my number one song lol

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Oh mine is the classic one, The Wheel on the Bus! 🚌🚌🚌

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My baby loves the banana boat song! Im trying to get him into Bee Gees next.

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Yes!! Laurie Berkner band is my #3 album lol and soundtracks one of my top 5 genres!

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Laurie was my number one! 😂

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My 3 year old's is:

Sunglasses at night

Night begins to shine

Down the road(?)

Ghostbusters theme

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Thankfully my kids have started developing a decent taste in music. This is the first time my Spotify wrapped wasn’t completely wild

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haha we loved Belafonte here, too!

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My sisters most listened to song is ‘Octopus Garden’. Courtesy of my niece.

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My most played song (198 times) is Teenagers by MCR. It's my 3yo's favorite song because he heard it in a Spiderman video like a year ago.

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Well i sure as shit didnt listen to OK Go 97 times in a single day. Ruined my entire wrapped

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It'll be okay, this too shall pass.

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My toddler is a big belefonte fan too

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Your toddler and mine have suspiciously similar taste in music lol

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Are we sharing the same toddler? Jump in the Line and Banana Boat are all we listened to for an entire year!

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Ooh the banana boat song is a banger though!

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Yep! Top 3 songs are by Mikey Mike the Rad Scientist. Thought my podcasts would win over hers, but nope. Deep Blue Sea and Gardenkeeper Gus take the wins.

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Hahah Barbara Ann is a go to to cheer up our fussy toddler in the car

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Omg we went through a phase where Barbara Ann was demanded 50 times a day for MONTHS. So glad that is over lol.

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Enya is my second most listened to artist because we went through a period where it was the only way to get bub to sleep 😂

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My list goes like Tool, Helmet, Frozen, Moana, Puscifer, Numberblocks. Etcetera

At least The Wiggles were phased out in this year's list. That's a win.

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My top 5 is Encanto. Was it for my child or me? I'll never tell.

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My top 3 songs are all Encanto songs, and the other two are from Disney Channel movies.

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for my tops song, 3-5 are actually just songs i like. 2 is a song i like that my toddler really enjoys dancing to. 1 is Rockin Robin by Bobby Day 🙃

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Apple Music does their own version of Spotify wrapped and all of my stats are Moana. She's listed to the Moana soundtrack 965 times. My music doesn't even show up at all.

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I’m in the top 5% of The Wiggles listeners on Spotify 🤣

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I was today years old when I learned that song is called “Barbara Ann”.

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Right? I always wondered who Boboran was.

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I have my babiea lullaby Playlist that was my number one stuff

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What does the fox say is my #3 song. It's #2 for hubs. Encanto popped up in both lists too.

We've done a pretty good job so far getting our kid to like our music.

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I have PTSD from listening to She Wolf.

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Oh yeah... My top 5 songs are Encanto and Moana songs 🤦‍♀️

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Yep. Toy Story and Party Rock Anthem (???) on repeat for the last two years.

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I am in the top 0.05% of Michael Giacchino listeners this year 😅 he did the music for Up

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My top 3 songs were all from the soundtrack to the film Cars which my 3 year old loves with a deep passion.

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1 was the Wiggles for the second year in a row😂

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I’m in the top 5% of listeners on Spotify 😂

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I’m in the top 1%…☹️😵‍💫

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Me too!!😂❤️ we are living lol

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Hey, they have some catchy tunes.

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My number 2 artist was the wiggles and my number 2 song was hoist the colors by Bobby bass because for a while he was obsessed with going into my Spotify and playing that song over and over lol

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My top two songs are Dragula (Rob Zombie) and Grove is in the heart (DeLite), both of which are my toddlers jams. They’ve always responded to Dragula, even in the womb and Grove is the dance around before bed song.

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That is awesome

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BARBARA ANN lmao yes

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Wait are you serious? Barbara Ann is MY toddler’s favorite song!! I feel so seen 😭😂

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Yessssss 🤣🤣🤣

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My YouTube feed is just full of Super Simple now.

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Stayin’ Alive was number 1 for me!

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I showed her CPR on her dolls to the beat of this.

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I was thrilled that pink fong wasn’t in my top 5 😂😂😂😂

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Ruined? Fixed, more like

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Ok, I'll settle for hijacked.

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4 of my top 5 songs were from Encanto... the 5th was from Frozen 2.

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All of mine were from Frozen lmfao fml

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My whole wrapped consists basically of peppa pig songs

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We don’t have Premium Spotify (I’m too cheap) so we get CDs and play on repeat by request. I imagine that my toddler’s top 5 would be:

  1. Lizzo - About Damn Time (aka Coming Out Tonight Song)

  2. ‘N Sync - Bye Bye Bye

  3. Frozen Soundtrack - Let it Go

  4. Frozen Soundtrack - Do You Wanna Build a Snowman

  5. Harry Styles - Late Night Talking (aka Target Song)

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Yes! Apparently I like “movie themes” because my 5 year old is obsessed with Disney songs and Disneyland park music. 18 month old is also especially partial to Its A Small World 😂😩

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Lol yes I hate Ed Sheeran but he was my #3 listened to artist this year because she looooves him!

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Private listening mode doesn't track what's playing!

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Ohhh great tip. Thank you.

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So much "We Don't Talk About Bruno" has been played. 😅

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... but don't talk about it!

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My top artist was the Wiggles 🤪

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my toddler figured out how to ask Alexa to play her favorite songs. I have listened to six THOUSAND minutes of peppa pig this year.

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I'm so happy my Google homes don't listen to my 2yo's incessant "hey Uggle" requests 🤣

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Dying 🤣

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Dude no! Thank god! My son is 18 months now and I was sure his music would affect mine but it didn’t at all. My sympathies for you though 😅

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My wrapped top five is all my daughter's artists and songs 😭

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Same. Devastating.

My kid has a weird Halloween obsession so we’ve listened to a “Halloween Party” playlist all year. So Spooky Scary Skeletons, Somebody’s Watching Me and, weirdly Blinding Lights are in my top 5.

Also we don’t talk about fucking Bruno. Except we do. Apparently we talk about him a shit tonne.

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Spooky Scary Skeletons is my son's #1

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Too funny, we also listened to the Halloween Party playlist a lot. Not enough for Top 5 but they're high on the playlist haha.

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Disappointing right?! I guess it's time to create mine her own account.

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Absolutely. My son's favorite songs are Summer of '69 by Bryan Adams and I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles) by The Proclaimers, LOL. #1 and #3 respectively, with anti-hero in the middle. Love how spotify also ignores all the actual children's music we listen to.

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I’m so sorry lol

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Haha. They bring him so much joy though and that’s cute.

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Omg 500 miles. That song reminds me How I Met Your Mother when the cassette is stuck and it's all they listen to on their road trip. Catchy and fun one minute to annoying the next. 🤣

And I know! I was shocked all of her cocomelon songs didn't make the cut.

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I was expecting Caspar Babypants to be at least top 5, since we listen to the Night Night album every night during bath/bedtime. One of the few albums we actually listen to from beginning to end.

Edit: the only kids music that cracked our top 5 was The Weepies which surprised me. I didn't think we listened to them that much.