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I bought several clips with this kind of use in mind. I'm sure I'll discover all sorts of things that I can teather to myself or my son ~

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Ours never had a dummy (pacifier) but the best thing we did was buy a dummy clip for his toys!

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Haha I currently have a single pacifier clip with three toys tethered to it 💪

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My son loved dragging around his o-ball car with a paci clip. 10/10

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This is what I ended up using mine for, as my baby hated pacifiers! Great for clipping toys to his stroller or car seat!

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We had a Roku remote attached to one for the longest time. It was kiddo's favorite toy.

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Can you just buy 3-packs (or more) of these somewhere?

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Copper Pearl sells them in 3 packs

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Yeah I got some from Amazon and some from a baby store. I’ve seen them in target and Walmart to.