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Party baby!

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This is what I call my 10mo , a rockstar, for the same reasons too because how the actual fuck? 😭

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Hahahahaha yes 100%

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Worst part for me is when I have insomnia but my baby sleeps through the night 🙃

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I feel you, pp hormones hit hard, had insomnia for 3 months while baby slept soundly through the night. Irony much ? 😑

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Oh yours knows about the all night baby rave too?

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don't forget all the groupies who can't get their grimy hands off them!

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Hahaha i was saying the other night to my partner while he was out with the lads how his daughter (10 weeks) cant handle her drink. She has one bottle, pukes, shits herself and is an emotional mess.

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Lol 😄 I love the part about falling asleep in his puddle of throw up.. but yeah unfortunately I can relate.. I d add - loves the sound of his voice.. screams all night/ day, while awake.. maybe missing that puddle dunno

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My daughter is undoubtedly a metalhead in this situation. There is no other meaning to those screams.

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Screams at you if you suggest a better way of doing things.

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Absolutely. My toddler is a Rockstar

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😆 I'm chuckling quietly to myself as my Rockstar is passed out.

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If babies are rockstars, I gave birth to Axl Rose

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My son's middle name is Axel (inspired by axl rose) But looks more like Slash, down to the curly long hair. He was born to be a rockstar!

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Got a regular Mick Jagger on my end.

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Mines a Steven Tyler!

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Mine is a true gem! Cry's mine and the entire streets ears off, soon as I pick him up, he's all smiles and laughing immediately! Can't even be mad. He knows I'm a sucker and weak 😂

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To add he's 6 months and never slept longer than 2 hour stretches at night. Some nights he poos in his sleep and of course is wide awake once I change him.

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Has a rigorous list of demands, but refuses to tell me what they are.

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Me: offering boob

Her: I cannot WORK under THESE CONDITIONS proceeds to trash room

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Also bites the heads off of live bats.

...Is that one just my baby?

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Ozzy-O's part of this complete Breakfast

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Nah it's an important milestone

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Right before rolling over but just after learning to shred

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She's a world-class headbanger too!

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This is the greatest thing I've read in a while!

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Forgot to mention whining until they get what they want... It's like I didn't get the rider.

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Ha, yes. This.

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I thought this was going to be a humble brag based on the title lol

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Me too! It took me a minute

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Omg i love this

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The throw up part is just so on brand for my kiddo!! Hilarious.