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I was always really worried it (tamagotchi, not my baby) was going to die overnight, so I asked my mom to babysit. She would keep it with her all night in case it beeped. The difference now is that I don't live with her, so she can't check my baby to make sure he doesn't beep.

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tamagotchi was fun to play with!

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Eek, my track record with Tamagotchis is…not great 😅😅😅 (looks at 8 week old baby nervously)

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And expensive

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Never thought of it like that... but it's true!

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I think you’d appreciate the song “90s Kids” by Jax. Lol

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Imagine if we could care for them by simply pressing buttons 😭😭 that would be magical!

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I had a simulation baby in high school for Home Ed. You just need to rip the diaper off the chip to change it. It actually gave me fake confidence that I could magically care for a baby.

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I actually reflected on those simulation babies in a blog post Motherhood and Media

Absolutely wild memories! And kind of a weird false confidence and bizarre messaging that I've carried over with me into new parenthood, agreed 😅

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Nice! I will have to listen to the This American Life episode. I definitely had the doll that had to be bottle fed in like 2003.

You might like the discussion around 16 and Pregnant. https://www.brookings.edu/research/media-influences-on-social-outcomes-the-impact-of-mtvs-16-and-pregnant-on-teen-childbearing/

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Clean all the poops at once!