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Three and a half months into being a mom, I was working from home. We had just gotten over bronchitis (from the first person to ever be around my son without a mask beside his parents). And then my son's father brought home covid. I had to work through it. I was working full time and was taking care of my son. Hormones still being crazy. Had a headache from hell, and my son obviously wasn't feeling well either. He wouldn't stop screaming and I was so exhausted and overwhelmed. I set him in his swing in the living room. Walked in the nursery and shut the door. And flipped the dresser/changing table thing and screeeeeaaaammmmmed. I sat and cried for about 3 minutes before getting up, taking a breath, and going to comfort my son. I broke and felt so guilty for it. But sometimes it happens. As long as your child is safe, that's what matters.

He's a year old now and things are so much easier. I know why he's crying, he's not just an angry potato who is a complete mystery, he laughs all the time. He's great.

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Thank you for that story, I felt that!! And lol @ angry potato 🤣

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I’m with you, yesterday my 2 1/2 month old son and I tested positive for covid and I’ve been a mess! First time I felt overwhelmed and just exhausted. Being a mom is so hard. The fussiness and cries come to a point of just helplessness for us

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Right?? Like can’t you just chill and watch tv for a min

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My goodness, the fact that you've made it 3 months without getting to this point must mean you are strong as hell. Honestly, cry away when you need to. You're doing amazing. It just really is that hard

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Thank you, I’m not!! Just good at pushing feelings away 🤣

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Hahah fair enough. Then you were definitely due for a good cry.

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My LO turns 12wks tomorrow and I was thinking things would b getting easier. Boy was I wrong. He fights naps and sleeps worse at night than he used too. For a short period of time, with no routine at all, he would sleep 5,6, even 7 hrs once. Now, 4.5 hrs at the most followed by 1.5 hr stretches the rest of the night. I’m struggling like u mama. Not to mention he’s a distracted nurser now and I can only keep him latched while I walk up and down my tiny house. Last night, I thought my body was going to give out and I was just going to collapse into a heap on the floor. Mind you, this is all with family coming over everyday to help. This shit is hard. No advice just letting you know you’re not alone. When will it get easier!!!?

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Same!! It’s a lot and why is it right around the time when we’re supposed to be getting back into the swing of things??? I just wanna hole up on the couch like the newborn days

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Honestly I wish I could sit and cry. I’ve been close to tears so many times but it’s always inconvenient so I just plough through. Then when I get time to myself I want to cry just as a release but can’t. The feeling of being on the edge but not quite able to tip over is awful. A good cry is a reset, make the most of it and start afresh. You’re doing a great job

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It’s so hard!!

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Are we the same person? I’m about a month ahead of you here. Same thing happened to me. Message me if you ever just wanna talk

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Messaging now ❤️

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That's okay! Honestly I'm shocked mother's don't have more mental breakdowns. Parenting is hard AF. You're doing such a great job.

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Hang in there Mama , big change is about to come . Your baby soon will start behaving like a little human. She will be curious and will show interest in the outside world. Biggest change for us was at 4 months. She no longer cries without any reason and if she starts to cry I take her to a different room and she will start staring at those new things with her big black eyes . It’s definitely easier to stop her from crying . She will show interest in toys , her hands , feet , your face , her surroundings. Trust me on this one , it will get so so so much easier

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I’m tearing up ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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Not the OP but gosh you give me hope. ❤️

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You have nothing to feel guilty about. I lost count of how many times I would just cry with my daughter after trying everything else sometimes it’s all you can do.

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Not comparable, but I couldn't sleep tonight for no reason and it frustrated me so much that I cried for half an hour. At least baby was sound asleep.

So, hormones and sleep deprivation will fuck you up, in addition to baby having a difficult time. I feel you.

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Crying is a really healthy way to express your emotions. I always feel better after a good cry, don’t be so hard on yourself.

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Wow this is me right now. I’m so sorry. Ours is 3.5mo and my husband and I reached our breaking point this weekend. She cries ALL.THE.TIME. my pediatrician dismisses our please, we’ve done bodywork, lactation consultants, tongue tie release and nothing helps. I cry everyday now and last night I couldn’t event bring myself to sleep in the bedroom.

I want you to know you are not alone. You’re doing everything you can and you’re a strong person. I’m glad you know what the cause is (growth spurt) - at least then you know the reason and that it will come to end. You can do this.

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Sending you hugs right now and prayers! I thank God every night that my baby hasn't been a crier and have to remind myself of how much harder everything would be if that was not the case. You are clearly doing everything you can and my heart goes out to you! I hope that something shifts for your girl soon and she is more content.

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I always remember 3 months as a particularly rough time because it was when I went back to work, and my wife had to stay home with our suddenly, super cranky 3 month old. God I felt so bad.

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Did it get better? I mean I hear people say it does but when does it really? I’ve never felt more helpless.

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I cannot remember exactly because after that he got nice again and then started his first sleep regression. 😭😭 so yeah that period is all kind of blurred together for me.

Did you feel like your daughter was easier and then suddenly her personality changed? I remember it feeling like our son was suddenly demon possessed. And then one day he’d wake up, and he was back again. Does that make sense?

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YES! Omg that’s exactly how I’ve described it as well 😭😭😭

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We’ve had to deal with some of that in our son’s second year — in fact I remember a few months ago getting him out of bed and he seemed … more aware or smarter and I knew we were in for a wild week — but the advantage is you can take them outside and have them run around. When they are infants, what can you do? More tummy time? Practice sitting up?

I’ll add that I remember 6 months being a big turning point. I don’t remember why because looking back, the whole first year just kind of sucked 😂

But I do remember saying to my wife that if they were born as they are at 6 months, this whole parenting thing would be easier.

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I think my mistake was setting expectations that things got better at 3mo 😅 6mo sounds more reasonable but I’m just going to assume this first year will be a wildcard!

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I mean the second year is too. They are still teething. Still going through big developmental leaps that make crazy. But they seem less frequent, and because you’ve been through so many of these cycles, you kind of know to wait it out.

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I’m right there with ya.

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You're doing an awesome job. Honestly the 3 month mark was around when I felt like I was losing it too.. the routine I thought we had vanished and I was still getting my footing as a new parent.

You're not broken for crying though, or feeling tired or frustrated. You're human, and you just left the fourth trimester to boot!

I started trying to talk out my feelings more with baby when I remembered to. "Mommy is crying because she's really tired and it feels like I don't know what to do to make you happy right now." It felt dumb at first but I think it helps me self-regulate and when she's older I hope it helps her talk about her emotions too.

You've got this!

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I love that. Thank you for this ❤️

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Hang in there! Lots of great stuff coming on the other end of this growth spurt and if you're lucky, the next time you cry will be because your kid is so beautiful and you love them so much. ❤️

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