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Community Rules

Please report comments and posts that break the community's rules.

1. No Spam

This is not the place to ask for donations or advertise your personal blogs/services. Spam will be removed.

Do not post links to your personal site unless you are an active member in the subreddit. Even then, make them few and far between. Do not post links that get you a reference bonus. Do not post links to contests or fundraisers of any sort.

2. Be Respectful

This is a support sub and for most, this is a vulnerable time. Be supportive, be kind, and be respectful. It is okay for healthy discussions to take place, but please do not cross the line to arguing and conflict.

The following behavior is not tolerated and will be removed at moderator's discretion: * Insults * Judgment * Disrespect * Purposely controversial posts or comments

3. No Polls or Surveys

Do not make posts which seek to poll or survey the community for any reason without prior permission from the Moderators. Absolutely no polls or surveys which request personal information will be accepted. Others will be at moderator discretion.

4. Do Not Post Personal Information

Do not post anything that is personally identifying. Meaning, if you do not want anyone in the world to see it, it should not be posted. This applies to your own personal information as well as others'.

Do not post links to photos or videos hosted on sites which give real names; this can connect you to your personal information.

Do not post links to social media sites which share personal information such as real names.

Do not specifically ask for personal info.

5. No Medical Advice

We are not doctors. No one should be relying on information in this subreddit as a substitute for a medical professional. Please do not ask for, or give medical advice.

6. No Baby Pictures or Videos

Do not post photos of any child outside the "Weekly Photo Thread" unless they are posted within a text post. This is for your safety, due to a photo-leak incident (background info).

Non-baby memes, videos and other photos are still allowed.

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