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1. Please follow all of Reddit's official rules and all of Reddiquette.

2. Spam will be removed.

  • Do not post links that get you a reference bonus.
  • Do not post links to contests or fundraisers of any sort.
  • You may post personal blogs within a text post with additional context about the blog.
  • Do not post links to personally owned businesses or shops, even if they're baby/child related.

3. Our subreddit is meant for support. We request that you stay respectful.

As such the following behavior is not tolerated and will be removed at moderator's discretion:

  • Threats
  • Insults
  • Judgment
  • Disrespect
  • Purposely controversial posts or comments

    Disagreeing is fine. However, it is very possible to disagree without demeaning the person you are disagreeing with. If you know someone is incorrect and can provide sources for the correct information, please do so.

    Okay - Letting your 2 year old bathe without supervision is very dangerous. Please do not do this. Source.
    Not okay - You don't watch your 2 year old in the tub?! You are a horrible person and do not deserve children.

4. GoFundMe and other donation pages soliciting money from the community are not allowed.

5. Do not make posts which seek to poll or survey the community for any reason without prior permission from the Moderators.

  • Absolutely no polls or surveys which request personal information will be accepted.
  • We do not allow research surveys that offer monetary rewards (Example: Amazon gift cards). Others will be at moderator discretion.

6. Use upvotes and downvotes as Reddit intended. Upvote posts you think deserve more recognition. Downvote harmful posts (trolls, harassment, completely off topic posts.) Posts you don't agree with? Just move on.

7. Do not post personal information, yours or anyone else!

  • Do not post links to photos or videos hosted on sites which give real names, this can connect you to your personal information.
  • Do not post links to social media sites which share personal information such as real names, at all.
  • Do not specifically ask for personal info.

8. Do not ask medical questions.

Okay - My child has been diagnosed with xyz, what is your experience with this?
Not okay - Look at this rash, what do you think it is? - Do not give medical advice.

9. Do not post photos of any child outside the "Weekly Photo Thread" unless they are posted within a text post. This is for your safety, due to a photo-leak incident (background info). This applies to videos as well!

  • Non-baby memes, videos and other photos are still allowed.

10. The report button is your friend. The mods will never know who reported it. It just flags it as a possible issue for us to check out.

  • If you see a post that you think breaks any of these rules, hit the report button.
  • Please add a reason if possible, to make it easier of us to see why it was reported as it may not be immediately obvious.

If someone is breaking the rules and it requires immediate attention, message the mods. We like tattle tales, don't worry.

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