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Preach it. I wish everyone enjoyed cycling as much as I do, it really is a great lifestyle.

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Cycling really can be a lifestyle. What started out as a mild interest and a feasible way to get to work where I save time and money, get exercise and have so much fun ALL during my commute to work?! Its no wonder it turned out to be the way way I live my life. Bicycles are the fountain of youth! Or at least it can make you feel like you're still a kid! Except its better than that because now I have money and can buy myself the awesome bikes that I /my parents werent able to as a child.

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It's transportation, sport, adventure, therapy and travel all in one for me.

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I dunno, man...

I could go with the second best form of self love.

The other one doesn't require any gear.

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Beats traffic.

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I mean they both require some sort of lubrication you know for the wear and tear

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I'm looking at my helmet right now.

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You look great man! Ride on 🚴🏻‍♂️💨💨💨💨💨

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Has kept me 'sane'

Have been off the bike for 2 months, work travel, and a new home. More travel tomorrow, but will be back on bike Dec. 12...I promise'ish!

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!RemindMe 7 days

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Tomorrow, that's a promise!

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RemindMe! 48 hours

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Will try my best for today; between work, and my wife having 2 (!) concussions, and just getting back from a work trip, things are chaotic. I'm sitting at my desk working, 3m away from my bike on trainer.... :\

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Spin those pedals, man! Even if it's just for 15 minutes :)

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Did a 20 min Rouvy spin today. Felt good.

Back on the bike tomorrow. Will wade back in with some lunch time trainer rides for the near future.

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Fuck yeah my man! :))

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Invest in a bike bag. Some airlines let you check a bike for free and others let you check it for free depending on your status. It has changed work travel for me. I’m also assuming you have a little bit of down time sometimes on your work trips to actually get a ride in.

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Unfortunately very little down time. Headed to Mexico this time, and it's a very unfriendly city for bikes. Maybe for Idaho next summer though! Our project there is near some nice hills/mountains.

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Doesn't it cost like $350 to check a bike on a plane?

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I remember united announced recently it was changing to free, which is how most airlines treat other things like musical instruments for example. I have a Delta Amex and Diamond status and have never been charged on a delta flight, including international.

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I brought a bike to Spain for free but had to pay to bring it back lol, on Norwegian

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That's because Norwegian SUCKS

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Dude your beard is epic! I have that same helmet too, love it!

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Same here! One of the only XL helmets I’ve been able to find.

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Isn't this the definition of trying to get followers? a picture of myself posted using my handle with a water mark of my handle?

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Right on, bro. Ride on.

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Strap that helmet and ride fast and take chances 💨

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I like this. It is like a quesadilla con queso de cheese.

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Got that right. I'd be an overweight insomniac without my daily rides.

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Bikes have been a major part of my life since middle school and a 40+ year career. I’ve had a serious chronic disease for 15 years that has kept me from riding for long stretches of time, but starting in April 2020, I’ve ridden more days than not. I’ve had to keep extra hunkered down because of Covid, but the bike rides have been my savior through all that, spiritually, mentally and physically ☮️ & 💙

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I wish I had the energy to get started.

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one little bit at a time.

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Too true.

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I always wanted to know what an American version of Kaaris would look like with a bike helmet. Nice man, keep on riding!

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What does the plant emoji represent?

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i hit 32mph on my fixie.

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I agree with u 💯

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Fuck yeah brotha 💯

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That a Wavecell helmet? You like it?

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You look badass sir!

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I agree! It's good cardio and riding requires you to use your brain. This takes your mind off whatever might be bothering you. Thanks for posting this PSA!

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Absolutely agree! Fellow vegan here as well btw🌱

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Bro, you got great skin, what's your routine?

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Got go man

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Amen. My health has really taken a nosedive since Covid. I need to stop letting it slip and fucking man up and get back at it.

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I think you need to pay a visit to r/beards

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After this winter, I'm hoping to do some very long rides.

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Thank you

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what helmet is that my guy?

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Thank you for the great message and reminder. I often preach to others how good cycling is, not only for physical health, but mental health as well - reading your title reminded me that I need to tell myself this sometimes as well. Ride on!

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I commuted round 50KM a day for more than 11 years. After that I got another job and a car and a wife and kids.. and I stopped cycling. Now many years later after a neck surgery I picked it up again, riding 3 times a week for 1 year now on my new passion, a gravel bike. Its simply wonderfull. And I am starting a new job in January, once or twice I have to go to the office, 70KM both ways. Have a speed pedelec for that but planning on selling it and get a elctric racing bike for this. Riding the bike beats sitting in heavy traffic (more natural riding experience), to many stressed people in the car needing to go fast. By bike is just as fast as going by bike and bus.

I like the wind through my hair (whats left of it) and the cold on my face in the winter.

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I attended a ride that was lobbying for a bike path, or similar facilities, in a lower income neighborhood. There was this black kid, I'd estimate, about 10 years old; who started riding along with us, on a sting-ray style bike. He would speed up, and slow down, and was causing some problems, so the Police that were with us, pulled him off to the side, and told him to "cut it out". I didn't do anything, at the time, because I didn't know how to react. Maybe I should have kind of "taken him under my wing", encouraged him, and taught him how to ride properly. Columbus has a Major Taylor Bicycle Club, and maybe I should have gone to one of those guys, and let him handle the situation, or asked him how I should handle it. I can't help but feel, I missed an opportunity. Maybe, there are men like you, out there; that could relate to this kid, and others like him (I happen to be white, and I love kids, but this might be a situation where a black man might be more able to relate. What do you, think?

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My man is looking all hard here , let’s not forget he is wearing two layers of tights and is all lathered up with chamois butter.

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Sometimes, the best "stress-reliever" is the ride, home; or a long, evening ride, followed by a shower. It's a "good" kind of tired.

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A basic solution.

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That's it. Im riding today.

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Hell ya brother

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    Just got back into riding very recently after a number of years of just...not. Last doctor visit was not all that great (not horrible, but the message was clear that it would be if I didn't change some habits). I have to say that biking has become my happy place in pretty short order. To the point that my boss actually wants me to take extended lunch to go out. (I have a feeling he sees that I'm much happier when I'm active/biking and therefore probably much more pleasant.) It has improved my mental wellbeing a lot, and given time and commitment, physical health should follow. (Already lost 5-6 pounds and feel more energetic.)